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Biden Secret Service Penetrated By Muslim Terrorists?

Our friend Sara Carter reports four secret Service employees who were special agents to the Bidens are “entangled in an alleged bribery scheme carried out by two men accused of masquerading as Department of Homeland Security law enforcement agents.” The men

accused of bribery are Arian Taherzadeh and Haider Ali, both U.S. citizens with passports and visas to Iran and Pakistan.

However, this was not free donuts to ignore parking tickets level bribery – this was state-actor level stuff.

Real Clear Politics reports Taharzadeh and Ali “seemed to have control of five apartments. When investigators searched the defendants’ apartments, they found a drone, handguns, ammunition, bullet-proof body armor, gas masks, zip ties, handheld radios, body cameras, binoculars, a high-powered telescope, and four laptop computers. They also discovered what appeared to be official DHS patches and training manuals, scopes for weapons, components of disassembled rifles, and a list of every resident of the apartment complex.”

Sara Carter reported an affidavit filed last Wednesday in U.S. District Court in Washington, D.C. revealed that one of the agents caught up in the bribery scheme was a special agent assigned to First Lady Jill Biden’s protective detail. A second agent was a Uniformed Division officer at the White House. A third Secret Service special agent is assigned to President Biden’s detail, Real Clear Politics learned. The agent’s position puts him at the President’s side “nearly everywhere he goes and stands by his side during the most sensitive of discussions and private moments.” The fourth agent, a second Uniformed Division officer, was assigned to protect Vice President Harris’s residence.

According to court filings, reported by Sara Carter, one of the more troubling details of the case involves Taherzadah allegedly offering to give an assault rifle worth $2,000 to the Secret Service agent assigned to Jill Biden. The filing also says that Taherzadeh lent what he described as a “government vehicle” to the same Secret Service agent’s wife and also gave her a generator.

Taherzadeh is also accused of giving members of the Secret Service, as well as a legitimate DHS employee, “rent-free apartments (with a total yearly rent of over $40,000 per apartment), iPhones, surveillance systems, a drone, a flat-screen television, a case for storing an assault rifle, a generator and law enforcement paraphernalia,” the filing states. Prosecutors say one of the agents who received the free rent and additional gifts is the Uniformed Division officer assigned to the White House.

That agent lived rent-free in a three-bedroom apartment that generally would rent for $48,000 annually, the filing said.

The New York Post reported the feds say Ali boasted of links to Pakistan’s powerful Inter-Services Intelligence spy agency and his passport indicated recent trips to Iran and Pakistan.

It is unclear what they had hoped to gain from the ruse, reported the UK’s Daily Mail, and prosecutors say the investigation is ongoing, even as four members of the Secret Service - including the one from the first lady's security detail - have been placed on leave.

Now, you know this is headed toward full cover-up mode when a law enforcement source familiar with the matter told The New York Post that putting the four Secret Service personnel on leave status doesn’t necessarily mean that the agents are suspected of wrongdoing or criminal misconduct.

“At this point in time, there’s no indication that Secret Service personnel were involved in criminal activity,” the source told the Post. “There is no indication that Secret Service personnel provided Taherzadeh or Ali with anything in return.”

Despite the claims the Secret Service personnel didn’t provide these guys “with anything in return” for the lavish gifts and favors granted, it is unclear where the cash to pay for the rent and all the gifts came from.

Taherzadeh and Ali also reportedly set up fake websites to support their claim that they were members of the 'special police' and are accused of conning an unnamed 'applicant' to join their Homeland Security task force they had invented.

The recruitment process, according to the Daily Beast, included shooting the applicant with an airsoft rifle, supposedly to evaluate their pain tolerance, and have the applicant researching an unnamed person who worked as a contractor for the Department of Defense and the intelligence community.

Despite the nonchalant attitude of the law enforcement agent quoted above, the question remains, what Ali and Taherzadeh's motives were in getting close to people with White House access by impersonating government agents and who was funding their lavish lifestyle and slew of gifts?

We’re making the educated guess the money is coming from Islamist elements in the ISI, Pakistan’s intelligence agency.

This whole episode is starting to feel a lot like the Awan brothers breach of the House of Representatives computer system. After engaging in all kinds of outrageous behavior, the brothers, with clear ties to a foreign government, were caught stealing House computer gear and gaining unauthorized access to government computers. After being allowed to escape to Pakistan the inquiry was shelved and the bothers were later quietly given six-figure settlements after Democrats retook the House majority in 2018.

The toll-free Capitol Switchboard (1-866-220-0044), call today and tell your Senators and Representative you demand they immediately conduct oversight hearings on this egregious breach of national security and get to the bottom of who funded the operation.

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3 commentaires

13 avr. 2022

One of the cardinal rules of the average government employee is to avoid "even the appearance of impropriety". These employees failed big time


Swallwell and the Democrats love the Red Chinese. Why not the Muslims also . . . ?


12 avr. 2022

DHS is on the job...I feel so safe now...NOT.

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