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Biden Admin OK’s Red China’s Invasion Of Taiwan

After being humiliated upon his arrival in Red China, Joe Biden’s Secretary of State, Anthony Blinken, announced that, “On Taiwan, I reiterated a longstanding US ‘One China’ policy.

That policy has not changed. It’s guided by the Taiwan Relations Act, three joint communiques, the six assurances. We do not support Taiwan independence. We remain opposed to any unilateral changes to the status quo by either side. We continue to expect the peaceful resolution to cross-state differences."

Anthony Blinken is very, very close to Joe Biden and his political operation, after all he’s the guy who organized the “Hunter Biden laptop is Russian disinformation” letter, so we should parse his words very carefully.

First of all, there’s a central and fundamental conflict in saying that the US has a “One China policy” and referring to Taiwan as a “state” with which Communist China should peacefully resolve its differences.

If the United States has a “One China policy” and both the Republic of China on Taiwan and the Communist People’s Republic of China on the mainland both claim to the legitimate government of China, which one is the illegitimate party?

Anthony Blinken isn’t saying.

And if there are “cross-state differences” doesn’t that imply there are two legitimate “states” with a controversy between them? So, that seems to mean that Secretary Blinken recognizes there are two China’s not one – the Republic of China on Taiwan and the Communist People’s Republic of China on the mainland.

If you are confused, imagine how confused Joe Biden is, when just a short time ago he stated he would defend the independence of Taiwan.

And imagine how confused the average American man on the street is when he is lectured daily about “defending democracy” in Ukraine, but it appears “defending democracy” on Taiwan is off the table – even though Taiwan is much more central to our national interests, given our trade relations and reliance on Taiwan’s high tech exports.

But thanks to our new Twitter friend, James Bradley (@JamesBradleyCA), we have had it all explained to us.

As our friend James Jay Carafano of the Heritage Foundation put it so well, “The original sin of Blinken and Biden is thinking China is a problem to be “managed.” And that all that is needed is some heartfelt weakness diplomacy. What is needed is protecting US interests.”

Blinken’s trip to Communist China was a huge mistake. Not only did he allow himself, and the United States, to be humiliated. He came away with nothing and gave the Red Chinese what they most wanted – the green light to invade Taiwan.

For a good overview of what the policy of the United States toward Red China should be, please take a look at the Heritage Foundation’s Winning the New Cold War: A Plan for Countering China.

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Blinken has to be the worst Secretary of State ever. He plays a lot of games but doesn't understand any of the rules. He's totally lacking in ethics. I guess he fits right in with Garland, Wray, Biden, Harris, Obama, Clinton, Soros, and a great many others who are in control.


Blinkey has just guaranteed war with China!

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