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Assault on America, Day 618: American unity nowhere in sight on 19th anniversary of 9/11

Soul searching to rediscover the real America post 9/11. Is it still out there?

Are you better off than you were nineteen years ago?

It's a question you don’t hear much from politicians these days, especially those solely preoccupied with turning the current Chinese Communist Party (CCP, or Wuhan, if you prefer) virus pandemic into an all-consuming enemy that threatens to bring down the nation unless every last ounce of America’s full faith and credit is expended to combat the invisible menace. Of course, nineteen years ago today our country was attacked by a different kind of silent killer that few foresaw or thought to combat. And the country has never been the same since.

It's difficult to pinpoint the exact moment where American’s proverbial train jumped its track. Liberals would no doubt place the blame for today’s gaping divide on Donald Trump, Republicans, conservatives and anyone else who’s thus far resisted the “woke” totalitarian thought dictates of recent history. It’s hard to remember back to September 10, 2001 and recall a nation that was still recovering from the contentious and angry 2000 election. George W. Bush took the oath of office earlier that year but it’s safe to say many remained ticked off that the Supreme Court declared that the boundless Florida recount must conclude.

To this day there are probably millions of Democrats who believe Al Gore was legitimately elected back then, and, if this were the case, America would be a different place today. Gore’s obsession with all-things-climate-change (or global warming, as it was referred to at the time) certainly would’ve resulted in much more environmental regulatory restrictions. And would the Iraq War have taken place on Gore’s watch? Would Barack Obama have risen to prominence? Or Donald Trump?

We can only speculate. For now, America is reeling from months of cultural impacts potentially more destructive than those that destroyed the World Trade Center’s twin towers and one section of the Pentagon on that fateful day nineteen years ago. Not even the jihadis who hijacked the four airliners could’ve predicted the events of 2020. The minions of al Qaeda managed to end the lives of a few thousand innocents on 9/11/01 and inflict billions in physical property damage. But the challenges we face today are potentially much more harmful, because they imperil the belief system and institutions that made America what it is… or was.

Everywhere you look we see Americans surrendering to the notion that our country has always been racist and based on a lie -- and that citizens need to be reeducated to expunge the bias and “hate” they never realized they harbored. The plague has reached deep into corporate America, and we’re not talking about the CCP virus here. Roger L. Simon wrote at The Epoch Times, “Despite being so overt, with the help of the mainstream media and other conscious/unconscious fellow travelers, BLM, almost in the communist front tradition of the 1930s, has succeeded in obfuscating their goals beneath a welter of self-satisfied moral narcissism.

“But Marxism, of course, aims to overthrow the capitalist system. That would naturally include companies like American Airlines and Delta Airlines, which apparently is preparing a similar lapel pin. Indeed, BLM has been welcomed throughout corporate America whose leadership is terrified of being branded as racist. It’s almost as if they wished for their own demise.

“And corporate America is, as we know, not alone. BLM and its allies, including the mega-violent antifa, have done a brilliant job of hiding the football (how appropriate), enlisting many sports stars and entertainment celebrities in their support.”

In his piece, Simon referred to a recent decision by American Airlines management to permit its employees to wear pins showing support for Black Lives Matter. Just when a lot of folks figured they could escape the thought-controllers by turning off major professional sports or antagonistic media, now if you take a flight on the above mentioned airlines, there could easily be more paraphernalia reminding you that the Marxist indoctrinators are coming for you.

Of course it doesn’t end there. The other day ESPN ran an interview with Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson where the African-American signal caller indicated he is “done holding back” and said he and other black players at the position were singled out for special scrutiny and condemnation because of their race. This coming after a black quarterback was named league MVP last season (Lamar Jackson) and another one (Patrick Mahomes) piloted his team to a Super Bowl win. Meanwhile, Watson just signed a contract extension worth $160 million over four years. Sheesh. These guys are sure being discriminated against, aren’t they?

Should pale passer Tom Brady apologize for his skin color after winning what, six league titles?

Hollywood celebrities can tweet nonsense about systemic racism and college football TV commentators can blubber like babies in front of the whole world concerning anecdotal stories they hear from colleagues but otherwise know nothing about, but it doesn’t necessarily force anyone to sit there and endure their misguided rantings. Simply get up and walk across the room or go out and do yardwork and the problem is temporarily solved. If you’re stuck in a flying pressurized tube at 38000 feet and the flight crew is right in front of you with Black Lives Matter masks and pins, however, there’s no avoiding it. And it’s not exactly as though you can rebook your flight or choose another less-politically correct carrier.

And these BLM promoters won’t stop until you raise your fist and bow down. Or declare your “support” in other ways.

Back in June there was “Blackout Day,” which Wikipedia described as an ongoing thing. “Blackout Day is a social media-promoted event in which all supporters of the Black Lives Matter Movement are encouraged to not spend any money for a full day in hopes of attaining attention and resolve to end police brutality and racism towards Black people. It encourages the posting of content that was created by and features black creators.

“Specific tags (e.g. #TheBlackout and #BlackoutDay2020) are used to connect users to that content and to increase the visibility of that content. Blackout Day launched on March 6, 2015, and after December 21, 2015, is scheduled to be held on the seventh day of every third month, starting with March 6, 2016.” Seeing as Monday was the seventh day of the third month after June, my kids said they saw lots of “blackout” references on social media. I didn’t know what it was… is this ignorance? No matter, the revolution continues!

It’s a one-sided revolution. Imagine the uproar if corporate gurus permitted their workers to sport QAnon symbols or to shave their heads in a manner reminiscent of radical white supremacists. Or put on an arm band similar to the Nazis of twentieth century infamy. How about if conservative airline employees banded together to promote “MAGA” gear? Would half of the plane’s passengers stage a mini-revolt and demand a refund mid-flight?

Perhaps the employees would be better off voicing support for the Venezuelan regime or saying nice things about Fidel Castro and Joseph Stalin. That is acceptable!

Sometimes you just wish these people would look in the mirror and ask themselves, “Do you understand what you’re doing to yourself? Do you seriously expect ‘speaking out’ on this topic to bring you or your community positive results?Are you willing to sacrifice your livelihood to spread the notion that every cop is a racial incident waiting to happen and that every iota of your life’s experience has been wrong? Do you like being told what’s acceptable by people you don’t even know?” What a collection of mind-numbed zombies, cult members who don’t dare defy the orders of their leader.

Again, think back to the tragic day on September 11, 2001. After the initial shock and horror subsided a bit, Americans came together under the proud banner of the stars and stripes and vowed to not allow foreign terrorists to dampen the nation’s spirit. As I recall, the authorities ordered planes grounded for a few days and some travelers were effectively trapped in their destinations until “normal” resumed, but no one felt afraid to board a jet bound for someplace within the confines of the U.S.A.

Culture felt it, too. The NFL and college football powers-that-be called off the weekend’s games, major league baseball similarly took a brief break as a nod to national mourning and golf’s Ryder Cup competition was postponed for a year. The players felt it wouldn’t be appropriate to carry on with the matches while the nation and world’s mood was focused on something more salient. There was another word to describe what everyone was feeling: unity.

Apparently no one remembers now, but there wasn’t a dry eye in the stadium when the New York Yankees took the field after 9/11 and the nation honored the fallen first-responders of the NYPD and NYFD. Or how about Lee Greenwood singing “God Bless the U.S.A.” at the memorial service on September 23, 2001? If you need a visual on what it was like, click on this link. What about when George W. Bush threw the ceremonial first pitch at the World Series that year?

Where did the colorblind national gratitude go? What happened to feeling thankful for men and women who would run into burning hundred-story buildings to save you? Or who would willingly face bullets to rescue your children during a break-in? Or would literally give their lives to enforce the law?

My kids’ former school was named after Officer Philip Michael Pennington, who gave his life in the line of duty. Are future schools destined to be named after LeBron James? Or any stupid athlete wearing a Black Lives Matter slogan of support? Perhaps the executive at American Airlines who allowed his (or her) employees to visibly support BLM? George Floyd? Rodney King? Jacob Blake? Colin Kaepernick? Michael Brown? Trayvon Martin? Maybe in Joe Biden’s America this would be the new norm.

Are we better off than we were nineteen years ago? No chance. I liked it better when everyone loved the country and saluted the flag. That’s what unity is/was made of.

Close observers see more than one way to win… for Donald Trump

People who long for the post-9/11 unified America can take heart. The presidential candidate who best represents the sensibilities of patriots is on the ballot in November (hint: it’s not the one talking about “systemic racism” and championing the stupid protesters). Supporters see many paths to victory for President Donald Trump. Dave Boyer reported at The Washington Times, “With eight weeks until Election Day, [Trump campaign manager Bill] Stepien and two other top campaign officials offered multiple scenarios for the president to win reelection, based on polling trends.

“They range from the landslide projection, in which the president would carry 12 battleground states, to the ‘Southwest strength’ scenario, in which Mr. Trump wins Arizona and Nevada but loses the ‘Rust Belt’ states of Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin and Minnesota. In the latter example, Mr. Trump would win the necessary 270 electoral votes; Mr. Biden would get 268.

“There’s also a scenario in which Democrats’ ‘Blue Wall’ collapses, and Mr. Trump would win Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan and Wisconsin, while losing Florida. That projected outcome also would have the president winning 270 electoral votes to Mr. Biden’s 268.”

There are probably more than seven scenarios, but it’s great to see the Trump brains planning for every contingency. A landslide would be preferable as it’s probably the only way the left might actually give up on Election Night, though even this is in doubt. Democrats have whipped themselves and their backers into a frenzy with all sorts of conspiracy theories. A razor-thin margin would almost certainly lead to chaos.

As is common knowledge by now, Hillary Clinton advised Joe Biden to refuse to concede no matter what. If Trump’s margin of victory is wide, how long would Grampa Joe hover in his basement before giving up the ghost? Would he be akin to a post-WW II Japanese soldier who simply wouldn’t ever accept surrender?

If that’s the case, then the Supreme Court might have another crack at determining the outcome. Only this time, even a 9/11/01 type attack wouldn’t unite the country. The left has gone over the cliff.

No one in America will look back on September 11, 2001 with fondness, though it’s safe to say many folks long for the good feelings that surfaced after the heinous terrorist attack. With flag burnings, looting, rioting and ongoing leftist Black Lives Matter tributes and protests, unity is virtually unattainable these days. Who can make us a better off in November?

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