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Bidens Got $20 million From 23 Separate Countries

The headline on the House Ways and Means Committee news release says it all: New Documents Link Biden Family Influence Peddling Scheme to 23 Countries, Four Continents

As Chairman Jason Smith explained, “The evidence today shows the complexity and scale of the Biden Family influence peddling scheme. Millions of dollars were flowing through subsidiaries and LLCs to avoid taxes and shield visibility into how the money from foreign sources, including countries like Ukraine, Russia, and China, went to different entities and Biden family members.”

Additional evidence provided by IRS whistleblowers and released by the Ways and Means Committee last week connects the Biden Family global influence peddling operation to more than twenty-three countries on four different continents. These documents detail how Hunter Biden and his associates sought business deals around the globe based on selling access to then-Vice President Biden. Thanks to the IRS whistleblowers, we now know Joe Biden was not only aware of his family’s influence peddling operation, but he was also connected. In just one instance, then-Vice President Biden made an official visit to Ukraine in April 2014 only one month before Hunter Biden was appointed to the board of Burisma, a Ukrainian energy company, and after meetings with Hunter Biden’s business partner with the then-Vice President and senior aides.

The newly released information shows that in addition to China, Russia, and Ukraine, the Biden family influence peddling scheme was a vast global operation with ties to at least 23 countries, and likely more. Additionally, the documentation suggests a deliberate attempt by the Biden Family to evade taxes and shield visibility into how more than $20 million flowed from foreign sources by funneling it through more than 20 shell companies and LLCs.

And as Prof. Jonathan Turley explained in a recent post to

Hunter Biden left a long trail of emails and texts seeking millions in exchange for access to his father. He is shown in messages invoking his father’s power, threatening foreign figures to send him money. In one message, he allegedly makes a demand for an immediate transfer of cash from a Chinese businessman by saying that his father is sitting next to him to make sure the payment comes through.

Hunter Biden was burning through a fortune on drugs, prostitutes and high living. There were many eager to have the son of the vice president dependent on their largesse.

While Hunter is often portrayed as a human wreck, salvaged by influence-seekers, his uncles generated their own controversies. James has been a well-known figure among alleged influence peddlers for years in cashing in on access to his brother, Joe. Joe’s younger brother, Frank, has also been long identified as involved in the family influence peddling. Like Hunter, Frank appears to have been in dire financial straits due to his careening lifestyle and lack of any appreciable skills.

What the evidence reveals is not just a family committed to corrupt influence peddling, but also strikingly similar patterns of legal and financial evasion. It also shows a family whose members had an insatiable thirst for cash and few skills beyond monetizing government service.

In a recent hearing House Committee on Oversight and Accountability Chairman James Comer (R-Ky.) detailed how overwhelming evidence shows President Joe Biden lied to the American people about his knowledge of and participation in his family’s corrupt international and domestic business schemes.

Since January, the Oversight Committee has uncovered how the Bidens and their associates created over 20 shell companies, raked in over $24 million dollars from China and other foreign countries, identified nine members of the Biden family who have participated or benefited from the business schemes, and confirmed that Joe Biden interacted with his family’s business associates at least two dozen times.

Chairman Jason Smith of the House Ways and Means Committee and Chairman James Comer of the House Oversight and Investigations Committee have done yeoman’s work ferreting out the sources and recipients of the Biden family’s corrupt millions. It is now time to take this to the next logical step and connect the dots back to Joe Biden during a formal impeachment inquiry.

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The House committees are doing amazing work. Unfortunately, most people don't know about it because news releases such as New Documents Link Biden Family Influence Peddling Scheme to 23 Countries, Four Continents undoubtedly end up in File 13 in the corporate news rooms. Our only weapons to deal with these so-called news organizations is to write a lot of letters to the editors and cancel our subscriptions. Neither has much effect. Very frustrating.

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