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Biden’s Racist Irony

Biden traveled to Georgia on January 11, 2022, to speak about great Republicans. Well, not exactly...but sort of. He spoke about racist reprobates in the Democrat Party who abused and withheld rights from Black Americans. Biden seemed to cherish the idea of going to "the cradle of civil rights," as he called it, to discuss "democracy's future." Biden's speech was not only interspersed with historical untruths and typical levels of incoherence we've come to expect from "Biden-speak," but also wrought with rich irony.

Biden, the top Democrat, tried to inflame spectators' emotions by making historical comparisons to Democrat racists. He compared the actions and intents of Democrat, racist, White supremacist George Wallace to Republican Dr. Martin Luther King. He even compared the actions and intentions of Democrat racist, White supremacist Jefferson Davis to the pioneer of the Republican Party, Abraham Lincoln!

To be fair, Biden can't be blamed for this jarring level of irony. The truth is, to make historical arguments citing American racist White supremacists, you automatically must include Democrats because they were the sole purveyors of racism, slavery, and White supremacy through most of American history. Democrats were committed to using government coercion to immorally and unconstitutionally enshrine the enslavement of Blacks for as long as possible. The infamous "Jim Crow" laws were just one of the many inhumane outcomes due to Democrats' grotesque, deep-seated hatred.

Historical truth compelled Biden to make contrasting arguments favoring liberty, justice, and freedom by referring to Republicans since they were the ones who had committed their lives and livelihoods to set Blacks free. Republicans' commitment to righteousness went beyond platitudes; they relied on the U.S. Constitution and the principles of the Declaration of Independence as their guides. The Constitution stood on the truth that "all men are created equal," with the ideal pursuit being "liberty and justice for all."

The contrasts between the two parties remain today. Democrats still deploy government power unconstitutionally to force conformity to its diktats, while Republicans still strive to look for constitutional governance to assure liberty and justice for all. This foundational difference between the political worldviews is the fundamental issue with the John Lewis Voting Rights Act.

This act is poised at a critical point. Mouthing his arcane and deceptive pabulum, Biden declared he would get this passed by any means necessary (including abolishing the filibuster). Americans must understand that the act isn't designed for "fairness." It isn't designed to mitigate "racism," nor to neutralize "voter disenfranchisement." The John Lewis Voting Rights Act is designed to undermine existing election integrity laws and implement new government tools and levers to maintain power unconstitutionally. Unfortunately, the act would enshrine voter disenfranchisement as law; every voter is disenfranchised with this legislation.

If the act takes effect:

  1. Ballot-harvesting will be legalized nationally.

  2. There will be no voter ID requirements (meaning non-citizens can vote).

  3. And there will be unlimited mail-in voting, expanded un-manned ballot box placements, online voting, and any number of new federally mandated and monitored changes.

The federal government would deprive the state governments of the authority to manage and control elections in the states. As the act dumps the states' checks and balances, dead voters would vote, and any number of illegal votes would somehow count.

That's how legal votes are nullified. When illegal ballots are counted, and especially when that happens system-wide, the result is systemic voter disenfranchisement.

The slogans for the John Lewis Voting Rights Act sound like perfect democracy until you realize that the act rejects election integrity laws and instead opens the door to systemic voter disenfranchisement. Make no mistake: if passed, the act installs a corrupted, non-constitutional, non-compliant way of conducting U.S. elections. Citizens will still go through the motions of voting but actually no longer have a voice or true freedom in America. Instead, America will be a hollowed-out caricature of its former self.

Ironically, Biden mentioned poignant examples as he railed against racist segregationist Democrats of the past who used instrumentation of government to force diabolical agendas. His examples were prescient. They indeed raise questions we should sincerely ponder. Do we hearken back to the tactics and intents of unconstitutionally using government, as did George Wallace, Bull Connor, and Jefferson Davis? Or do we stand with unwavering resolve with constitutionally and liberty-minded Abraham Lincoln and Dr. MLK?

Every Black Life Matters (EBLM) believes that the U.S Constitution is a common denominator we must rely on to deliver liberty and justice in America. We can maintain our freedom, but it will take unified and unwavering resolve. Due to its pervasive voter disenfranchisement, we must reject the John Lewis Voting Rights Act.

This article was first published in the American Thinker and appears here with the kind permission of the author, Kevin McGary, Founder of Every Black Life Matters

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