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Assault on America, Day 679: 2020 election lends new meaning to ‘It Ain’t Over ‘til It’s Over’

Trump is not only not conceding, he’s encouraging supporters to rally to his cause

It ain’t over ‘til it’s over -- and even then, it still might not be over.

Attribute the first part of the saying to inimitable baseball legend Lawrence Peter “Yogi” Berra, a Hall of Fame catcher with unquestionable talent on the diamond, but perhaps an even greater ability for coining quirky little sayings that stick in people’s minds like gum tangled in a little girl’s hair. The second part of the above truism stems from this year’s presidential election, which briefly appeared to be over in President Donald Trump’s favor (about halfway through Election Night) but then inexorably switched to Democrat challenger Joe Biden sometime in the predawn hours of “the day after.”

In the week since the voting ceased (or did it?), the news has been almost all bad for Trump’s reelection chances, with Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Nevada and Georgia allegedly having swung into Biden’s hemisphere. The major media has called each state in succession (except Georgia, where Biden leads) even though the official counting has continued and none of the results have been certified at the state level. Therefore, the national outcome remains very much in doubt. It took well over a month in 2000 to figure out Florida’s recount, yet blue wannabes are hot and bothered about getting Joe Biden into the White House today, a mere eight sunsets after November 3.

The way the Democrats and their media allies talk it’s as though Melania and Donald should host a tete-a-tete with Joe n’ Jill so the latter couple can measure the drapes and assess China patterns for their four year reign of living off the government dole. Biden himself didn’t hesitate to claim victory last weekend when several media outlets almost simultaneously jumped the gun to anoint the soon to be (on November 20th) 78-year-old Democrat the winner.

No doubt the Bidens -- and every Democrat from coast to coast -- want someone in authority to say “it’s over” so they don’t startle awake from their dream and realize that it was all a sham concocted by liberals with largescale stealing operations.

At any rate, the Trump campaign shows no signs of uttering the “c” (concede) word. In fact, the world’s greatest political showman is gearing up to stir popular support for the recount effort -- but not in person. Morgan Chalfant reported at The Hill, “President Trump’s campaign intends to hold rallies amid efforts to challenge the election results that saw Joe Biden named president-elect last week.

“Trump campaign spokesman Tim Murtaugh said the events would be ‘grassroots rallies’ similar to boat parades through which supporters voiced backing for Trump during the campaign. He said that Trump would not host the events. Axios first reported on plans to hold campaign-style rallies.

“’These would be grassroots rallies, as we’ve already seen pop up in a variety of states since election day, organic shows of support like the tractor and boat parades have been all year,’ Murtaugh said in a statement to The Hill. ‘There is no plan for the President to hold rallies.’

Fox News additionally reported, “Along with the rallies, Trump is also planning to use obituaries of people who allegedly voted but are dead as evidence of the voter fraud he's been claiming. The campaign is also sending recount teams to Georgia, Arizona, and Pennsylvania, with Rep. Doug Collins, R-Ga., heading up the effort in the Peach State.”

In doing so, perhaps Trump should employ this guy (link) to present a little pep talk to dearly departed Biden voters to right themselves and vote correctly the next time. A little humor, right?

In other words, for those seeking a magical voice from the sky shouting “It’s over!”, the words won’t be coming anytime soon. Stories abound of Trump supporters maintaining morale and committing to public demonstrations of support in favor of their candidate. Democrats probably figured once the Electoral College number was reached, that would be that and conservatives would do what they typically do whenever unfortunate political tidings occur -- accept it and go back to work earning a living and concentrating on the everyday details of life.

Not this year. The same emotion that led to miles-long parades and demonstrations is still around. People are waiting for a signal from the current commander-in-chief to mobilize. Once the rallies start, one surmises they’ll be incredibly well attended and the ratings-dependent news media will be forced to cover them. Democrats will call Trump’s people all sorts of names and Biden’s plea to “unify” will be callously discarded like a ply of toilet paper in a seedy public restroom.

Forget the fact Democrats protested the legitimacy of the 2016 count from the earliest moment feasible. Hillary Clinton’s campaign suggested it was Russian collusion that swayed enough votes for Trump to win in states that hadn’t gone red in over a generation. Democrats predicted that the Russians would again “interfere” in this year’s vote, but now that the media’s hastily handed the big prize to Joe Biden, liberals are front and center talking about legitimacy and the “people have spoken” and Trump should accept the inevitable and slink off to his gold-plated holding cell to await judgement for his political sins and orange skin tone.

I haven’t seen any inkling of it yet, but the establishment media barons will no doubt produce polling indicating a high percentage of Americans think Trump should concede and agree to leave peacefully. Biden’s approval rating will best fifty-percent and his call for “healing” will soothe the passive and meek who just want “peace” and a return to normalcy. But don’t be fooled; the same folks who struggled for months to reelect Trump are ready to keep up the fight.

The only one who could truly make it “over” is Trump himself. And why would he do so when there are more and more reports of election irregularities involving voting machines (in Michigan and Nevada), provisional ballots (Pennsylvania and elsewhere), election observers being barred from doing their jobs and plenty of anecdotal evidence of Biden lacking any kind of popular mandate. Social media is full of gleeful Democrats gloating over the “victory” but there are just as many Trump backers who refuse to give up.

Wouldn’t Biden benefit from a pullback from his “It’s over” rhetoric? Shouldn’t he ask for patience to ensure his win is legitimate? Democrats and the media criticize Trump for his continued insistence that he won, but Biden is praised for his quick acceptance and calls for unity. Facebook has become inundated with liberals changing their profile pictures to Kamala Harris’s mug, but this is hardly proof of universal acknowledgment.

It's a positive sign that Trump is planning on getting the people involved. Grassroots energy is what scares Democrat leaders the most. They’ll probably state that they’re worried about their physical well-being, but that’s just a divergence from the real reason. Secretly they know Biden won’t have much power to begin with, the election failing to produce the blue wave that would sweep them into majorities everywhere. They see a (probable) hostile senate, a badly shrunken House majority and a Supreme Court primed to overturn their unconstitutional excesses.

No wonder Trump is taking his case to the people. It ain’t over ‘til it’s over -- and even then, it still might produce extra innings.

Biden appears willing to keep a promise for the first time ever!

In addition to relying on dead people and fraud to provide a margin of victory in certain states, Joe Biden seems ready to reward another invaluable slice of his electoral coalition with a shout out to tyranny: the Chinese Communist Party (or Wuhan, if you prefer) virus and the Kens and Karens of societal-wide hysteria fame. The media-anointed president elect is itching to issue his nationwide mask mandate.

Nathaniel Weixel reported at The Hill, “President-elect Joe Biden on Monday implored every American to put aside political differences and wear masks. ‘A mask is not a political statement, but it is a good way to start pulling the country together,’ Biden said during a somber address that acknowledged the COVID-19 crisis is likely to get worse before it gets better.

“’It doesn't matter who you voted for ... it doesn't matter your party. We could save tens of thousands of lives if everyone would just wear a mask for the next few months,’ Biden said.

“Biden's speech came hours after Pfizer announced that late-stage clinical trial data show that its vaccine candidate is over 90 percent effective in preventing COVID-19.”

One can only imagine Biden compiling this speech prior to delivering it. He probably asked a room full of masked backers, but no one in particular, “How many lives should we say we’ll save just by wearing a mask? It has to be a lot, enough to get everyone’s attention. And we need a specific time period, too.”

Biden aide: “Okay, Joe, tell them tens of thousands and make the timeframe vague, like… a few months. Then we’ll call Dr. Fauci or some other CDC hack and get them to sign off on it. The sheep who voted for you will buy into it and the Trump backers, who cares what they think? We need to get those eccentric yahoos out on the plains of Wyoming to conform to the mask thing, otherwise we’ll lose power over them. This is a no brainer.”

I can’t speak for the folks in flyover country, but looking around my living area, pretty much everyone is conforming to the mask “mandate” imposed by the Virginia Democrat powers-that-be. Gov. Ralph “Klan hood” Northam decreed months ago that masks were mandatory in indoor public spaces. Then the governing cartel directed colleges -- like William and Mary -- to require masks everywhere, including outdoors. The students must comply or they’ll be sent back home to earn their credit hours virtually.

That’s not all, Biden apparently plans to lean on governors and mayors to require masks outside their homes. No joke. It isn’t hard to see what’s happening here. Even in states with Republican governors, the mayors of medium to large cities could be Democrats. “Hi, Mayor X, since your governor is a stubborn Republican rat-face who won’t bend to science, will you go over his or her head and demand that your people wear masks? If your constituents are seen walking around without them it’ll only undermine whatever power I have next year. What do you think?”

Has federalism failed us? There’s absolutely zero evidence that states with stringent mask mandates are faring better than those who leave it up to the local authorities. The concept isn’t really all that hard, and everyone is complying with suggestions to socially distance, use a lot of hand sanitizer and avoid coughing on the person next to you.

Maybe Biden could issue a federal advisory called, “Everything I needed to know about disease prevention I learned in kindergarten.”

Why didn’t Joe say he planned to call up governors and mayors before the election?

Vaccine on the horizon, just as Trump promised

In addition to the continuing debate over the efficacy of requiring masks, pharmaceutical giant Pfizer announced earlier this week that it has a vaccine that’s proven 90 percent effective in trials and will be seeking emergency approval for distribution.

Grampa Joe Biden and Democrats must be terrified at this development because it undermines their chief reason for being. If Americans see that Trump was telling the truth about the impending vaccine, maybe some of those who so urgently sought to rid the country of a successful president in favor of a swamp creature with a failing intellect will experience buyer’s remorse.

Biden, if he is indeed shown to be the victor, will have a hard enough time getting people to listen to him. The anti-Trumpers chose him because they wanted to be rid of the president’s personal oddities, not because they considered Grampa Joe to be the savior of the world. Voters don’t like to be dictated to -- a fact Democrats will re-learn very quickly come January.

Whereas the sixties generation burned draft cards, the new rallying point will be torching masks. What’s a doddering fool to do?

We’ll see in the coming days just how much support there is for President Trump’s campaign to ensure a fair and legal vote count. Joe Biden will try to act as though he’s president already and start calling on people to obey his orders, but Americans won’t listen. The nation will remain divided until everyone accepts that the outcome was legitimate. Will it happen?

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