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Assault on America, Day 671: Prediction: 2020 Election is American Style Brexit for Trump

No way a 100 nanometer-wide virus is going to dictate who wins this year’s historic election

How big is the Chinese Communist Party (CCP, or Wuhan, if you prefer) virus? We’re not talking about impact here, since anyone who’s paid attention to the post-impeachment news earlier this year knows how much damage the China plague has caused in terms of physical carnage and psychological harm to the American psyche.

No, I’m talking about the actual size of the virus, which is pretty darn small by any objective measure. A quick internet search revealed, “The diameter of the COVID-19 coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2 virus) is approximately 100 nanometers on average. That’s roughly a thousand atoms wide, or 75 times smaller than a human red blood cell.”

Without a background in scientific terminology, I couldn’t say how trifling the CCP virus is, but if it’s only a thousand atoms wide, it sure ain’t very big. This isn’t a discussion on the merits of wearing or not wearing masks as protection or prevention of contagion, it’s a comment on how even a microscopic piece of matter (or whatever it should be called) can have a profound effect on the world we live in. Fortunately, Americans have a choice on how “big” to make the virus at present.

Today, America officially votes and begins tallying the results of the 2020 election. For many of us, it’s the day we’ve all been waiting for and worrying about for a long time. Today, we’ll receive the answer -- or at least start the process of figuring the result -- on whether President Donald Trump is reelected to continue his quest to Make America Great Again or if Democrat challenger Joe Biden defies common sense and modern political proficiency to move into the White House in January.

Pundits and professional prognosticators swear the election hinges on the coronavirus. So yes, it’s conceivable that something 75 times smaller than a human red blood cell could determine the political fate and practical future of over 330 million fully-formed Americans. It’s a sobering thought. Other observers believe more “normal” factors such as the economy and the candidates’ respective positions on social issues is what citizens will concentrate on in the voting booth.

Whatever turns out to be the ultimate issue, the heat of the campaign might not end today. Tyler Van Dyke reported the other day at The Washington Examiner, “Whether a winner is declared on Election Day or not, top Trump surrogates have been asked to remain available for potential post-election rallies.

“Those rallies may even take place while votes are still being counted, according to Trump campaign advisers. The campaign is considering a ‘morale boost’ tour for supporters in key battleground states such as Pennsylvania and North Carolina, similar to the ‘thank you’ tour President Trump went on after his 2016 upset, according to Politico...

“A campaign aide said that despite discussions of a potential tour, no decisions have been made regarding where he would go or who would accompany him. ‘If we still don’t have results in Michigan and North Carolina or Pennsylvania and Nevada on Nov. 4, he might hit those states individually,’ the aide said.”

One can only imagine what such rallies would entail, especially if the result is close like many people are forecasting. If Trump supporters are willing to individually organize multiple thousand-car parades and caravans without input from the campaign itself, it’s not hard to fathom how voters will turn out by the tens of thousands to lend their voice -- and popular pressure -- to ensure the tallies are done properly. Likewise, the left’s forces will be in the streets adding their two cents to the meal with a hefty side dish of violence thrown in for good measure.

If anyone in America expects both sides to sit passively by and wait for -- and then accept -- what the vote counters and media are reporting, I’ve got oceanfront property near Phoenix to sell them. I’ll point out that it’s only a little over an hour flight from the hottest and most barren of deserts to the blue, blue ocean of southern California, which should be close enough in a Democrat’s book, correct?

Just as hardly anyone can say how big -- or not big -- the coronavirus actually is, the pundits and political pros can’t accurately pinpoint what’s going to happen today. Some people are paid big money to share opinions and make predictions, but if there’s anything we’ve learned since the dawning of Donald Trump’s political career, it’s the fact the old methods of tabulating and hypothesizing just don’t work any longer.

With the winner shrouded in uncertainty, still there are some easily predicable things

And while the winner of the election will remain a mystery for a little longer, there are some things we can definitely predict ahead of time. They are, in no particular order:

--If Trump loses, there must’ve been a huge contingent of silent Biden voters. Why? Because the grassroots movement across the nation is solidly behind Trump. Never before have crowds turned out in such astonishingly large numbers for one presidential candidate while the other has difficulty drawing more than a few dozen to his scheduled campaign stops.

The difference in optics between the campaigns is incredible. Limited to outdoor rallies because of the dreaded 100 nanometer-wide CCP virus, the president turned a negative into a positive by flying into airports and speaking to the assembled throngs of red, white and blue clad supporters right there. No need to book arena space or arrange limo transportation, which eats up time as well as campaign funds. Trump’s enthusiastic backers didn’t care a lick what the temperature was outside or that they lacked the conveniences of an indoor stadium.

Meanwhile, doddering Grampa Joe Biden has recently emerged from his Delaware basement bunker hideout to conduct the oddest of public spectacles, shouting into microphones mounted on platforms in parking lots. Scared to death (of either getting sick or being recognized as favoring Biden) Democrat voters cower in their cars or stand adjacent to them and occasionally utter sounds of approval when the idiot on stage says something mean about Trump.

If there really are enough of these people out there to elect Biden, then they’ve been effectively silent the past couple months. Where are all the Democrat voters? Don’t see ‘em, do you?

--If Trump loses, he will stay in the fray. For all those Democrats planning to celebrate and dance on The Donald’s proverbial post-election political grave, don’t get too drunk and giddy, because you’re not getting your wish for a Trump-free America.

The election will have been determined by the misguided, uninformed and easily manipulated sheep who were suckered into believing the media narrative and voted against the successful incumbent president accordingly. The American patriots who voted for Trump did so out of love, admiration, appreciation and gratefulness for a man who made promises to the voters and kept them. Do Democrats think this feeling will magically evaporate?

Here’s thinking the social media-organized parades and tributes would continue indefinitely in the event of a Trump loss. The “forgotten” Americans won’t melt into the carpet because Queen Kamala portends to step on their dreams and aspirations.

Trump may not have the power of the office officially behind him any longer, but he has something valuable, which is the ability to steer public opinion. Trump boasts over 87.3 million Twitter followers and can reach them at the touch of a few buttons in real time. (In contrast, Biden has only 11.3 million Twitter followers.) He’d certainly lose some after the election, but not many. Far from being deemed irrelevant and confined to a floor or two at Trump Tower or a suite at Mar-a-Lago, Trump will have all the time in the world to dissect what Biden is doing and keep the outsider anti-swamp revolution going strong.

--If Biden loses, the recriminations will commence immediately. The aftermath of the 2016 election was plenty ugly, with Hillary Clinton’s ticked-off donors and voters wondering “What Happened?” Ol’ Crooked Hill was supposed to be the first woman president, wasn’t she? How could she lose to a no good, lying, womanizing, fat-shaming, racist lout like Trump and his army of backwards-butt redneck “deplorables”? These chauvinistic cavemen still drag their women around by their hair, don’t they?

It had to be something else…? So, the Russians did it! Didn’t Trump ask for help from Vladimir Putin to reveal what was in the missing emails? Any thinking person would conclude Trump’s tongue-in-cheek plea was a joke, but the scapegoat was already alive and bleating by the time the votes were counted.

Democrats are already setting the stage to claim voter suppression now by complaining that Trump convoys and parades are intimidating liberal voters. They’ll insist the Biden bus in Texas was surrounded by a bunch of Republican yahoos with Trump flags and MAGA attitudes. If Grampa Joe’s voters are similarly intimidated across the country, according to the leftist lot, that’s voter suppression.

Stacey Abrams is likely warming up her act. And Eric Holder. And Barack Obama. Watch for it.

--If Trump wins, the Democrat led House will initiate impeachment proceedings early next year. Speaker Nancy Pelosi introduced her 25th Amendment “commission” last month in preparation for such a contingency. If the polls are correct and Democrats retain or even expand their House majority, they won’t even pretend to legislate in the next Congress. It will be one witch hunt after another on Capitol Hill.

Having seen all their schemes spectacularly flame-out in the last four years, angry Democrats will turn up the heat to the point where the media won’t report on anything other than Madame Pelosi’s latest diatribe about corruption and incompetence and racism, sexism, xenophobia, homophobia, etc. The so-called “moderate” Democrats will abruptly shed their “bipartisan” skins they wore for the election campaign and return to being rabid anti-Trumpers.

The country will be torn apart -- again -- but what does it matter to the Democrats? It’s just “resistance” remember?

--Lastly, if Trump wins, the Biden electoral myth will have been exposed and blown to bits. Obama famously said that the only one who’s never lost an election, and therefore, tasted defeat -- was Joe Biden. I’m not 100 percent sure this is true, but Biden spent six terms in the senate in a safe seat and then, at the big O’s invitation, hid behind the electoral force that was the first black president.

Biden’s never had to carry his own weight, including this year. If he loses, it’s because enough people got a good look at him and decided he is who he is -- a corrupt, phony, fib-telling swamp creature who wouldn’t know his rear from a hole in the ground. The jig was up, Joe. Your legend will go down as the second Democrat in four years who supposedly had it in the proverbial bag only to gag and choke on Election Day.

And in the end… I predict a Donald Trump victory

One thing is for certain, assuming the 2020 election has a winner and Americans aren’t soon fighting a second civil war over a teeny tiny virus and differences of opinion over masks, the vote will go down as one of the most analyzed of all-time. If Joe Biden wins, he’ll be lucky. If Donald Trump loses, conservatives will still play the game in the years ahead.

In the unlikely scenario that we find ourselves with a Biden administration in 2021, Robert Stacy McCain wrote at The American Spectator, “No big deal. We lose an election. We’ve lost elections before and survived. What made Trump’s victory in 2016 so important was that, first of all, Hillary Clinton was in effect running for Obama’s third term. Her defeat was not merely due to Clinton’s personal unpopularity, nor to Trump’s celebrity persona, but rather that many voters rejected a continuation of the policy status quo. Trump’s populist ‘America First’ message proved more popular than the so-called ‘globalist’ agenda that had been embraced not only by Democrats but also by an influential element of the Republican Party. What broke the fabled ‘blue wall’ four years ago were blue-collar voters in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin who wanted a policy that made their jobs a higher priority than abstract principles of free trade. Bipartisan agreement in Washington in favor NAFTA, GATT, and other multilateral trade deals were never popular with American industrial workers.

“If somehow Biden wins … it would be the height of folly for him to interpret this result as a referendum in favor of a return to globalism.”

Who knows how Biden would interpret a win, or if he’d even realize what just happened. Someone would need to jolt him awake and tell him to pack his suitcase because he was moving out of his house. “Where are we going, the care facility?” he would certainly ask.

I don’t think it will happen. Trump won’t prevail by a landslide but his win should be beyond the margin of chaos. Like Abraham Lincoln in 1864, the voters will have considered Trump a wartime president. Setbacks are setbacks. But the overall result is what counts. Trump has been a good if not great president and there are enough people out there who recognize it.

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I'm just curious. If sleepy Joe wins and dies or completely zones out before January 20th, would the speaker of the house then become president? If so, what if the Republicans take the house and Biden is taken out after the Congress is seated but before inauguration on the 20th? Would Kamala still be the VP? Could we have a Republican president and a Democrat vice president?

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