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Assault on America, Day 589: Dems terrified COVID-19 fear flame will die out before November

Democrats fight like crazy to keep the public subdued over COVID-19, but they’re losing If you’ve ever been camping and worked desperately to start and then sustain a fire with flimsy, unseasoned or slightly dampened wood, you understand how Democrats must feel now that the public’s intense fright over the Chinese Communist Party (or Wuhan, if you prefer) virus appears to have subsided… and dwindled to almost nothing. In this case, it’s simple. The heat is gone. As British rock group Def Leppard once crooned (in their classic song Foolin’), “On and on we rode the storm, The flame has died and the fire has gone…” The passions that governed the land not too long ago have been replaced by bitterness, resentment and anger that America’s authorities were less than clairvoyant in predicting largescale doom for every man, woman and child -- unless certain things were done to resist the Chinese plague. Freedom’s taken a backseat to random declarations from elected officials and their cadre of “experts” who maintained that they based policies on “science” and medical expertise. The problem is the facts never matched their theories. For that reason, people are skeptical and on the verge of open defiance. Whereas several months ago news channels were blanketed with rapidly elevating numbers of confirmed cases and death totals that creeped ever higher, now the establishment media mentions are not only less frequent, they’re noticeably calmer in force. That is, unless the report is intended to damage the political prospects of President Donald Trump and Republican down-ballot candidates. Where the GOP is at issue, Republicans are still shown as culpable for not taking the threat seriously and even more curiously claimed, that they didn’t do enough to minimize the spread of the mysterious virus. Despite the tangible decrease in panic, Democrats keep up their lonely quest to brand Trump as a destructive lout who fiddled while the country burned around him. In a piece titled, “End this calamitous presidency now,” former congressional staffer and Clinton trade ambassador Ira Shapiro wrote at The Hill, “[W]e have a president who denies responsibility for fighting the pandemic that has killed more than 155,000 Americans and brought our nation to its knees and plays no useful role in negotiating a relief package, but appears ready to disrupt the election and contest the outcome, militarize the streets and seize on the national moment of soul searching about systemic racism to foment civil war. All of which raises the question: what conceivable justification is there for giving Trump almost six more months to wreak further havoc on the country he has already so severely damaged?” There’s none, Ira! Similar to former Washington Post investigative reporter Carl Bernstein’s call for congressional Republican leaders to depose Trump last week, Shapiro argues it’s the patriotic duty of governors and public officials of both parties and at all levels to step in now to prevent Trump from wreaking more havoc on the helpless public. The president has once again resumed his semi-frequent coronavirus briefings but it apparently isn’t enough to dispel the haters’ notions that he’s corrupted, incompetent and trivializing. Not to mention we’re now less than three months from the national referendum to determine whether Trump will earn a second term. Democrats don’t want to take the chance that the opinion polls are as flawed as they were in 2016; instead they’d prefer an insurance policy against the possibility that voters actually like Trump. Starting to sound familiar? It's curious how Shapiro mentioned that Trump played no useful role in negotiating a relief package since Treasury Secretary Stevin Mnuchin’s drawn more than his share of recent headlines as the face of “no” to Nancy Pelosi’s and “Chucky” Schumer’s frantic demands to send heavily loaded federal Brink’s trucks to blue states and cities to grease their incontinent financial situations. It’s old news by now, but Trump took care of the situation last weekend by suspending the payroll tax for those making less than a hundred grand a year, granting an extension for repayment of student loans and halting eviction notices for tenants in public housing. In other words, through a few strokes of his executive pen, Trump gave Democrats much of what they asked for without bowing to their absurd non-coronavirus-related legislative ultimatums. Since they no longer get to stamp their names on the “relief” measures, Democrats don’t like it. Trump also added additional unemployment coverage for those most impacted by the lockdowns. If this is doing nothing, I’d hate to see what doing something looks like. Democrats are also trying to keep the (literal) fires burning on the myth that President Trump “militarized” the streets in certain American cities by sending in federal law enforcement to fight back against the organized and well-funded leftist insurgency that’s raged in the past two-plus months. Like the COVID-19 illusion, this claim is becoming more arduous to sustain since local police forces have taken over the bulk of the battle and the violence still continues. Who will back Antifa now? Anyone with an ounce of common sense recognizes that these after midnight gatherings of miscreants aren’t about “justice” or “reform” or “raising awareness,” they’re black cladded leftist revolutionaries bent on destroying civilization. Nice try, Ira, as time goes on people aren’t buying the Democrats’ contentions that Trump is the root of the problem; rather, blue state governors and mayors have much to answer for. Shapiro continued with the inanity, “Some may argue that Trump supporters will only accept his leaving office if he is defeated in the election. But there is no evidence that his base, the 18 percent who oppose a national mask mandate or the 13 percent who believe the country is on ‘the right track,’ will ever accept his leaving office, unless he does the unexpected by leaving with some grace. Waiting for their approval is like waiting for Godot...” For those wondering, ‘Waiting for Godot’ is, “a play by Samuel Beckett in which two characters, Vladimir and Estragon, engage in a variety of discussions and encounters while awaiting Godot, who never arrives.” Whatever. Shapiro is basically employing cryptic language and allusions to insult people who oppose a national mask mandate or folks who think Trump’s leadership has been good for the country. Those (myself included) who believe requiring everyone in the nation to don a mask is pure foolishness and wholly unnecessary are deemed ignorant and anti-science by the enlightened elites. To keep Americans cowed and pacified, the opposition party and their spokesmen disseminate half-truths and flat-out lies. One of the most egregious falsehoods is that everyone is at risk of getting severely ill or dying if they test positive for COVID-19. This simply isn’t true and even less so now that the word has finally gotten out about treating newly revealed conditions with hydroxychloroquine and other remedies. The confirmed caseload is indeed going up -- and the death toll slowly rising -- but yet there’s very little evidence that it’s dangerous to everyone. Sure, Democrats, college football players are in grave danger due to the coronavirus College football conferences are considering shuttering (or have shuttered in the case of the Big Ten and Pac 12) their fall seasons because of the CCP virus. Meanwhile, major professional sports have concocted “bubbles” and other draconian measures to keep the virus away from their players and personnel. I haven’t watched much sports lately (other than golf), but I’ve noticed baseball managers and coaches in outdoor stadiums are wearing masks. And the news wires blaze whenever someone tests positive. Oh, the horrors! The fascist mentality afflicts and impacts those who break the leagues’ ridiculous restrictions. Earlier this week, for example, the Cleveland Indians publicly shamed pitcher Zach Plesac for the heinous crime of… drumroll please… leaving the team hotel to meet with friends! After Plesac’s act of defiance was exposed to the world, members of his organization lined up to condemn the hurler’s selfish deed and banished him (he had to take a car back to the home base instead of flying on the team plane) at least until he tests negative twice. There also was discussion of releasing him from the team. March on, not-so-secret police! These dictates from major sports teams shutting down or suspending players or quarantining themselves or even cancelling seasons don’t have any connection to health at all. They’re part of the greater effort to scare the bejesus out of otherwise free people into conforming and to avoid a potential public relations disaster by having individuals within their walls test positive and therefore be branded less-than-caring about grandma and anyone else most susceptible to the virus. For his part, President Trump fought back against the relentless fear campaign. Regarding the college football season, the president sided with the players who want to play. In a Tweet, Trump wrote, “The student-athletes have been working too hard for their season to be cancelled. #WeWantToPlay”. It goes without saying that young and healthy athletes face little risk of serious consequences from COVID-19, even if they contract the virus. Efforts to scare them into scuttling their futures are ludicrous. And what about the consequences from not playing? Are these young men supposed to hang up their cleats for a year and then pick up where they left off when the powers-that-be give the go-ahead? Have university administrators ever cancelled seasons because of a flu outbreak? It’s nuts. Still, the anti-Trumpers try to keep the “fire” going. “Public health and economic experts tell us that the months between now and January 20 are likely to be one of the darkest periods in American history. As House Stark grimly warned in Game of Thrones: ‘Winter is coming.’ We must prepare ourselves for the difficult time ahead; the one certainty is that the nation would come through it better, with fewer deaths, reduced economic damage, and less hatred and division, if Trump were no longer president,” Shapiro concluded. That’s the beauty of American free speech. Theoretically speaking, you can say anything you want on political topics (not talking about social media censorship here). Let Shapiro and his ilk prolong their crackpot arguments about removing Trump and the danger everyone faces from the CCP virus. It’ll lead to a bigger margin of victory for President Trump on Election Day. Four years later, it’s just as important to vote for Trump to save the Supreme Court It goes without saying that the Supreme Court vacancy played a major role in convincing conservative fence-sitters to take a chance on first-time political candidate Donald Trump four years ago. It turns out the high court is shaping up to be a unifying and motivating factor once again, primarily because of the recent strange and inexplicable behavior of George W. Bush appointee and sitting Chief Justice John Roberts. W. James Antle III wrote at The Washington Examiner, “Chief Justice John Roberts has become an issue in the 2020 presidential campaign as conservatives question whether they can rely on Republicans to appoint and confirm judges who will not frustrate and rule against them. “In each of the handful of decisions from the last Supreme Court term that disappointed conservatives, Roberts, who was nominated by President George W. Bush, sided with the liberal bloc. Roberts has now been increasingly disavowed by the party that put him on the nation’s highest court... “Roberts was opposed by half the Democrats in the Senate when he was nominated, including Hillary Clinton and future President Barack Obama. But in recent years, he has become more of a Kennedy-like swing vote on certain polarizing cases. It is widely believed that Roberts wants to protect the court’s reputation for independence from partisan politics by being strategic about when it issues controversial decisions that constitute major change. Democrats have talked about increasing the size of the court if they win the presidency and Congress in November, a move Roberts may wish to forestall.” So it appears Roberts is issuing opinions he doesn’t actually believe in because of political considerations, somehow reasoning that becoming more “moderate” will throw cold water on Democrat efforts to increase the size of and pack the court. If only the notion were true (the “moderate” part) it would sound more acceptable. But Roberts has been squishy for a while now. It’s no secret any longer. With several of the justices over 70 years old (Ruth Bader Ginsburg is 87 and in poor health and Clinton appointee Stephen Breyer turns 82 on August 15), the issue of judicial nominations is as important as ever. Trump would be wise to make a big deal out of his judge nomination “list” that he introduced in 2016. It could be the difference again. It's hard enough to focus Americans’ attention on political matters for more than a few days let alone months like Democrats are attempting to do with the COVID-19 pandemic panic. Sooner or later sensible people figure out that the world isn’t coming to an end and getting sick means getting sick -- and getting well in most cases. In 2020, voters demand more; Trump should give it to them.

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