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America’s Food Supply Threatened By Suspicious Fires

When the mainstream “fact chuckers” (those who toss facts in favor of lies) scream “conspiracy theory”, we know we’re onto something big. And they are, yet again, giving us tin foil hats on our reporting of these fires.

On March 24 at the G7 Summit, the Junta propped Biden up enough to announce that there would be worldwide food shortages and they would be “real”. Within weeks, America’s food industry began to experience a string of destructive fires and explosions. Just as we began to notice and take count, the farcical fact checkers (Snopes and the like) began to howl that we were espousing another “conspiracy theory”. As soon as they do that, I am always comforted. We are on the right track, and these fires are far from accidental.

Twenty-five have occurred nationwide since July, 2021. There have been explosions, raging fires set in the middle of the night, and even two plane crashes into buildings, kamakaze style.

Coincidence? I think not.

Here is the list, by date. I sourced this from an excellent article by Michelle Edwards of,

Since Michelle wrote, two MORE fires have occurred, in a Perdue plant in Chesapeake, VA, and at a chicken farm in Jones County MS, which was destroyed. The list even includes two food pantries where supplies were gathered to feed the poor. Please don’t be mistaken that this Marxist government cares about the “little guy”.

There have been several destructive fires at food and fertilizer businesses in other countries as well. Here, though, I’ll stick to our country and the attack on us.


July 30, Tyson River Valley Ingredients Plant, Hanceville, AL

Aug. 23, Patak Meat Products, Austell, GA

Nov. 15, Garrard County Food Pantry, Lancaster, KY

Nov. 29, Maid-Rite Steak Co., Inc., Scott Township, PA

Dec. 12, West Side Food Processing Plant, San Antonio, TX


Jan. 13, Cargill Nutrena Feed Mill, Lecompte, LA

Jan. 31, Weaver Fertilizer, Winston-Salem, NC

Feb. 3, Percy Dairy Farms, Stowe, VT

Feb. 16, Louis Dreyfus Co., Claypool, IN

Feb. 18, Bess View Farm, St. Albans, VT

Feb. 19, Lincoln Premium Poultry, Fremont, NE

Feb. 22, Shearer’s Foods, Hermiston, OR

Feb. 28, Shadow Brook Farm and Dutch Girl Creamery, Lincoln, NE

Feb. 28, Nutrien Ag Solutions, Sunnyside, WA

Mar. 14, Wayne Hoover Dairy Farm, Longswamp Township, PA

Mar. 16, Nestle Foods, Jonesboro, AR

Mar. 16, Walmart Distribution Center, Plainfield, IN

Mar. 24, Penobscot-McCrum Potato Processing, Belfast, ME

Mar. 28, Maricopa Food Pantry, Maricopa AZ

Mar. 31, Rio Fresh, San Juan, TX

Apr. 11. East Conway Beef and Pork, Conway, NH

Apr. 13, Taylor Farms, Salinas CA

Apr. 13, Gem State Processing, Heyburn, ID

Apr. 18, Azure Standard HQ building, Dufur, OR

April 21, General Mills plant, Covington GA

Apr. 30, Perdue soy processing facility, Chesapeake, VA

May. 2, Jones Co, MS., chicken farm

Put each one of these on a calendar. It’s a powerful image that there is something terribly wrong.

The details of each tragedy, as horrid as they are for workers, owners and consumers alike, are NOT the most important thing here. The fact that they have all occurred under the Joe & Co regime is the key. Our food sources are being removed one by one.

It looks very much like the Junta has declared there will be food shortages (“You will have nothing and like it”, Klaus Schwab, WEF) and they begin to happen.

THEN, the Union Pacific RR announced that it will be curtailing shipments of grain and fertilizer – now, in the spring growing season when they are needed the most. shipments-of-fertilizer-ahead-of-crucial-spring-planting-season/

THEN, one of the “brains behind the World Economic Forum has declared that people are “useless eaters” and are just taking up space.

Add it all up. These is little doubt that our nation’s food supply is being actively reduced. Quite likely, on purpose. Most of these fires destroyed entire operations. Owners have said that, because of the high costs and shortages of building materials and workers, (ALSO, Regime-imposed) they may not rebuild. The owner of a burned out Wisconsin meat plant says that the state canceled his business license immediately after the fire, and he had to reapply to begin to rebuild. Apparently, it is easier to vote from the grave than it is to do business in Wisconsin!

* * *

The Ukraine War and the evil Putin are being touted as the causes of every problem in America today. We know, however, that is just more lies, from a group of top-level professionals in the game of prevarication, aka BS. The failed Regime needs excuses and a fall-guy, of course. There’s only one problem with lying about this string of food production disasters…so far not one Russian bomber or foreign adversary has been found to be a part of any of the 25 fires. The fires are occurring at a rate of nearly 2/month since the coup, and with increasing frequency since we’ve had Putin to blame it on.

Stay alert, America. War has been declared on us, by our own government.

If you work in a food or fertilizer business be suspicious. Keep your eyes open and stay safe.

If you are working to secure the November elections, work twice as hard. Organize groups in your community to provide 24/7 eyes on the drop boxes, if your state has them. See the film, 2000 Mules, if you have any doubts about what happens there. Retired members of the military are ideal for this job; recruit them from your local VFW. Former military members are among the most incensed at what is happening to the country they risked their lives to defend.

The mid-term election in November – if it is allowed to happen – will be our last chance to save our Republic, and ourselves. I’ve said it and I’ll say it again. The desperation of the failing Left becomes more obvious each day. They are wounded and dangerous. They will stop at nothing. Ministries of Truth, SCOTUS breaches, weapons confiscation, banking failures and a grid crisis or two may all be in our future. Stand guard, stay informed and stay strong. Do what you can, where you can. Work, volunteer, donate, communicate. Whatever you can do, PLEASE GET OFF THE COUCH AND OUT THE DOOR. We have a country to save, and you must do it from your local communities.

Kat Stansell is the Grassroots Outreach Director for the American Policy Center.

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Biden and the Democrats are lighting the fires . . . !


Donald Vetter
Donald Vetter
Jun 11, 2022

Sounds as if Biden was telling us not warning us.


Jun 10, 2022

It's always called a conspiracy theory...until it's too late to do something about it.

Replying to

That is our great Fourth Estate at work for us . . . !


Jun 10, 2022

An old friend is a farmer and rancher near Fort Peck, Montana. He's 60 miles from Canada and 60 miles from North Dakota. In case you didn't guess, he's a Viking who fled the oppressive heat of Minnesota winters.

At his mother's 100th birthday party in March, he told me that there are several completely full grain silos at a rail siding near him. There is a long long line of completely filled grain-hopper rail cars, just sitting, not moving. But he cannot buy flour in any local market. He says the amount of grain sitting at that rail siding alone is enough to give every household in Montana, Wyoming, North Dakota and South Dakota a 50 lb bag of…


william queen
william queen
Jun 10, 2022

I thought this was gonna be a story an d ad about emergency food. Well I was surprised it was not.

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