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Assault on America, Day 691: If Trump leaves, Dems and media will miss him more than they know

Even Democrats and the media will come to miss the days of Donald Trump

I’ve known for a long time how to get my kids to be grateful for the good life that they live.

Whenever there was the slightest bit of complaining about life being unfair, all I had to do was play or hum a few bars from country singer Trace Adkins’ 2008 song, “You’re Gonna Miss This and the griping stopped. Literally, like on a dime. Why? Because the song’s lyrical imagery makes one reflect on his or her current situation and find appreciation for it. It didn’t matter if it concerned a challenging school project or a rejected tryout to a school softball team, one can always find value in the moment… you’ll miss it someday.

The same could easily be said for those who dance on what they consider to be President Donald Trump’s political grave. I’m talking about Democrats at all levels who’ve made Trump the center of their universe for a half decade, the (to them) lone symbol of everything worthy of contempt. How many times has the president been subjected to personal attacks such as this: (sinister voice) “Candidate X voted with Donald Trump x percent of the time, which makes him a bigoted racist and sexist cretin who wants you to wither in a pandemic while crawling over decomposing corpses in search of medical care.”

The prospect of Trump going away must seem attractive to these folks, though if he actually left the scene, there’s a distinct impression that they’d perform their own version of “You’re gonna miss this.” Thankfully, Trump has no such plans to disappear. Seth McLaughlin reported at The Washington Times, “President Trump, despite publicly declaring he won the Nov. 3 election, is privately telling people he plans on running again for president in 2024, The Washington Times has learned.

“The prospect of Mr. Trump mounting a post-loss comeback is already freezing out other Republicans with eyes on the White House, making them pick between fealty to the president and their own political aspirations. It also creates an instant complication for Republican leaders in Congress, who have to worry about crossing Mr. Trump while trying to thwart a Democratic president.

“Even out of office, it seems, Mr. Trump can sow chaos in American politics.”

Chaos? That’s not a word I would use to describe the Trump phenomenon. The dictionary defines chaos as, “A condition or place of great disorder or confusion; A disorderly mass; a jumble; The disordered state of unformed matter and infinite space supposed in some cosmogonic views to have existed before the ordered universe.”

Wow. Doesn’t this sound like Washington DC with or without Donald Trump? A very good argument could be advanced that Trump brought the opposite of chaos to the swamp. He immediately started clearing out the slime and keeping his promises to work on placing Americans’ interest first over the self-perpetuating and corrupted establishment ruling class.

Regardless of how you view it, Trump’s enemies aren’t getting what they’d hoped for. You can just picture it, can’t you? As soon as the media outlets called Pennsylvania for Joe Biden (therefore boosting his electoral vote count above 270) a couple weeks ago, Democrats across the land must have slumped down in their chairs, kicked up their feet on the coffee table and thought, ‘We did it.’ No more Donald Trump. Speaker Nancy Pelosi even articulated the thought out loud while trying to put a smiley face on her caucus’s pathetic performance in the same election that supposedly ousted Trump.

Meanwhile, the same establishment media that worked overtime to convince voters that Trump is the devil and they should trust theirs’ and their families’ futures to a man (Joe Biden) who probably couldn’t even recall what he had for breakfast -- well, they were probably jubilant for a few moments, too, until the realization hit that they’d proverbially killed the goose that laid their golden eggs. Oh (excrement)! What do we do now? Cover Joe Biden? Follow Kamala Harris around? Run a feature on Nancy Pelosi’s masks and ice cream collection? Beat up on Mitch McConnell?

None other than sometime Trump-foe Megyn Kelly admitted it last week, that the “corporate media” would suffer withdrawals without Trump. The ratings and readership dependent journos and plastic liberal TV hacks will lose half their audience according to the one-time Fox News host. Kelly said the job of every cable TV producer is to leave people ticked off by the end of their shows. Will there be a similar feeling if they’re constantly slamming “turtle” Mitch McConnell for refusing to bring forth the House concocted Green New Deal?

Heck no. For the past five and a half years the media hasn’t had to work at all. They could pick and choose the latest inflammatory (to them) Trump quote or tweet, bring in some talking head to provide additional context as to why it was so untruthful and awful and then move on to the next topic. Trump the showman knows how to get everyone riled up on both sides of the political aisle. Without him, it goes back to the days when cable news could barely string together a couple hours of watchable subject matter.

I’ve had a theory that one of the reasons liberals revile Trump so much is he makes their hero -- Barack Obama -- seem dull and boring by comparison. Obama always worked hard to try and seem likeable and “normal” and relatable as a guy who used to be part of what his homeys called the “Choom Gang.” The big “O” came to embrace the swamp but judging by the sizeable chip he always displayed around the snobby elites, he didn’t want to play by their rules. It’s almost as though Obama was dying to let his radical side show and to grow an afro to match the gnarliest Black Panther’s. Can you think of anything that Obama ever did that was interesting?

Hardly. With Trump planning to continue his political career either within or outside the walls of the White House, he’ll seemingly keep everyone happy -- except maybe for fellow Republicans with presidential ambitions in 2024. The media can continue to give Trump updates and present the former president (again, if it comes to it) as the de facto leader of the evil GOP race-mongers. It gives the brainless chatterers something to despise, and Democrat candidates will run under the guise that Trump is still around. Will the ratings hold up? We can only guess.

The fact that Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi and “Chucky” Schumer will be asked to respond to Trump’s media appearances and social media presence will be good enough to fill time slots. If, as expected, Trump holds rallies to add his commentary on the way things are done in the new Grampa Joe administration, the grassroots fervor of 2020 will not subside. And Republican congressional leaders will have the needed impetus to not stray far from their missions.

“You’re gonna miss this” is a feeling that won’t last long if Trump remains in the spotlight. And politics won’t be chaotic -- it’ll be fascinating.

Democrats at a loss to explain a lack of success below the presidential level

27 for 27. That’s the record of Republican House candidates in races rated “toss up” by the formerly reputable Cook political report. As everyone recalls, Democrats bragged up a storm prior to the election, practically banking on the unpopularity of Donald Trump to motivate voters to increase the size of their lower house majority while also turning away several “vulnerable” GOP senate incumbents to give Grampa Joe Biden all the congressional support he’d need to do whatever he wanted.

Biden probably only wanted to take a nap, but that’s another story.

Democrats did so poorly in down ballot races that it sounds as though they’re in full panic mode heading into the next cycle. Of particular concern is the liberals’ poor performance with non-college educated white voters, a constituency that used to reliably vote Democrat. Instead, Democrats played hard to the youth vote and to college educated white suburbanites. If Biden does end up president, he owes a big thanks to these groups.

From now on, the young and ignorant probably can always be counted on to punch a ballot for Democrats. Social media addicts like the sound of getting their student loans paid off with someone else’s money while paying no taxes. It’s an attractive concept. But the idea isn’t all that appealing to the working class who don’t want their taxes devoted to canceling the debts of spoiled brats majoring in gender studies.

As long as Trump is in the political equation, the working class is a goner for Democrats. And there’s additional evidence that the liberal/socialist party is losing its tight grip on the Hispanic vote as well. It turns out that Hispanic U.S. citizens aren’t wowed by Democrat lockdowns due to COVID-19, and the party’s over-the-top pandering to Black Lives Matter probably isn’t helping to attract them either. The hard-working Hispanic entrepreneur favors economic opportunity, not pipedream social causes dreamed up in the faculty lounges of leftist academic institutions.

Ditto for the white working class. With the decided leftist lurch of Democrats in Congress, this group is long gone. Not only are they much more socially conservative than their college-degreed countrymen, they’re not buying the Democrats’ explanations on largescale government programs that control their livelihoods rather than offer freedom of choice and opportunity. What fracking worker accepts that there will be a “high paying green job” waiting for them if Democrats move the levers of government?

Environmentalism is an idea everyone believes in, but all except the loony tree-huggers want some sort of balance. Rural working people aren’t dumb. They’re a lot less interested in getting rid of gender pronouns than they are in making sure they can earn a living and determine their kids’ school choice. Democrats went way over the edge.

If Trump does run again in 2024, expect him to get an even larger share of the white working-class vote -- and win back some of the Biden backing suburbanites as well. Challengers always have an easier time of it. And Biden (or whoever runs for the Democrats) will have a record to compare with Trump’s four years.

If Democrats are worried about their future. They should be.

Several Republicans lay the groundwork for 2024. Are they wasting their time?

There’s no question that little attention will be paid to the GOP’s 2024 candidate, even if it’s Trump, until the Georgia senate run-off elections are settled. By the sound of it, Republicans are sending some powerful names down to aid in the effort to retain the seats (and therefore deprive the Democrat agenda of vital oxygen).

David M. Drucker reported at The Washington Examiner, “Nikki Haley and Chris Christie, considered top contenders for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination, are leading a major effort to raise millions of dollars for a pair of Georgia runoff elections that will determine the balance of power in the Senate.

“Christie, the former New Jersey governor, and Haley, former ambassador to the United Nations, are honorary co-chairs of Battleground Georgia, a joint fundraising committee that the National Republican Senatorial Committee formed with the campaigns of Sens. David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler. Christie is a close ally of President Trump; Haley served in the outgoing commander in chief's Cabinet. The runoff elections are set for Jan. 5…

“Rounding out the list of Battleground Georgia honorary co-chairs are House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy of California; Haley Barbour, the former Mississippi governor and ex-chairman of the Republican National Committee; former Vice President Dan Quayle; and John James, who narrowly lost his bid for a Michigan Senate seat on Nov. 3. National co-chairs include Republican lobbyist Jeff Miller; GOP strategist Nick Ayers, the former chief of staff to Vice President Mike Pence; and Georgia first lady Marty Kemp.”

In other words, the Peach State campaign includes a who’s who of the Republican establishment as well as a number of conservatives. Even “Bush’s Brain,” Karl Rove, is serving as national finance chairman and has been raising cash for a couple weeks already.

There figures to be plenty of money on both sides in Georgia. Much depends on the progress of the Trump campaign’s ongoing lawsuits and recounts. Then there’s the matter of Dominion Systems’ voting machines. There’s a lot to untangle, for sure.

It's “only” been three weeks since the 2020 election and it seems like a year. Today’s American culture demands resolutions to problems quickly, something that isn’t always possible. President Trump seems poised to continue his political career one way or the other, a comforting thought for some and terrifying for his enemies. Stay tuned.

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