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Assault on America, Day 721: Sedition? We want a fair count of LEGAL votes. Who doesn't get it?

Barr’s departure from the DOJ doesn’t mean election fraud and Hunter Biden get a pass

Why would anyone object to investigating fraud?

It’s a question on the minds of many as Attorney General William Barr leaves his post today. It’s old news by now, but Barr resigned his position last week, roughly a month ahead of when he would’ve been forced out by the installation of a new government under the pathetically compromised tutelage of doddering Democrat president-elect Joe Biden. No doubt whatever comes after Barr (not who-ever, what-ever) will be a serious step down in quality and adherence to the law. All of America mourns the certainty. It fits the national mood, even at Christmastime.

At any rate, Barr made headlines again this week when he announced that he didn’t believe it was warranted to appoint a Special Counsel to look into sleazy presidential-to-be son Hunter Biden’s dirty dealings. The outgoing AG also poopooed the possibility of appointing a special counsel to get to the bottom of the election fraud mess. As everyone should recognize, there are credible accusations galore about mysterious vote counting irregularities. But no one in authority seems to want to take on the obligation of fleshing them out.

Democrats, on the other hand, treat the Attorney General position differently than Republicans. Barack Obama’s first choice for the position, Eric Holder, styled himself as the Big O’s “wingman” and proceeded to vigorously advance the liberal president’s agenda, the law and the facts be damned. Holder’s Fast and Furious operation proved to be a disaster and cost the life of U.S. Border Agent Brian Terry. Nothing like giving guns to Mexican drug smugglers. Smooth move, Eric.

Liberals are doing victory laps over the legal system’s utter refusal to examine the fraud evidence in depth. Fox News commentator Juan Williams wasn’t shy about calling names and insinuating that Republicans are destroying the credibility of the country because they’re not going along with the establishment media’s demands to end it peacefully and just love Joe Biden. Charges of sedition shouldn’t be taken lightly.

David Catron wrote at The American Spectator, “In the minds of many Democrats … it is seditious to merely question Joe Biden’s victory in the November election. Friday, Sen. Jeanne Shaheen (D-N.H.) went on CNN and delivered herself of this accusation: ‘These senators and members of Congress who have refused to acknowledge that we had a free and fair election in which Joe Biden beat Donald Trump by over 7 million votes, are bordering on sedition and treason.’ If questioning the legitimacy of a presidential election really did constitute ‘sedition and treason,’ many Democrats would have long since been tried, convicted, and incarcerated for claims about Trump’s 2016 victory...

“Historically, authoritarian regimes have used fictitious tales of treason as the pretext for crushing their political rivals and cowing their citizens into submission. This is invariably enabled by propaganda organs willing to parrot the regime’s party line while less compliant media are censored. But that could never happen here, right? We’re Americans, right? We wouldn’t sit obediently behind our useless masks enduring a new wave of ineffective lockdowns while it appears that a presidential election is being stolen before our eyes, right? Right?”

No one who’s paid attention to politics in recent years thinks the Attorney General position is an easy one. President Donald Trump is a demanding boss under the best of circumstances, and serving under the nation’s most accomplished recent president must have been a challenge at best and an arduous chore at worst. Barr didn’t always make everyone happy, especially in his closing months. Unfortunately, his last-minute decisions leave a stain on his heretofore useful tenure.

As a side note, remember earlier this year when Barr testified before a House committee concerning the situation in Portland, Oregon, and was lambasted and endlessly shamed and lectured by the soulless Democrats? Barr ordered the federal courthouse to be protected at all costs and apparently the liberal anarchist sympathizers didn’t take kindly to the notion. Harm the little pinky on some Antifa “protester” scum’s hand and take flak for it from the merciless liberal set. Shameful.

But Catron is entirely correct. Looking into this year’s election fraud isn’t sedition; it’s not some wild conspiracy theory and it’s definitely not treason, which is plotting the downfall of the government. Right now, Grampa Joe is only the president-elect and there’s no plan to undermine the government or overthrow it by violent means.

Speaking up isn’t sedition or treason either. Liberal wackos like Sen. Shaheen can toss out big scary sounding words all she likes, but she’s not convincing anyone other than the squawking magpies on “The View” and other brainlessly inept commentaries like the Juan Williams piece referred to above. Suggesting that you’re planning to put people on a list or strip them of lawfully gained offices (like in the House of Representatives) is dangerous stuff. Who’s the real threat here?

You can take Barr’s decision not to go the next level on Hunter Biden in two ways. He either actually believes that the investigation is indeed being handled responsibly and professionally by the people doing the work, or he’s seen the evidence from the case to this point and it’s so overwhelming and damning that even Grampa Joe himself wouldn’t dare interfere. Too many people know about it. Someone somewhere will get wind of what really happened with the crack smoking, stripper impregnating Hunter. And it ain’t gonna be pretty when the truth hits the surface.

Then there’s the matter of election fraud. It’s rather curious that Barr has consistently sidestepped the matter, saying a few weeks ago that he hadn’t seen evidence that would overturn the result. It doesn’t necessarily indicate that Barr’s bailing out before the plane reaches altitude for the jump -- it could just as well be Barr figures the process will play itself out in the courts after Biden takes over.

A third possibility is Barr is chickening out and too lazy to get his feet wet. I’d like to think Barr has more character than that.

The prospect of overturning the election result so late in the process would’ve had dire consequences for the entire country. Does it make it Barr’s decision right? Absolutely not. But without what the American Spectator’s Melissa Mackenzie called “Blue Dress Proof,” there was no means to convince the public that such a move could effectively be made.

Nonetheless, there’s a ton of evidence to pore over. And fraud is difficult to prove. As conservatives, we should have faith in the liberty-loving lawyers conducting the investigations on behalf of Trump and Republicans. It certainly won’t come from the government itself.

I (somewhat) know from experience. As a college student at UCLA, I took advantage of an opportunity to do an internship in Washington, D.C. Seeing as I was planning to apply to law school, I felt a legal-type experience would be best to further my qualifications. I was accepted into an internship in the Department of Justice, where I was placed in the Fraud section. One of my chief duties was assisting U.S. attorneys in assessing and determining which cases to pursue.

I was asked to contact F.B.I. agents who were the on-the-ground personnel looking into suspicious activity. I quickly learned from them that if the amount of purported fraud was less than $250,000 (and this was in 1990, Lord knows what the figure is today) that I should tell the powers-that-be it wouldn’t be worth delving deeply into the case. This doesn’t mean I, as a lowly unpaid intern, was making decisions on which cases to prosecute, but it did lead to my informing the lead attorneys of what the investigators had advised.

Conclusion? As long as you only jilt the government out of a couple hundred thousand bucks, theoretically you will walk as a free man or woman. (As a side note, you won’t get away with it on your taxes if you’re a little guy.)

There’s a feeling in this country that the election fraud scenario is different. Too many people saw too many things to have this matter just fade into the sunset. Trump will be on top of every new development and the conservative media will get the word out. Hunter Biden’s face will be plastered all over the news one way or another.

Raise your hand if you like being a victim of fraud

The Democrats’ reaction to the incidence of political fraud in this year’s election is strange considering all of us, at one time or another, have been “victims” of hucksters and liars. It could’ve been as simple and insignificant as someone coming into your place of work and begging for “five dollars” to take a cab to the airport, or an acquaintance promising to pay you back if you bought an extra donut for him at breaktime.

No one likes being lied to. What about those who fell for a complex fraud plot like participating in a consumer buying ploy but never receiving compensation for the purchases? Or investigating in a pyramid scheme. Or buying a plot of land on someone’s say-so and then finding out it was an unusable swamp. Or purchasing a home that was supposedly turnkey ready and discovering it was a roach infested money pit.

I know someone who was a victim of fraud in a different way. I don’t know if credit card companies still do this, but they used to send out “checks” that card holders could use as cash to buy things at a store. The “check” would be added to your credit card bill. In the case I heard about, thieves stole envelopes from neighborhood mailboxes that looked to contain these benefits. The fraud purveyors then went to Best Buy and used the checks to buy several thousand dollars’ worth of merchandise in the card holder’s name. And when the innocent party disputed the purchases, the credit card company threatened to report them to the credit bureaus.

How does it feel to be helpless victim? The scum that carries out the schemes is guilty as sin and they know it. Yet they’re unlikely to ever be caught and made to pay for their crimes.

Is the feeling so different with election fraud? In our all-politics-all-the-time American culture, most people put a tremendous amount of importance on who leads them. Needless to say, whoever wins an election will have an outsized influence on your life, be it through taxation, school policy, environmental policy or military philosophy. If it didn’t matter, ordinary people wouldn’t contribute their money to political candidates and organizations that advocate for this or that issue.

It's the reason why Trump supporters feel so violated today, and why tens of millions refuse to give up the fight. Simply put, it just ain’t right that swindlers and sleazebags should game the system to keep a good president from winning his richly deserved reelection.

If fraud is personal, which it is, then no one should object when someone is willing to put themselves on the line by swearing via affidavit that something was wrong on Election Night. Take that, Juan Williams.

It's entirely legitimate when Republicans lose, but when Democrats fall short, it’s…

Assuming the results of the presidential election stay as they currently stand, Joe Biden will nevertheless face a huge challenge to get anything passed in Congress. Not only is there factional bickering among House Democrats, their numbers keep dwindling too.

Emily Brooks reported at The Washington Examiner, “House Democrats’ slim majority made even skinnier by President-elect Joe Biden’s plan to tap three members to join his administration creates challenges for Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the rest of the Democratic caucus.

“It means that small factions of the party such as more centrist Democrats or far-left ‘Squad’ members could band together to wield power and stop legislation that they find objectionable. And it creates the environment where Republicans may be able to use procedural tools to their advantage even more.”

In her article, Brooks detailed how the majority may only have a six seat advantage, empowering both the leftists and the centrists within the caucus. Even a small bloc of holdouts can force Nancy Pelosi to accede to their demands, which will then cause consternation within other small groupings of ideologically charged Democrats.

These cliques will exercise immense power within the party. An entire legislative agenda could hinge on the support of three or four members. Talk about pressure.

Democrats are contesting a couple elections to try and provide a little more wiggle room. Seats in Iowa and New York went to the GOP by ridiculously small margins. Yet the results have been certified. Still, the contests go on. What’s good for the Democrat goose isn’t always germane for the Republican gander. What else would you expect from liberals?

President Trump’s fraud investigations will go forward regardless of the opinion of outgoing Attorney General William Barr. And the official look into Hunter Biden’s crimes will continue as well. Fraud is indeed difficult to prove, but it’s not impossible, especially when there are plenty of witnesses. Just another strange and lasting feature of the 2020 election.

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James Bryson
James Bryson
Dec 23, 2020

Ya' recon Barr's DoJ (110,000+ bureaucrats) and FBI (37,000+ bureaucrats) wasn't able to detect that Zuckerburg channeled 450M to "structure the polling" in illegal ways (200' observation, cardboard on the windows, barring credentialed observers, etc...)?

Ya' recon that and the rest of "election 2020 fraud" just slipped under the DoJ FBI radar?

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