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Assault on America, Day 624: 2020 Democrats’ lock him (Joe Biden) up strategy is real loser

Even Democrats are worried about Joe Biden’s hide-from-the-coronavirus strategy

In a year chock full of bizarre and trend-breaking occurrences (impeachment, Joe Biden’s resurrection from the political dead, the discovery and onset of the Chinese Communist

Party (CCP, or Wuhan, if you prefer) virus, lockdowns, school closures, the George Floyd protests and riots, statue desecrations, more “social unrest” in various blue cities and a presidential contest between two distinctly different worldviews), none has been more puzzling than the Democrats’ inexplicable unwillingness to come out to campaign.

Lots of people laugh about Grampa Joe’s “basement bunker” self-quarantine, a plan likely devised by anyone close to the Democrat nominee who’s grasped his inability to run a coherent campaign, much less assume the duties of the president of the United States. Hidin’ Biden has certainly earned his nickname. Up until recently, liberals seemed overconfident that simply tucking Joe away from view -- and practically stuffing a gag into his mouth -- would be good enough to defeat President Donald Trump in November. Now? Maybe they’re not so sure.

Amie Parnes and Jonathan Easley reported at The Hill, “Democrats are growing worried about Democratic nominee Joe Biden’s play-it-safe strategy with 50 days to go before the election.

“They are specifically worried that as President Trump’s campaign reaches millions of voters through in-person door-knocking events and big rallies held in defiance of coronavirus restrictions, the Biden campaign is relying on digital organizing and phone outreach…

“Biden has wrapped his campaign around a follow-the-science approach to the coronavirus, ripping Trump for his handling of the pandemic. His campaign pivoted away from in-person contacts once the pandemic struck, while encouraging voters to mail in ballots. Those wanting Biden to do more traditional campaign events understand the argument, they just worry it will backfire.”

Yeah, there’s nothing like getting another email, text, or robo-call from a billion-dollar campaign to generate enthusiasm for your nominee. While it’s safe to say supporters of either candidate get amped up when they hear about a stump event coming to a location near them, it’s just as sure a bet that no one gives a hoot about seeing Joe Biden’s mug in another electronic communication.

Radio, TV and internet ads help define the candidates and provide repeated reassurances the message that’s driving the voter bases is being constantly reinforced, but they don’t motivate activists to expend the time and effort to do the drudge work of campaigns. A live rally, however, gets the “troops” juiced to hit the road and fills them with enough resolve to endure the downside of in-person canvassing -- rejection and, unfortunately, hostility from the increasingly unhinged left.

The Democrat brains are right to be worried about Biden’s soft approach. I’ve often told my kids, “Nothing great was ever accomplished by sitting around.” Likewise, no campaign was ever won by demonstrating to people that you care so much about them that you wouldn’t dream of coming near them. We live in strange times, but they’re not that strange.

And there really isn’t any truth to the above claim that Trump is conducting “door-knocking events and big rallies in defiance of coronavirus restrictions.” Whose restrictions are they talking about? The Hill reporters must be referring to state and local mask mandates or limits on crowd size, etc. But it’s common knowledge that the Chinese plague isn’t known to spread outdoors. And there are strict rules for door-knockers regarding what’s permitted and what’s not when attempting a contact.

(And when someone is exposed to a person who has the virus, they voluntarily self-quarantine like West Virginia Republican Senator Shelly Moore Capito did this week.)

Therefore, the Democrats’ inertia doesn’t make sense. If it’s supposedly okay for citizens -- even those in the most affected age groups -- to order food delivery or packages brought to the front door, what’s the risk of having a campaign volunteer visit homes, stay comfortably away, wear masks and talk to people? Can you spread the virus through conversation? What gives?

Democrats’ continued reliance on the CCP virus as an excuse to run a non-traditional virtual campaign is a curious one. Polls do seem to show that people remain afraid of contracting the disease through in-person contact with infected individuals, but after six months of recommendations, warnings, threats (wear a mask or else!) and a huge dose of begging by those who willfully surrender their freedoms for so-called “security”, the worries over the pandemic have considerably subsided in many ways.

Those at higher risk still need to take extra precautions. The rest of the public can adhere to the preventative measures and live life pretty normally, no matter how much the Democrats seem to preach otherwise. You can scare some of the people some of the time but you can’t scare all of the people all of the time. The facts just don’t back up the Democrats’ fears.

GOP convention featured a number of live gatherings, and no one’s fallen ill

The Republican National Convention concluded three weeks ago on August 27th. The party’s headlining end-of-daily-program acts -- namely, first lady Melania Trump, Vice President Mike Pence, and Trump himself, all spoke before live socially-distanced audiences of various sizes. The president accepted his re-nomination in front of at least a thousand (I couldn’t find the exact figure, but it could’ve easily been much higher) living, inhaling and exhaling human beings positioned on the White House south lawn on a beautiful summer evening in the nation’s capital.

Melania gave her speech before a considerably smaller group in the White House rose garden, but there were still, what, a couple hundred at minimum? Pence used the dramatic backdrop of Baltimore’s Fort McHenry to speak to a gathering that filled the inside of the patriotic landmark. The onlookers included a number of elderly veterans and the vice president’s 87-year-old mother, all members of the most vulnerable (to the virus) demographic groups.

Yet no one -- at least that I’ve heard -- has developed a confirmed case of COVID-19 from being at the convention. And you can bet the media would be all over reports of someone in the various audiences being checked into a hospital and hooked up to a ventilator. Joe Biden himself would probably call a news conference outside the facility with scripted questions from the journo drones and proceed to read off a teleprompter the contact-tracing timeline for the sensationalism hungry media, anxious to run the scoop on how the Trump campaign was responsible for callously “endangering” all those people.

Granted I didn’t tune-in to CNN, MSNBC or any of the “major” networks very often during the RNC, but when I did switch channels, the pols and pundits were invariably talking about the lack of personal protective equipment worn by the folks at the RNC. I thought CNN’s Dana Bash was primed to throw a fit after Trump spoke with “essential” workers who’d continually dealt with and even recovered from a bout with the virus. But it’s a very safe bet that anyone who gets within sniffing distance of the president or anyone in the White House that they’d been tested, re-tested, examined and had their temperatures taken -- and been given a clean bill of health.

I think it’s called common sense. Does anyone have it anymore?

Of course, after Trump’s speech, Black Lives Matter “protesters” mobbed event attendees simply trying to walk to their cars or hotels. A good many of the young miscreants “raising awareness” about systemic racism and the lack of fairness in America’s police forces and justice apparatus weren’t wearing masks. And some of those who were had the devices dangling well below their noses. In essence, were they flaunting the mask mandates… or were they given permission by the Democrat party to ignore the rules?

Therein lies the problem for Democrats. They need to continue to pound the message that everyone’s in danger and that Biden is merely being prudent -- and patriotic -- by staying put in his home and not unnecessarily exposing anyone by holding mass campaign events. Needless to say, the party’s advance teams are breathing a sigh of relief because they don’t have to do the work of trying to stir up a crowd to come and hear Grampa Joe mumble and stumble his way through a public appearance.

Democrats themselves acknowledge that the election outcome will boil down to Trump’s enthusiasm-filled backers versus the angry, venomous, vindictive, spiteful, nasty, revenge-seeking anti-Trump voters. Conservatives and Republicans acknowledge that there are millions of Americans who don’t take to Trump. But it’s not sufficient justification to choose a man like Biden who is the placeholder of all placeholders, a prime candidate for the first ever use of the 25th Amendment’s removal power and a man so brain-dulled that he sometimes can’t even remember what office he’s running for -- or where he is at the moment.

The most talented political consultant in the world can’t devise a campaign where the candidate -- and/or his handlers -- is afraid to face the voters. Yet that’s what’s happening this year.

Uh oh, Joe Biden isn’t the only gaffe-machine on the Democrat ticket

It goes without saying that many seasoned American political observers speculate Joe Biden is serving as the most electable Democrat for one reason and one reason only: to open the door of power to a true-believer dedicated leftist who couldn’t otherwise win the election in a million years, but will still be in charge when Joe’s deposed. Liberal vice president candidate Kamala Harris let the real plan slip the other day. You can’t make this stuff up.

Valerie Richardson reported at The Washington Times, “Sen. Kamala Harris, California Democrat, has another way of describing a Biden administration if the Democratic ticket prevails in November: ‘a Harris administration together with Joe Biden.’

“In a Saturday video address, Ms. Harris made what was either a misstatement or a Freudian slip by referring to a potential ‘Harris administration.’ ‘A Harris administration together with Joe Biden as the President of the United States, the Biden-Harris administration, will provide access to $100 billion in low-interest loans and investments for minority business owners,’ she said in the five-minute statement to a small-business roundtable.

“Her gaffe, first reported by the Arizona Republic, was quickly picked up by the Trump campaign.”

Look for President Trump to highlight Harris’s genuine feelings in his next outdoor campaign rally. To rehash, Kamala Harris’s dig at Biden during the first Democrat presidential candidates’ debate (in June, 2019) was probably the single most memorable moment of the COVID-19 shortened primary campaign. The California senator’s “I was that girl” prepared grandstanding speech temporarily vaulted her into the top tier of liberal would-be challengers to Trump.

Then Americans discovered that Harris really isn’t likeable in addition to the fact she’s a mean-spirited former prosecutor who appears to take great satisfaction from brow-beating people for political expedience (see Kavanaugh, Brett). Since she accepted Biden’s invitation to join his ticket, the woman’s overly-contrived and phony happy-gal demeanor isn’t fooling anyone. Kamala obviously views Grampa Joe as the rapidly faltering means to an end -- her being gifted the presidency without the voter-tested approval of the public.

Can you imagine Mike Pence saying, “A Pence Administration together with Donald Trump as President of the United States”? The humble Indiana man would never place himself on such a lofty ego-driven pedestal. But Harris does.

We haven’t heard the last of this. As the election nears and Biden actually emerges from his protective bunker to participate in presidential debates and larger scale campaign events, his mental acuity will be under ever-closer scrutiny. When it’s blatantly unmistakable that the Democrat presidential candidate is a doddering dunce on the verge of being admitted to a care facility, a lot of folks will remember how Harris sees herself. And it won’t be flattering.

In this craziest of all nutty campaign years, it wouldn’t be shocking to see Democrats start locking Kamala Harris away as well as Joe Biden. Maybe liberals could just send Barack and Michelle Obama out to speak to small collections of masked donors and supporters. Desperate times call for desperate measures, right?

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