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Assault on America, Day 646: Trump’s No Fear attitude strikes right chord with American people

Trump and the virus dominate the news headlines, but who’s really suffering?

It seems like an eternity now, but it was only a week ago President Donald Trump revealed in an overnight Tweet that he and first lady Melania had tested positive for the Chinese Communist Party (CCP, or Wuhan, if you prefer) virus and that he was feeling well and would be taking some time to recover.

Practically the whole planet’s been told by the powers-that-be that people who test positive for COVID-19 should isolate and lock themselves away for at least ten days, so most folks automatically figured we’d get ten enforced days and nights of radio silence from the man who never could resist airing his opinions and thoughts on everything from world affairs to entertainment trends to sports. It was destined to be weird, we thought.

Later that day it was announced Trump (not Melania) would be transferred to Walter Reed hospital for treatment and concerns elevated to fears among his supporters (and cheers of Die! Die! Die! from his enemies). The masked president looked steady as he strolled to the awaiting helicopter and took off for the short journey to the medical facility. Frequent updates and Trump’s impromptu SUV ride (to wave to supporters) over the weekend made headlines and stirred up the antagonistic, never-pleased chattering class, but didn’t dramatically alter the impressions people were taking from the ordeal.

Of course, on Monday evening, Trump went back to the White House and in vintage Trumpian fashion, told people to go on with their lives and not to be controlled by fears of the virus and getting sick and incapacitated -- or worse. The punditry exploded in rage. How DARE he tell ANYONE not to be afraid! What is he, careless and heartless? Who does he think he is, the President of the United States?

Democrats want it their way, which is every conceivable direction. They want Americans to be submissive and passive in the face of government edicts, but they also savage Trump and anyone who dares express optimism about the future and confidence in their approach to the economy. And remarkably, his critics continue to fault him for the unemployment situation today.

Jay Heflin reported at The Washington Examiner, “The total number of people claiming benefits from all jobless programs for the week ending Sept. 19 was over 25 million. For comparison, there were slightly over 1.4 million claims in the comparable week in 2019. Unemployment is particularly high in Hawaii, California, and Nevada.

“Still, the economy is nearly seven months into the pandemic, and jobless claims remain at historically high levels. In January, before the coronavirus hit the United States, weekly claims were just over 200,000. Since late September, claims have hovered just under 900,000, which is an improvement from prior weeks.”

It doesn’t take a genius to make logical conclusions here. For the dull-brained, uninformed and liberal opportunists out there, unemployment is being fostered and perpetuated by the society-wide reaction to the global pandemic that China created (or failed to stop, whichever version you choose to believe). People were going along swimmingly prior to March of this year, when the government, upon the advice of “science” and the experts, told citizens of all ages, races and genders to cease going to work, school, movie theaters, sports games, etc.

One could make a good argument that we were instructed to stop behaving like humans -- all in the name of squelching a virus. Loners and lovers of seclusion couldn’t care less, but everyone else who values regular contact with family members and friends was immediately impacted. Young kids were ordered not to go to the playground, for goodness’ sake. Old folks couldn’t receive visitors any longer. Just for a little while, right?

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer declared that you couldn’t buy tomato seeds at Home Depot, either. Churches couldn’t hold in-person worship services. What is “essential”?

The people who worked in the effected businesses became unemployed, virtually overnight. The examples are many, but ponder all the folks who depend on major sports for their living wage. If you’re a stadium concessions manager, for example, there are no customers to buy your products. Therefore, there is no need for your products at the venue. You’re not selling your products (except for online?), so you’re not making money. The people who provide the products are similarly not selling them to you. The chain goes on and on and on.

The government stepped in to fill the gap in income for these unfortunate souls who couldn’t possibly work remotely at home and yet were unable -- and advised against -- trying to go out and seek work in their field, or even attempt to find employment somewhere else. The cycle spun like a golf ball in mid-air. You couldn’t necessarily see it, but you knew it was taking place.

The benevolent government -- led by scared to death politicians terrified of being blamed for ruining people’s livelihoods with haphazard plans that might not bear fruit -- then enacted a policy of paying individuals not to work, and compensating them handsomely in the process! Not only would you receive standard unemployment benefits, but a bonus of $600 a week awaited in addition. Money! Money! Money! The Beatles said it can’t buy you love, but it sure comes in handy when you’re unable to earn a paycheck.

Meanwhile, the initial forecasts of the necessary length of time to contain the virus and then, eliminate it, kept on being revised. The virus never completely went away. Businesses opened, but schools didn’t. As Heflin’s story indicated above, the worst hit states (all run and controlled by liberal Democrats, mind you) -- California, Nevada and Hawaii -- were to some extent dependent on travel and tourism yet still told people to “Stay away! Stay away! Stay away!”

Is it any wonder, then, that the employment situation remains static and not improving? As long as there’s an attitude among local leaders that it’s still too “dangerous” to resume normal living and recreational patterns, there isn’t going to be a leveling off of unemployment. In other words, basically all the people who toiled in the effected industries are still stuck. Hawaii has reduced its quarantine period to “only” 72 hours, but who wants to pay thousands of dollars to fly to paradise, be subject to the Aloha State’s inane draconian protocols and then be confined to a $300 a night hotel room for half your stay?

And the Democrats hope to keep it that way! Liberal party members want everyone to stay terrified so there won’t be a clamor to fully open the economy and allow “herd immunity” to take over like it has in wiser, less reactionary nations like Sweden. As has been stated and argued numerous times before, the fatality rate from COVID-19 isn’t all that high -- and it’s virtually non-existent in lower age groups. If it never made sense to shut down commerce because of the seasonal flu, why is it so different now? Could the media have anything to do with it?

This isn’t saying there’s no risk for everyone. Elderly people and those with certain co-morbidities shouldn’t get the virus if it can be prevented. Thankfully, as Trump has demonstrated this past week, even those in the threatened categories can still be treated and will most likely emerge unscathed. Trump said he wants to make his treatments available to everyone -- on Uncle Sam’s dime.

It’s well past time to try “normal” again. It has to happen sometime, doesn’t it?

Despite everything that’s happened this year and in the past week, Democrats still persist with their scare tactics. The liberals’ arguments concerning job creation and the COVID-19 pandemic are curious and entirely contradictory. They blame Trump for some Americans being out of work yet don’t give him credit for urging caution and signing the “relief” bills Congress passed in the spring.

And this week, Trump suggested he’s open to sending more, too. Again, Heflin wrote at The Washington Examiner, “[I]t remains unlikely that Washington will advance a relief package possibly containing a new round of stimulus checks or enhanced unemployment benefits before the election, as negotiators can’t agree on how much the relief should cost.”

The amount of money probably isn’t the issue as much as what it’s supposed to be for. Democrats crave to bailout state and local governments that killed their own tax base by closing down everything and ordering people to stop working and mingling. Then, over the summer, many of these same jurisdictions permitted “protests” where the unruly lot rioted, burned businesses, tore down statues and pushed policing to the brink of anarchy.

Trump has been adamant about keeping the expenditures separate. Local entities that need extra federal help in battling virus-related challenges can have the money. And there are additional resources for those individuals who are still prevented from working their jobs because of lockdowns and government social-distancing policies. But where does it end?

Common sense says a lot of what was already appropriated by Congress has not been spent. It takes a while to find ways to allocate $3 trillion. Politicians appear to pull figures out of the air, since there’s no way to accurately estimate how much is needed. Then there are the political considerations in an election year. Democrats clearly advocate for dishing out the dough now and worrying about the fraud and waste later. But there has to be a limit.

California just passed a bill to study paying slavery reparations to African-Americans in the Golden State. If there’s money in the budget to devote to such dubious causes, why would the federal government consider sending funds to bailout the locals? If these single-party governments were serious about shortfalls and fighting COVID-19 and providing assistance for the unemployed, why are they engaged in studying a “concept” that is discriminatory, and, for lack of a better way to put it, racist.

Trump’s call to “not be afraid” is just as much a pitch for more employment as it as an advisory from someone who’s recovering from the dreaded CCP virus. If people know the truth about how dangerous -- or not dangerous -- that the virus is in reality, they may change their behavior. It’s the only way the economy can fully recover. It’s not just a campaign tactic. Be not afraid. Trump is definitely in the right to say so.

And Democrats are in the wrong to counsel everyone should remain petrified -- and then attribute the slumping job situation to Trump. It doesn’t pass the laugh test.

Jane Fonda says COVID-19 is God’s gift to the Left. Was she just being honest?

“Hanoi” Jane Fonda isn’t renowned for her pearls of wisdom, though she did utter something curiously accurate the other day. Instead of seeing COVID-19 as a plague, the 82-year-old whacked out lefty sounds grateful for it.

After reporting that Jane called the coronavirus “God’s gift to the left”, Rick Moran wrote at PJ Media, “This kind of thinking is foreign to me and to most on the right. What does climate change have to do with the coronavirus? That people are scared and can be led around by the nose is a given. Witness the lockdowns and ‘mask mandates.’

“Fonda agrees with that, saying, ‘We can see it now, people who couldn’t see it before, you know, they see it now and we have a chance to harness that anger.’

“Manipulating people by frightening them and getting them angry instead of using reason and logic to persuade is the way of dictators and authoritarians. Fonda and her cohorts on the left like Bernie Sanders and AOC believe that with people already acting like sheep being led to the slaughter that they will agree to anything — any indignity, any loss of freedom. And if what they’re proposing has absolutely nothing to do with the pandemic, that’s a bonus.”

In this instance, it goes without saying -- the more the left can get people worked up over something they view as needing to be taken care of, the more power they can exert. Trump telling the population not to be afraid is totally opposite this mindset.

What, tell Americans to be free again? If that’s the case, no one will vote for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. You can warn people to be afraid in a haunted house, but if they don’t believe in ghosts anyway, not sure how much good it will do.

Democrats depend on ordinary citizens remaining terrified of contracting the coronavirus so they can lay the groundwork for other totalitarian “theories” like climate change. Trump’s quick recovery from the sickness will certainly catch some folks’ attention; the question is whether it will be in time to help the right side win the election.

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