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An Update On The Awakening – The Magnificent Revival Grows

Yesterday, I told you about the spontaneous religious revival happening at some colleges around America. As of February 20, 2023, that spirit continues to grow.


THEY HAVE COME FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD, PROPELLED BY A PERSONAL NECESSITY TO BE A PART OF THIS AMAZING HAPPENING. Of course, there is a healthy amount of curiosity involved, along with the very human need to be a part of a community.

Please see #asburyrevival

* * *

It didn’t take long. In just this last few days, Satan performed at the Emmys, and has shown his darkness at the Super Bowl . . . that we know of; I’m sure there have many more horrors.

Now the Lord is speaking back.

Where I live is less than a four-hour drive from Wilmore. I would love to go there myself. I, too, feel drawn. It’s as simple as that. I, too, would love to become a part of this happening, and imbibe of some of the ebullience of spirit that I know is there. But, I can’t.

For now, the town has been closed to further entrance. Over 10,000 people – and counting! – have descended on a town whose population is 6,900. I get it completely.

Throwing up the barricades

What a wonderful, even heavenly reason to block off human movement, albeit, in this case temporarily. The little rural town is ready to burst with people coming to celebrate their Lord. Food, lodging, and sanitary facilities are at capacity, not to mention just ground space on which to park cars and pitch tents!

Glory to God on the highest! This is exciting!!

Especially so if you look at where else we have experienced barricades in recent years:

Our nation’s capitol was barricaded on Jan. 6, 2021, after the overthrow of our legitimate government in 2020. This is common practice after a coup. Banana republics with illegal governments called Juntas, once formed, fear their citizens because they KNOW that WE know that they are frauds to the core. They fear retaliation. Hence, attempt to purge the leaders of the national opposition. In the case of the USA, 2021, these would be those who believe in our Constitution and rule of law.

Polling places and ballot counting locales in Nov. 2020 were barricaded as Republican poll watchers and workers tried to verify the count. This occurred in the states (GA, PA, AZ, et. Where the count was shut down for hours to allow suitcases vans and trucks of fraudulent ballots to be added to the count.

Police stations, government buildings, public utilities and streets of commerce on formerly bustling thoroughfares of commerce have been barricaded to protect them from the hired goons of the Junta. Think “summer of Love”, anno domini 2020.

You get the picture. No need for me to go on. So, to me, the notice of a barrier to control the crowds rushing to celebrate and reaffirm the ethics on which this nation was founded is heavenly. Literally. Thanks be to God.

* * *

The need for community everywhere is growing stronger as each day rolls by. As our families, friends and associates have been tainted by the intentionally instilled divisiveness and hatred that is poisoning our world, our human souls have become desperate for companionship in the truth. It strengthens us and gives us the fortitude to live each day. Soon, it may well provide the mechanisms for survival. I would advise you to seek and strengthen yours.

More as it comes. Blessings.

*FOX News has now reported Asbury University ended the 24/7 revival meeting after 50K flocked to the Kentucky town over 13 days. The 'Asbury Revival' has drawn tens of thousands of visitors from across the country, overwhelming the small Kentucky college town.

Kat Stansell is the Grassroots Outreach Director for the American Policy Center. To learn more about the American Policy Center and its work go to

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Look at all the news coverage this got -- None that I know of. However, my church in Fort Worth held an Ash Wednesday Service last evening and there were many people in the congregation that I have never seen before. The last time more people were there was a Messiah performance in December. While I didn't hear any discussion afterward about the increase in attendance, it suggests that there may be a revival going on well beyond Wilmore. Let us hope that American's and people around the world are waking up (not woke) and taking notice. Good can come.

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