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Assault on America, Day 735: Georgia runoff debacle shows what happens when Republicans divide

The Georgia runoff contests were a repeat of the November election. Let the blame game commence!

Yes, it appears to be that bad. The morning after the counting of yesterday’s Georgia U.S. Senate runoff ballots, Republicans look to be on the losing side again. This time there was no strange cessation of counting in the middle of the night due to a burst pipe (or whatever it was), but nevertheless, ultra-radical Jeremiah Wright disciple Raphael Warnock has been declared the winner over Sen. Kelly Loeffler and dumb as bricks Jon Ossoff maintains a healthy lead over Sen. David Perdue. Thus, conservatives’ nightmare scenario seems to be coming true. Republicans counted on snagging at least one of the two Georgia seats to hold a narrow majority in the U.S. Senate in the next Congress. Instead, the upper chamber’s numbers will be tied, with Vice President-to-be Kamala Harris breaking all ties for the socialist side. Like with the November election, pundits and “experts” will pore over the data to see where both parties went right and wrong. Already there’s a rush on the GOP side to fault President Donald Trump for concentrating too hard on the shenanigans and malfeasance of Georgia’s Republican statewide leaders. Rather than push a unity message, they say, Trump made it all about himself, which ratcheted up Democrat enthusiasm to vote for the radicals. Trump certainly deserves some scrutiny in this regard, but so do the state party heads and the national GOP establishment, which deployed its typical do-nothing and don’t make waves mentality. They had plenty of money, more than enough volunteers and a citizenry that was mad as you-know-what to supply the necessary impetus to prevail handsomely in Georgia. Meanwhile, the state’s mail-in ballot problems weren’t addressed, much less solved, before yesterday’s vote. All we know now is the nation, still reeling from the horrible effects of 2020, faces the prospect of Nancy Pelosi as Speaker, “Chucky” Schumer as Senate Majority Leader and doddering fill-in placeholder idiot Joe Biden as president. Does it mean certain doom for the cause of liberty? Only if we give up. Today’s electoral vote challenge festivities are bound to put on a grand spectacle, but will the results change? It’s a dark day in America. We’ll have to battle harder than ever to preserve our Constitution and God-given rights. Gripe for a while; yell a bit; march and demonstrate… then get to work. 2022 is just around the corner and the game is just getting interesting. Why Democrats unite for elections and Republicans prefer to nitpick and argue Though no one who pays attention to American politics would claim the Georgia U.S. Senate runoffs weren’t all that important, yesterday’s elections were just the latest and loudest (at least since Election Day) manifestation of the internal struggle that’s taken place within both parties. Democrats would never admit it, but they’re hopelessly torn between the establishment old guard -- typified by Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi and “Chucky” Schumer and the (mostly) young and radical leftist revolutionaries embodied by Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her “Squad” of burn-it-down socialists who hold our country’s traditions, laws, history and culture in utter contempt. Republicans are generally well-mannered people so their division is much less noticeable to the naked eye, but nonetheless it’s there for all who search for it. For years, principled conservative leaders suggested that the battle to defeat the stodgy status-quo loving GOP establishment was just as urgent -- if not more so -- than the highlight-reel political war against the Democrats. Without the right mindset among Republican lawmakers, the government only gets bigger, more powerful and less accountable. Just like Democrats, right? Both parties’ diehard members fight among themselves, yet Democrats, as demonstrated in November and again in Georgia yesterday, always seem to have a better sense of joining together when the moment calls for it. Like a militant militia summonsed to junta headquarters by a giant bullhorn, liberals flock to the woke standard regardless of who leads them. Republicans are fickle. To maintain a consistent effort, conservatives must choose better candidates at primary time -- but then, gulp, act more like Democrats for the general election. New Yorker Gavin Wax wrote at American Greatness, “…We all know how America’s Founders would have dealt with swamp creatures of both parties, but they gave us a constitution as our birthright allowing us to resist tyranny peacefully. We owe it to our heroic ancestors and our Creator who bestowed us with the liberty to keep the Republic intact… “From the COVID-19 mass hysteria event to the Black Lives Matter pogroms to the coordinated vote steal, the globalists are pulling out all the stops right now because they are terrified. They are frightened of the momentum that has been built around the populist, nationalist revolution launched by Trump. The movement is much bigger than one man, however, and its ultimate success hinges upon the grassroots. We could blow his momentum if we are not judicious and measured in this critical period. “To achieve success, the grassroots need to remain in the GOP, destroy RINOs in primary contests, support Republicans in general elections, and make sure establishment traitors cannot escape the specter of Trump for generations to come.” Wow. Wax did it -- he used the word “traitors.” There are quite a few examples of Republican establishment turncoats, though imparting treason on them is a bit extreme. They’re more like the wishy-washy kid holding up the lunch line because he or she can’t make up their mind between two entrée selections. Or the family member who canceled the Christmas celebration because their liberal governor recommended that everyone stay away from each other due to a “patriotic duty.” But Wax is 100 percent correct in practice. Donald Trump changed/emboldened the GOP and in order to combat the destructive force (sometimes known as the Democrat Party), we must jettison the idea that conservatives can branch off on their own and start up an “America First” party or some similar third way. The feelings are correct, but the methodology is completely wrong. When you’ve already got a national party organized with state and local machinery in place, why start from scratch? Political veterans note that political tone seems to have shifted in recent decades -- it’s much nastier now. Some of the slide is due to the invention and widespread use of the internet and social media. Cable and satellite TV make it much easier to break into broadcasting. Even radio transformed during the latter part of the twentieth century when Rush Limbaugh popularized talk radio and national audiences reached tens of millions in size. Conservatives were no longer confined by the Washington establishment to listening to the mainstream establishment media. Folks spoke up on individual issues. People found their voices. Now some, like brand new Congresswoman Lauren Boebert (from western Colorado) are not only expressing their views, they’re living them. Boebert made headlines this week by openly carrying her Glock on the Capitol grounds, which she’s “permitted” to do by law as a member of Congress. (Imagine the looks on Democrats’ faces as a House member carried her own firearm -- oh, the horrors!) But perhaps even more significant than the remarkable new communications technology was the huge boost in political magnitude in each succeeding election cycle. Every election is typically billed as the “most important of our lifetimes,” but the feeling isn’t as hyperbolic as it once was. With the annual federal budget deficit growing uncontrollably every year and the national debt reaching stratospheric heights, we can’t afford to treat our elected leadership casually. Simply put, the stakes in each two or four year period have jumped because one party (you know which one) has transformed itself from the group supposedly representing the working man and woman to an elitist conglomeration that champions pipedream-level boondoggles like “climate change” and nationalized healthcare. That’s not even mentioning the social issues, like abortion, same-sex marriage and transgenderism. How about immigration? Which side favors borders and the laws Congress made? Which one likes sanctuary cities and citizenship for illegal aliens? Roe v. Wade introduced abortion as a constitutionally protected “right” and modern Democrats have revered it as their ultimate political hill-to-die-on, even expanding the concept to cover the moment up until birth (or even after it). They’ve also turned the United States government and military into the world’s largest social experiment laboratory. New recruits now sometimes join the armed forces to get health coverage for their same-sex “spouses” and put Uncle Sam on the dole for their sex change operation. No wonder politics is so nasty these days. Yet Republicans still split over small-ball issues like President Trump’s phone call to inept Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensberger this past weekend. Trump has his own unique style, but he’s on the right side. Mountains of untested and as-yet-unverified evidence of voter fraud exists and the GOP ruling class throws-in with Trump’s enemies to dismiss the proof outright. We’ll never know whether Trump is right and he “won by a landslide” or that the results should be overturned; there’s so much left unresolved by the current situation. In contrast to the petulant Republicans, liberal Democrats united over the issue; it was a no brainer. Their guy (supposedly) won. There were some squabbles among liberals a few days after the election as the dust settled and a host of down ballot Democrats realized there was no “wave” that materialized to carry Grampa Joe Biden onto the beach. Instead, by all appearances, liberal voters forgot all about their state legislatures and, in some cases, their representatives. But still Democrats set aside their disagreements with the end goal of ousting Trump. A lot of conservatives dispute the Electoral College tally, but there’s little doubt Biden prevailed easily in the popular vote category. There was no #NeverBiden separatist movement. Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard was probably the closest the Democrats came to losing a supporter, yet even she endorsed Biden. Democrat voters are drawn by a simple formula: vote for a liberal party presidential candidate, get stuff -- and a huge commitment to further the woke climate and social agenda in addition to sprinkling federal money on liberal causes. Republicans are complicated, seemingly more worried about what someone said last week, as though it matters in the big picture. Democrats are the lump-it-all-in party while the GOP is the party of NO (to flat-out socialism) and invisible concepts that actually take thought to consider (religious freedom, traditional values, a strong military and law enforcement). Democrats want the government to control and pay for everything. They ride on emotion, which can be beneficial when their people are really, really ticked off, but harmful when their average low-information voter doesn’t care enough to cast a ballot. That’s why Democrats rally and Republicans bicker. Democrats are ends oriented -- and, as the election “irregularities” demonstrated, they’re becoming means oriented as well. Republicans would rather be right than in power. Will it ever change?

There’s very little downside to objecting to a state’s electors. Why are we having this conversation?

It's the same with this week’s back-and-forth over whether to contest the individual states’ electors. Doing something -- objecting to the electors -- or not doing anything (sitting silently in their seats and watching the proceedings while wondering if the truth will ever be found) in hopes that four years from now, Democrats will honor your capitulation with similar gestures of surrender is wholly unrealistic, and for lack of a better word, dumb.

Objecting to the legitimacy of state electors isn’t sedition or treason. It’s not really even very brave if you think about it. Your fellow congressmen and senators won’t physically threaten you. Your name will be all over the media. True, some idiots might go to your house and threaten you and your family (as they did with Sen. Josh Hawley) but it isn’t a matter of life and death.

We’re setting down markers for the future. Without a noticeable show of resistance now, Democrats will count on Republicans shrinking from the challenge again the next time the fraudsters are able to jimmy an election in their favor. Republicans need to stand up now or Democrats will be emboldened to pass permanent “election reforms” that cement mail-in balloting in the statute books forever. What’s to stop them? With some conservatives arguing among themselves instead of joining Trump and the hundred and fifty or so House members and senators, it looks terrible to the voters longing for strength and resilience.

The country is already divided enough over the Chinese Communist Party (CCP, or Wuhan, if you prefer) virus, racial strife, the need for more federal “relief” packages and practically everything else. It doesn’t need one half of the political spectrum going wobbly over nothing. Future political considerations are a non-issue, especially if the system isn’t fixed.

Get people on the record and look at the evidence to make sure that the next time it doesn’t happen again.

Hopefully the media’s collective freak out over the Georgia elections will have taught us something. Sticking together is a heck of a lot better than sweating the small stuff. Republicans should take a page from Donald Trump’s book and engage in the fight to save the country before it’s too late.

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What can I do about this


Mitch McConnell's attitude isn't much of a puzzle. It's much easier to be the minority leader where you can just blame the opposition for anything that goes wrong. Now he won't have to work so hard. That he let down the voters won't matter. His life and future are secure.


James Bryson
James Bryson
Jan 06, 2021

Corrupt state employees: Gov., Lt.Gov., AG, Sec of State...

corrupt Soros-funded Democrat "tools"...

illegal, unconstitutional voting "agreements"...

a last minute Dominion contract by COMPROMISED political frauds...

How did this go wrong?


Jan 06, 2021

First question: is anyone surprised with the outcome? Dems pushed for these runoffs. When they got them, everything fell into place. That's what bugs Stacy Abrams, because she couldn't force the runoff against Kemp a couple years back. Second question: how does any serious person fault Trump for this? He came in and did 2 rallies, urged people to vote. What else could he possibly do to get a win? Despite the fact that a bunch of Republicans are pushing him out the door while he's doing this? It feels like Stacy Abrams actually is the Governor of Georgia, because Kemp and his minions fought Trump like any good Democrat would. The Republicans own this, starting with Kemp, and extending…

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