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Assault on America, Day 701: Hollywood liberals’ hope to steal Georgia is Gone With the Wind

Georgia isn’t Hollywood, yet liberal celebrities can’t get enough of the Peach State

Did Hollywood define Georgia? Are they trying to do it again?

Let’s face it. In the old days, many of us who grew up in the Midwest, northeast and western part of the United States knew little about the Peach State other than the overblown and sensationally dramatized stereotypes presented through cultural or cinematic works such as the 1939 legendary film classic “Gone With the Wind.”

If a poll were taken decades ago, for example, most Americans might’ve figured the entire state looked like the grounds of Tara before the dirty Yankees ransacked the property, and its people still rode around in horse-drawn carriages romanticizing over the lost Confederate cause the way Scarlett O’Hara and Ashley Wilkes did in the four-hour movie. Naturally, Atlanta was the center of the universe and carpetbaggers had transformed the territory into a two-tiered caste system, roughly divided between the haves and have nots. Of course, slavery was abolished but the post-antebellum Democrat ruling class instituted sharecropping and other measures to keep the African descendants toiling for food and the clothes on their backs.

The media further fanned myths of the Ku Klux Klan enforcing the perpetually racist code, and that most of Georgia’s citizens were probably no more sophisticated than the banjo-playing backwoods bumpkins depicted in another regionally themed film, Deliverance (1972).

Then Jimmy Carter got elected president in 1976 and impressions changed -- somewhat. The heavily accented, soft-spoken rural Georgian couldn’t pronounce “nuclear” but he did manage to alter notions of the more modern and post-industrial Peach State. Georgia residents probably wanted neither to be identified with the Carter-based or Rhett Butler-based representations of their homeland, which seems fitting with the way things are down south these days.

A different kind of invader is blanketing the state now. And they’re using Georgians as pawns to get what they want in their own living environments.

Simply put, liberals are trying to turn contemporary Georgia into a haven for progressivism. Because the state will vote to fill the final two United States senate openings, all eyes have turned to Georgia. Hollywood celebrities are trying to make it their fiefdom. Valerie Richardson reported at The Washington Times, “Hollywood bigwigs have Georgia on their minds as they put their cash, connections and clout behind the Democratic Senate candidates in hopes of scripting a happy ending for Minority Leader Charles E. Schumer.

“Those whipping up support for Democrats Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock include Mark Hamill, John Legend, Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Kerry Washington, while Ariana Grande and Demi Lovato are promoting voter registration efforts through the pro-Democrat Vote Save America’s Georgia Project…

“Leading the push for liberal celebrity involvement is Fair Fight founder Stacey Abrams, former Democratic gubernatorial candidate turned Georgia power player, who began Friday holding regular calls with Hollywood executives, agents and publicists on ‘how they can best help in the races,’ as reported by The Hollywood Reporter.”

Seeing as most of these celebrities probably either reside in California or New York, the names of their groups should be more reflective of what they’re actually trying to accomplish, don’t you think? How about something like, “Hollywood Airheads for regressive thinking,” or, “Broadway is shut down, let’s shutter America too.” Or how about, “Make everybody like us -- single, depressed, unemployed, divorced multiple times, bisexual, gay, transgender, had multiple elective abortions, borderline suicidal and addicted to controlled substances.” That’s the stuff that makes one happy, isn’t it?

Luckily, Georgia conservatives aren’t ignorant as to what it means when transient phonies like Alyssa Milano come to their state and lecture them on the need to get behind a nationwide liberal effort to end the lives of the unborn. And Mark Hamill? He gained fame by playing Luke Skywalker in Star Wars, circa 1977. Ol’ Jimmy Carter had just gone to DC at that point, hadn’t he? Did all the radiation from the exploding Death Star destroy Hamill’s brain?

We won’t be hypocritical here; no doubt there are numerous extra-Georgia efforts to raise funds for the Republican candidates as well, but the dollar amounts likely pale in comparison to those flowing in as the result of people like John Legend and Julia Louis-Dreyfuss lending their names to the Democrat campaign. For those who tortured themselves for four nights watching last summer’s Democrat National Convention, you’ll recall the former Seinfeld star (Louis-Dreyfuss) hosted the final night’s delirium. She made lots of jokes about Donald Trump playing golf, but did anyone see her and think, “Hey, she’s smarter than heck and I should get on the Grampa Joe bandwagon?”

And to think, being a “liberal” used to mean you championed liberty and freedom. The dictionary defines “liberal” as, “Favoring reform, open to new ideas, and tolerant of the ideas and behavior of others; not bound by traditional thinking; broad-minded. synonym: broad-minded.” Do any of these adjectives describe today’s Democrats? Seriously, who are the ones defending the federal government’s all-inclusive power to regulate everyone’s life from womb to tomb? Who favors suppressing and censoring opposing viewpoints, wants to completely ban religion from the public square and calls for boycotts of states like Georgia because its Republican legislature enacted additional protections for unborn babies?

What about today’s notion of “liberalism” has brought good outcomes? Seems to me that population is flowing out of California because the once prosperous state has become a one-party dystopia where it’s not safe to go out in the cities lest you step in a homeless bum’s poop or on a junkie’s spent hypodermic needle on the sidewalk. Or how about risking life and limb because of liberal politicians’ arbitrary decision to restrain police departments? Golden State Gov. Gavin Newsom can attend a birthday party at a ritzy restaurant mask-less with lobbyist members of the medical profession, but if the common folk meet to observe Thanksgiving, call in the goon squad!

Celebrities love talking about “climate change” and sexy news topics like wildfires and saving obscure species of fish at the expense of water-dependent farmers, but they neglect to mention that government policies have directly led to a noticeable deterioration in the quality of life in the places they live. By demanding that Georgians vote for Democrats, they’re basically suggesting that everyone in America turn over the ship of state’s steering wheel to Nancy Pelosi, “Chucky” Schumer and Kamala Harris (okay, Joe Biden’s in there too).

Is there an argument that celebrities are doing more harm than good?

The phenomena of celebrities advocating for liberal movements has never made much sense to me. Since most of the country’s citizens consider themselves patriotic and traditional in some way, asking Americans to get onboard causes that run counter to a person’s sense of right and wrong is seemingly destructive to one’s livelihood.

Hollywood celebrities achieve stardom by role playing, after all -- portraying people that don’t exist (or an interpretation of someone who did). As noted above, Mark Hamill is forever associated with his role as Luke Skywalker, the youth who, through his genetic inheritance, was tasked with battling and defeating the forces of evil in the universe. He wore white. The bad guys wore black. Star Wars was the old west in outer space. Their weapons were lasers but they looked and fired like guns.

So what is Hamill doing in Georgia today raising money for Democrats Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock? Certainly no one considers that Luke Skywalker would stump for politicians who are more like Darth Vader than Obi-Wan Kenobi. Democrats want to disarm the people and leave them helpless when the emperor’s stormtroopers come to destroy their home, don’t they?

All kidding aside, celebrity endorsements rarely do anything other than earn the person news headlines and a brief moment of notoriety for their candidate. I can think of a handful of celebrities who actually did something with their fame. Ronald Reagan entered politics after giving up his acting career, but he’d already established himself as an anti-communist crusader with real policy principles (1964 “Time for Choosing” speech) before running for governor of California.

“Dirty Harry” actor Clint Eastwood had had enough of politicians and decided to stop criticizing from afar to run for Mayor of Carmel (California) in 1986. Jesse “The Body” Ventura used his fame as an outsider to run for and win the governor’s seat in Minnesota in 1998. Comedian Al Franken similarly rode his celebrity to a Minnesota senate seat in 2008 (an election stolen through vote fraud, of course).

And then there’s Donald Trump. Trump cleverly used the elements of his fame to draw media coverage to his outsider platform, which was no joke. Often accused by his enemies of pursuing a political career to increase his personal celebrity and family fortune, Trump instead employed his polished acting and communication skills to become the most innovative and successful politician of his generation. Trump’s rallies aren’t just political speeches, they’re entertaining and fun for the attendees. The crowds love every word. Who else can make such a claim?

Trump will be taking his fundraising and grassroots motivation skills to Georgia, where his assemblies will dwarf those of any Hollywood liberal’s. The more liberal entertainment industry losers head to Georgia, the more likely they’re helping Republicans to mobilize their own base. Conservatives remain upset over the presidential election, but they’re not about to let Georgia become the latest bastion of brainless liberalism.

Ariana Grande and Demi Lovato will have to find some other teeny bopper morons to recruit.

Dis-united Georgia GOP may actually work in conservatives’ favor

Anyone who’s followed the news of late realizes that there are problems with Georgia’s Republican Party. With Joe Biden’s margin of “victory” well within the margin of fraud, many conservatives, including President Trump, have urged the state’s Republican governor and Secretary of State to do more to assure the election’s authenticity. Will the schism hurt the effort to win the two senate run-off elections on January 5?

Julia Manchester and Max Greenwood reported at The Hill, “President Trump’s criticism of Georgia officials over the handling of the presidential election results is sparking concerns among Republicans that he could be dividing the state’s GOP ahead of two crucial Senate runoffs in January...

“[Republican Governor Brian] Kemp has received little to no support from Georgia Republicans, including Loeffler and Perdue. The situation could stand to impact the governor’s 2022 reelection hopes, with speculation growing over a primary challenge. In a sign of coming political trouble for the Georgia governor, Trump told Fox News on Sunday that he was ‘ashamed’ to have endorsed Kemp during his 2018 gubernatorial bid.

“But for now, Republicans are more concerned about what could unfold in the next month. ‘What harms us is the lack of a unified message, where their side is going to have a very unified message,’ a GOP operative in Georgia said. ‘It gives them a pathway to win if their side is completely unified and our side and fractured and fighting.’”

Fractured and fighting over what? Are there any Republican defenders of the voting results? The state party establishment is clearly working to save their own behinds, but the rest of the GOP voters are more than okay with delving deeper into what happened on Election Day.

The lawsuits and challenges deserve to go forward. If for nothing else, all of America needs to find out what happened -- or didn’t happen -- in Georgia and other states on November 3. President Trump may or may not win. Conservatives will be plenty motivated to vote in the senate runoffs. The divide between the state party ruling elites and the voters might actually help get them to the polls in numbers well beyond the margin of fraud this time.

Georgia isn’t anything like Hollywood -- or New York or California -- and it won’t help Democrat senate candidates to have celebrities sticking their noses into the Peach State’s internal elections. Likewise, President Trump’s ongoing efforts to ensure a legitimate vote count will end up a net positive for Republican candidates there. Georgia will get it done.

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What this article tells me is that the Democrats and the left are a lot better at this stuff than we are. Progressives love government. They love it so much that it becomes ideological to the point that progressivism is a precursor to fascism which is an ideology of the left and a blood brother to communism and all forms of socialism. Republicans - formerly known as the party of ideas, in the meantime, is disorganized and incoherent. In the recent election campaign I heard nothing positive from Republicans - no policy, program, or anything else that looked forward. The Democrats have provided some fairly easy targets: healthcare, immigration, foreign policy, etc., but Republicans did not campaign on …

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