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Are You A Socialist Test

...if you think 2,000 patriots watching President Trump speak outside are super-spreaders of COVID-19 but massive riots and looting while not practicing social distancing is a good thing that won't spread COVID-19. ...if you think rioting for 3 months and shouting anti-Trump slogans while the mayor and governor sit on their hands watching their cities burn, refusing help from President Trump, is okay, but you believe the rioting and looting is President Trump's fault. ...if you think the socialists-communists taking over the Democrat party is mainstream, but you fear and believe President Trump's free market, putting America first agenda is like the Nazis and is racist. ...if you see people burning and looting as peaceful demonstrators, but citizens rallying peacefully to re-open their businesses as frightening and threatening. ...if you think Michigan's governor is correct that only non-motor boats on the lake stops the spread of COVID-19, but citizens who have boats with motors spread COVID-19. ...if you think it's okay for white liberals to scream at African-American police officers calling them the "N" word, advocating the burning of their homes, but President Trump speaking up for African-American police officers is racist. ...if you think the way to stop crime is to cut police budgets, release violent criminals, disarm law abiding citizens and you believe that social workers can protect you from violent crime. ...if you think it’s okay that Hillary Clinton took millions of dollars in donated funds to her nonprofit meant for Haiti to rebuild their nation and redirected it to her friends and family to spend on their own enjoyment; but believe NRA, Steve Bannon, President Trump, Congressman Stockman, and Arkansas Sen. Jon Woods all abused their nonprofits in helping others. ...if you think Michigan's Henry Ford University research hospital printing a peer-reviewed medical journal article stating that hydroxychloroquine really works is a lie and conspiracy, but you believe a CNN "reporter" with no medical degree or training who, because President Trump recommended it, reports that hydroxychloroquine doesn't work. ...if you think teachers NOT going to work and not teaching your children is okay, but you have no problem seeing teachers and leftist politicians sending their children to private schools so they will have quality education. ...if you don't believe the Democrat-led Mueller investigation which spent millions of our tax dollars and three years investigating Russian collision determined there was no Russian collision, but you still believe Rep. Adam Schiff claims he has super-secret documents showing Russian collusion. ...if you think having a small sticker on NFL football helmets honoring the lives of five murdered Dallas police officers is too political and disrespectful of football norms, but that plastering pro-communist organizational slogans all over uniforms and football fields is a good thing. ...if you can name all the African-Americans who died from police actions, but can't name a single murdered police officer or black child who was murdered at the hands of those in Antifa "CHOP's peaceful" zone. ...if you hate slavery from a 150 years ago, but don't mention or remember the murder and enslavement of millions of Jews by the Nazi regimen seventy-five years ago and you approve of leftists attacking and defacing 2/3 of synagogues in LA. ...if you think it's okay that President Obama illegally gave millions of dollars in ransom payment to the Haqqani terrorist network for American traitor Berg Bergdahl, but find President Trump calling a newly-elected Ukrainian President by phone is an impeachable offense. ...if you think it's okay for President Obama to put in cages children who came to America illegally, but criminal if President Trump follows President Obama's policy. ...if you think Joe Biden isn’t racist even though he supported segregation of schools, his best friend in the Senate was KKK leader Robert Byrd, he supported restoring American citizenship for Confederacy President Jefferson Davis, and he picked a VP running mate whose family owned 216 slaves; but you think President Trump is a racist and that his support for traditional black colleges and his creation of the lowest black unemployment rate in history are just ploys to appease white supremacists. ...if you have no problem with Uncle Joe Biden's niece and son getting special Democrat privilege and “get out of jail” deals for defrauding an elderly lady and leaving a crack pipe in a rental car, respectively, but you think President Trump’s company owing a hotel in Washington is a crime. ...if you have no problem with Joe Biden's son Hunter taking $1.5 billion from the Chinese then investing it in helping China buy military-sensitive companies in America for the production of Chinese weapons, but think Donald Trump Jr. is a criminal for operating hotels owned by the family business owned prior to his father’s election. ...if you want President Trump to condemn Carl Rittenhouse, but you think it's okay that Joe Biden shouldn’t condemn the cold-blooded murder of a President Trump supporter. ...if you think it’s too dangerous to have your elementary kids return to school because of COVID-19, but you have no problem sending your children to school during the flu season which kills many more children. ...if you think it's okay that Hillary Clinton used her office as Secretary of State to circumvent American laws by approving a sale of dual-use steel by her sham nonprofit’s largest donor, a Ukrainian oligarch, to the terrorist nation of the Republic of Iran by. Congratulations! If you scored a 100 in agreement, then you can legally attack supporters of President Trump outside the White House and you are a Democrat in good-standing. Therefore, you can get secret funding, have all your bills paid, and stay in 5-star hotels while flying around the country burning down buildings – all paid for by a former Democrat presidential candidate.

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