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Assault on America, Day 678: No chance Trump supporters give Biden a chance to restore failure

Biden asked Trump supporters to give him a chance, but a chance to do what?

“For all those of you who voted for President Trump, I understand the disappointment tonight. I've lost a couple times myself, but now, let's give each other a chance,” said media declared President Elect Joe Biden on Saturday night. Joe Biden is an accomplished liar. Unless he’s talking about a token few Democrat primary losses in 2008 and earlier this year, he’s never lost an election. He doesn’t know how it feels to “lose,” especially to a mentally slipping political shill who used fraud and voter ignorance to steal the presidency from the decent people of this country. It's old news by now, but the establishment media went all rush-rush and declared Biden as the president-to-be even as lawsuits were going forward in several states to try and get the legal vote count back within the margin of reasonableness. Many Americans -- at least the objective ones who pay attention to what’s right in front of their faces -- are aware of the shenanigans that took place in the so-called “rust belt” states, which include massive ballot dumps that went exclusively to Biden, or officials in Michigan and Pennsylvania purposely denying Republican poll watchers an opportunity to do their jobs. As a Trump supporter, I believe we could better accept the results if they made more sense and the process were given an opportunity to play-out. And mail-in voting proved to be just as leaky and suspicious as everyone anticipated. Whenever Election Day’s tried-and-true one person, one vote concept is offset by sending blank ballots to everyone (including those who didn’t request them) and allowable harvesting, the system is ripe for fraud. And it certainly looks as though the swindlers seized the initiative and stole the election this year. But we’re not here to debate the outcome -- at least not today. This isn’t like Florida in 2000 when only one state’s tally is at issue. To launch a ballot-by-ballot examination in a half dozen or more states will take forever and may not bear fruit, or at least not the sweet and juicy kind we’d prefer to consume. Instead, let’s look at Biden’s call for “a chance” and see whether such a wish is even possible. Naomi Lim reported at The Washington Examiner, “’The people of this nation have spoken. They have delivered us a clear victory, a convincing victory, a victory for 'we the people.' We won with the most votes ever cast in the history of our nation,’ Biden said in Wilmington, Delaware, on Saturday evening. He promised to unify the nation at home and mend its reputation abroad, reminding the crowd that he began his third White House campaign ‘to restore the soul of this nation.’ “Biden spoke directly to black supporters, who revived his flagging bid in the South Carolina primary, while bragging that he had amassed the ‘broadest coalition’ for the general election. ‘When this campaign was at its lowest ebb, the African American community stood up again for me. You've always had my back, and I'll have yours,’ he said. “Biden foreshadowed his first priority would be a federal response to the coronavirus pandemic, appealing for help from his liberal flank and those across the political aisle.” I wonder if Biden was referring to the black supporters of Michigan Republican senate candidate John James, whose campaign prospects were overwhelmed by the same ballot fraud that caused Trump to lose the state’s electoral votes. Don’t black candidates’ lives matter? And did Democrats ever give Trump a “chance” to govern? The day after Trump’s victory four years ago, Hillary Clinton’s campaign introduced the “Russian collusion” narrative, which led to spying, eavesdropping, witch hunts, investigations, false accusations, gobs of media hysteria and eventually impeachment. Yes, Joe, we’re “disappointed,” but aren’t you basically asking for every Trump backer to erase his or her memory? No one ever said a victory speech had to be specifically tailored towards soothing the hurt of the other side, but Biden’s didn’t do much to ease the concerns of the record number of people who voted for the Republican incumbent. To us, the “soul of the nation” was already perfectly protected by the man who wasn’t the least bit shy about shaming those who made a spectacle out of dissing the American flag or its traditions (yes, I’m talking about the kneelers, fist raisers and police bashing losers in professional sports). What exactly is the “soul of the nation” anyway? And why would it need to be “restored”? The dictionary defines “restore” as to “Give back or return,” or, “to put or bring back into existence or use,” or, “to bring back to or put back into a former or original state, renew,” or, “to put again in possession of something.” Wait a second. If the nation’s “soul” needs to be “restored,” it means it was taken away or went AWOL sometime in between Barack Obama’s last day and right now. Does Grampa Joe believe tens of millions who voted for Donald Trump don’t have a “soul” to restore? I’m confused. Besides, does “restoring the soul” of anything sound like something Joe Biden is capable of? Let’s not forget, Donald Trump campaigned in 2016 on the idea of “Make America Great Again.” Prior to Trump’s arrival on the DC political scene, Barack Obama -- and Joe Biden -- spent eight years governing the land, and by lots of estimations, America had lost its greatness. Economic growth was anemic for the Big O’s two terms, unemployment was stagnant, fringe social movements were transforming ancient social customs and people were fed up with a ruling class that promised much but delivered little. Rather than rallying citizens under the flag or adherence to our Constitution, liberals granted special favors to their protected groups and reinstituted “separate but equal.” They apologized for America abroad and swung crooked back-door deals with enemies such as Iran (the Iran Deal was never fully ratified by the senate). They appeased China and permitted foreign companies to pillage and steal American jobs under the guise of “fair trade” and a “these jobs aren’t coming back.” Is this the “soul” Biden promises to deliver, the grand ol’ good tidings of Barack Obama? Is there evidence that Americans longed for the days when the political elites promised to bring people together but only by forcing citizens of a certain skin color to look within themselves for latent guilt and bias? Or how about demanding that religious folks put aside their closely held beliefs in order to welcome abortions or to accept legal marriages of same-sex couples? Should conservatives give Biden “a chance” to turn the military into the world’s largest social experiment laboratory? Or to pass tax increases to fund airy pipedream boondoggles to combat “Climate Change”? The president-elect already promised to end the Muslim travel ban that’s no doubt kept unvetted terrorists from reaching the American homeland. And Grampa Joe said that, via executive order, he will rejoin the Paris Climate Accord, ceding American sovereignty to international bodies that don’t share our values.

The “soul” Biden speaks of has no connection to religion, either. Hiding behind concern for the Chinese Communist Party (or Wuhan, if you prefer) virus, Democrats will keep houses of worship closed or severely restricted. Churches from coast-to-coast have filed suit to allow clergy to attend to their congregations. But under the new regime, the “soul” doesn’t figure into their schemes. If anything, religious people are less inclined than ever to accept the dictates of their human masters. Those who know God is in charge don’t need to be lectured on morality and compassion by “leaders” thousands of miles away. If a white girl says it, do black women’s lives especially matter? Saturday afternoon we drove past the college of William and Mary, one of the oldest institutions of higher learning on the north American continent. On one end of campus were a couple hundred people holding signs reading “Black Women’s Lives Matter”. Most (95%?) of the sign bearers were white as snow and, by appearances, students at the college. Inching through the well-behaved throng, my wife rolled down the car window and asked a marcher, “Do black babies’ lives matter?” After repeating the question a couple times, one of the attendees replied, “Absolutely, everyone’s life matters.” Really? The 20-ish girl was then corrected by an older “protester” positioned next to her, who added, “But especially black women’s lives.” It’s puzzling. There are an awful lot of non-black women I know whose lives are seemingly on par with those of females whose ancestors were from Africa. Maybe Trump did better with African-American and Hispanic and Asian voters this year than he did in 2016 because these folks weren’t willing to so foolishly argue that one group “especially” matters. More urgently, was this semi-pathetic gathering of guilty college students the “soul” Biden was talking about? Is getting (mostly) young white girls to regurgitate leftist propaganda in public necessary to avoid being characterized as a hater by the ruling class? I wondered why these mind-numbed zombies were standing at an intersection holding signs on a beautiful day when they could’ve been out enjoying God’s gift of life and pursuing something more productive with their time. Or they might’ve visited with family and friends.

Judging by the similar handwriting style on all the signs, it seems these idiots just showed up at the appointed time and, wearing masks and standing on x’s marked on the brick sidewalk for social distancing purposes, held their placards until it was time to go back to the dorm room or head to the nearest Starbucks to buy a latte with daddy and mommy’s money.

Is the world a better place because of this demonstration? Will public displays make black women’s lives better by “raising awareness” of something and having females of color know that there were at least a couple hundred young white kids who were willing to spend an hour holding a sign stating that their lives matter?

Or would those same black women benefit more from the economic opportunities that the Trump administration created? “Say her name!” doesn’t matter a damn if there are no jobs and black communities are beset with violence and criminals running rampant on the streets. The white kid sign holders probably never spent an hour talking with real black women in these places. Such is life in Joe Biden’s world.

Should we give Kamala Harris a chance too?

Not to be left out, America’s new vice president-elect also had plenty to say upon the presidential contest being called by the media. From Lim’s article, “Biden, the two-term vice president and 36-year U.S. senator from Delaware, was joined on stage by Sen. Kamala Harris, his running mate. The stage had been assembled since Election Day, which was five days ago.

“’When our very democracy was on the ballot in this election, with the very soul of America at stake, and the world watching, you ushered in a new day for America,’ Harris said in suffragette white after she walked out to Mary J. Blige and quoted the late Rep. John Lewis.

“Specifically thanking black women, she continued, ‘You delivered a clear message: You chose hope and unity, decency and science, and yes, truth. You chose Joe Biden as the next president of the United States of America.’”

Alas, the pandering continues. The dynamic liberal duo hasn’t even taken power yet and already they’re dividing us into separate classifications. Does anyone buy Harris’s argument that black women -- or anyone -- chose Biden because of “hope and unity” or “decency” or “science”? Or did 92 percent of African-American females vote for the Democrat ticket because of Harris’s skin color instead?

In essence, they chose racism over truth, didn’t they?

It remains to be seen how long Democrats will feel sanctioned to hide behind “science” when the COVID-19 numbers don’t magically disappear behind shutdowns and mask mandates and Biden’s group of “experts” who rely on formulas and political correctness to make policy. Are they planning to take credit for the vaccine and demand everyone receive it?

Truth? Biden and Harris wouldn’t recognize truth if it walked up and kicked them in the keister. They made the 2020 election all about Donald Trump and now they’re asking half of America to give them a “chance” because the bad orange man won’t be living at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue anymore. They can paint “Black Lives Matter” on city thoroughfares and hold signs on campus street corners all they want, but it won’t cloak the corruption and incompetence underneath.

Kamala Harris went from Willie Brown’s bedroom (Brown himself thinks Biden is facing a nightmare scenario) to second-in-line in the greatest nation in the history of the world. She was voted in because Joe Biden demonized his opponent and his supporters as racists and bigots. The pair didn’t bother presenting a governing agenda. Does this sound like the stuff restoration is made of? Anyone feel like giving them a chance?

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