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Arizona Audit – Your Move Attorney General Brnovich

Before we get into the numbers and the next steps, here’s the most important statement to come out of Arizona’s audit of the Maricopa County 2020 presidential election, which Jovan

Hutton said in a post-hearing analysis:

People were lurking in the system to understand the counts. At any moment in time, they could adjust….they took your legal ballots, fraudulent ballots and counterfeit ballots and the legal ballots voted illegally. They jammed it into the system.

The point being what happened in Maricopa County, and elsewhere, wasn’t incompetence – it was planned – and that makes it a crime.

Now, for the numbers.

The audit report identifies more than 57,000 questionable votes, intentionally deleted election files, and other suspicious voting machine activity. (For the most complete analysis of the audit report we recommend DC Uncovered.)

Cyber Ninjas writes, “based on these factual findings, the election should not be certified, and the reported results are not reliable.

Major issues identified:

• There were more than 10,000 double votes across county lines.

• Tens of thousands of ballots cast from individuals who had moved prior to the election and could not have physically received their ballots, legally.

• None of the systems related to elections integrity had numbers that would balance and agree with each other.

• The voter rolls and the registration management process itself have many data integrity issues. For instance, over 200 individuals were easily identifiable as likely being the same person but having two different Voter IDs and voting twice in the election.

• Without access to the County’s detailed records including personally identifiable information and registration systems it is more likely there were many tens of thousands of improper votes in the election from double voters, deceased voters, voters for which we can find no trace in the public records nor association to their voting address, moved voters, etc.

• Proper voter registration law and procedures were not followed.

• There were unexplained large purges of registered voters, right after the election, of people who had voted in the election.

• There was back dating of registrations, adjustments made to historical voting and voter records, unexplained linking of voter registration affidavits to multiple voters and more.

• Files were missing from the Election Management System (EMS) Server.

• Ballot images on the EMS were corrupt or missing.

• Logs appeared to be intentionally rolled over, and all the data in the database related to the 2020 General Election had been fully cleared.

On the ballot side, batches were not always clearly delineated, duplicated ballots were missing the required serial numbers, originals were duplicated more than once, and the Auditors were never provided Chain-of- Custody documentation for the ballots for the time-period prior to the ballot’s movement into the Auditors’ care. This all increased the complexity and difficulty in properly auditing the results.

There were substantial statistically significant anomalies identified in the ratio of hand-folded ballots, on- demand printed ballots, as well as a statistically significant increase in provisional ballot rejections for a mail- in ballot already being cast, suggestive of mail-in ballots being cast for voters without their knowledge.” (Emphasis CHQ.)

So, what happens next?

In response to lamestream media claims that the Arizona audit found Biden won, former CEO Patrick Byrne Patrick, who helped fund the audit said, “The report shows felonies were committed, and documents vast criminality and disregard of election law. The leaked report also documents massive destruction of evidence. And says what’s left does not take tick-and-tie like it should. And after all that, it shows 57,000 illegal votes, plus another 15 crimes for which they cannot make an estimate on how it affected the vote. So after the destruction of evidence, and the inability to tick and tie-what is left, and 57,000 illegal ballots, and another 15 crimes, it shows Biden still ahead by 10,000 votes: that’s what the MSM is going with?”

Mr. Byrne is right – the establishment media is going to keep saying Biden won until the crimes that were committed to facilitate the Maricopa County 2020 election fraud are prosecuted and convictions are obtained. That means the next move is in the hands of Arizona’s Attorney General Mark Brnovich.

Mr. Brnovich has been solid – maybe not as aggressive as some would like – but very lawyerly in his approach to the allegations of election fraud in Maricopa County. He defended – and won at the Supreme Court – Arizona’s recent election integrity legislation and he has supported the audit.

After the audit presentation Attorney General Brnovich released a statement saying, “I will take all necessary actions that are supported by the evidence and where I have legal authority. Arizonans deserve to have their votes accurately counted and protected.” The Arizona Attorney General's Office (AGO) has an Election Integrity Unit (EIU) that Mr. Brnovich said will thoroughly review the Senate's information and evidence and act upon it. To urge prompt action on the evidence developed by the audit use this link to contact Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich.

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4 commentaires

27 sept. 2021

Politicians are in charge of "investigating" voter fraud by politicians...That's the problem. If only politicians weren't in charge of elections. What a concept. Unfortunately, politicians are the ones who have to pass election laws. No matter what the outcome of an election, some politician will win.

"In framing a government which is to be administered by men over men, the great difficulty lies in this: you must first enable the government to control the governed; and in the next place oblige it to control itself. A dependence on the people is, no doubt, the primary control on the government; but experience has taught mankind the necessity of auxiliary precautions.” In crafting the Constitution, I believe Madison and the boys didn'…


Anna Difino
Anna Difino
27 sept. 2021

all who runs for City & State government & those elected need to wear body cameras, pay for insurance fraud past present & future, Americans do not pay them for power grabs, corruption nor to waste time on Americans watch, no to cover up corruption past present or future Americans deserve justice done to their offenders, on & off of the job, including to hold accountable& liable their employers for accidents on the job, insurance companies can not get away with theft nor insurance fraud of not paying claims Americans pay their premiums, & benefits through their pay checks when they work for corporations , they need to be held accountable & liable no matter how long ago accident…


Charles Wilkins
Charles Wilkins
27 sept. 2021

The biden crime family the truth is coming to the surface,Joe biden corrupt politation, now corrupt president, the winds of change are coming, your attorney generals office with all your democrats lawyers are not going to be able to save you from the reprocussion of your un American decisions, biden family selling out to China, the Alfgan/Taliban decisions to leave Americans on the battlefield with Allies, 80 billion dollars of tax payor paid for military gear, which is now being enjoyed by Iran and China. Your decisions to leave our borders unguarded, wide open to virus infected illegals and terrorist. "Treason" the offense of betraying one's own country by attempting to overthrow the government through waging war against the states…


26 sept. 2021

Nobody is going to do anything about the obvious fraud.

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