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Cancel Culture: Reinventing Government

Most people who are awake and aware know about Agenda 21/Sustainable Development, what it is and how it became the law of the land without ever having been voted on by either

the people or their “representative” governmental officials in Congress. And many know that Agenda 21 has made its way into even the smallest governments of America, through using the President’s Council on Sustainable Development to “buy” local and state politicians with grant monies that have titanium strings.

What few realize is that there was a twin program set up at the same time by Clinton and it also was given to VP Al Gore to head. That was the National Partnership for Reinventing Government (NPR) an “interagency task force tasked to reform and streamline the way the federal government works. In the second Clinton-Gore term, NPR changed its mission, approach and name — to focus on leading a fundamental culture change in the government.”[i] (emphasis mine) It is now the National Performance Review with:

* the need to transfer power from Congress to the executive branch (why Congress has been irrelevant, other than to keep us distracted from where the real crimes are being perpetrated).

* that government employees need to be empowered; i.e., “a transfer of power from Congress to the bureaucracy.”[ii]

In 1998, Clinton’s E.O. 13083, which dealt with federalism, redefined what “state” was so that it included different types and levels of government, it delineated between the Constitution and “federalism” and allowed the president to declare a national emergency which would give FEMA the power to direct federal, state, and local governments and control all communication facilities, power supplies, food supplies, etc. [iii]

Then, in 1999, Clinton’s E.O. 13132, along with a number of bills submitted by Congress, furthered “the new federalism”. It “internationalized terminology”, and, as Veon said, it is a rewrite of the Constitution “by redefining the levels of government, words, and the powers of government”. It is an empowerment of the federal agencies, i.e., reinvented government.

So, the balance of power has shifted, “destroying the checks and balances in the Constitution at the local level, and therefore destroying representative government. This power shift is a philosophical shift to a completely new form of government. It is a merger between government, corporations, and nongovernmental organizations (emphasis mine).”[iv]

Joan Veon put it succinctly: Reinventing government means:

1. downsizing and shifting power from the federal level to the local level, i.e., the community level which includes communication associations and churches*;

2. changing the balance of power by shifting responsibility from Congress to the executive branch and its agencies (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms {BATF}, Environmental Protection Agency {EPA}, National Park Service, Forrest Service, Drug Enforcement Agency {DEA}, National Guard, National Security Agency {NSA}. And the President’s Council on Sustainable Development {PCSD}, to name a few; and

3. establishing public-private partnerships to become the new nucleus of government.[v]

How do you make a fundamental change of a government with the Constitution of the United States that includes the protection of our basic freedoms? You don’t. You just roll over the Constitution. We’ve been watching the cancelling of our Constitution for decades. For instance, the Kelo decision by the highest court in our land, the Supreme Court of the United States. The City of New London, Connecticut, working through a public/private partnership with Pfizer Pharmaceutical, destroyed a neighborhood. One lone homeowner, Susette Kelo, stood her ground, assuming, because the Fifth Amendment hadn’t been breached in this manner in the lifetime of the Bill of Rights, using this clause“. . . nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation”, would assure her rights would not be trampled. She took her case all the way to Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) and lost. The issue was that the city was taking the property from a neighborhood (private entities) to give to Pfizer (private entity) for economic development. (To read the whole story see Sustainable, by Tom DeWeese.) NO ONE from any political persuasion thought that the Court would make that decision. It, literally, destroys the Constitutional protection of property rights!

I listed as one of the three needs for reinventing was establishing Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) to become the new nucleus of government. In the Preamble to the Earth Summit, Agenda 21, it states flat-out that Public/Private Partnerships were the future. Who knew what a PPP was in 1992, let alone now? Very few. They were soon to tell us, but it was a very big book and there were way too many things for most people to take the time to learn. Besides, it was so hard to comprehend. I don’t think anyone could understand without the background of the many U.N. conferences, resolutions, accords, treaties, declarations. Even then, most was hidden until the Rio Accord. Yes, some who were looking could comprehend the Vancouver Accord.

“Government, business and industry, including transnational corporations, strengthen partnerships to implement the principles and criteria for sustainable development.”[vi] A public private partnership is a partnership that is a business arrangement; it is for profit. A partnership can have two or more partners, plus several layers of partnerships, which are all interrelated. It has partners that are both public, meaning government, nda private, meaning individuals, corporations, foundations, and/or non-governmental organizations. A PPP includes all levels of government, from local government to county, state, regional, and federal. In addition to international agencies and foreign governments, public private partnerships include a wide range of non-governmental organizations. These can include any corporations, national, multinational, or transnational corporations and non-governmental organizations like the Nature Conservancy, Sierra Club, Humane Society of the United States, and foundations like Ford, Mellon, Rockefeller. They also include Facebook (now META), Big Pharma – you get the picture.

When you bring these entities together, where does the power lie? With the deepest pockets. Is that government? Not even close. It’s business. Remember, they are “reinventing government” another form of transfer of power and destruction of our American form of representative government. As a result, representative government disappears. Perhaps we should remember that our forefathers in their Declaration of Independence singled out “taxation without representation” as a major no-no, yet we’ve accepted taxes by the thousands and PPPs take us totally out of the equation – except for paying for it.

So, this is exactly where we are with public private partnerships. What this means is that as corporations gain more and more power, their “circle” will become much larger than the other circles government. The other circles, especially government, will become, eventually, meaningless. They have already mostly achieved this, but they’re still pretending it isn’t happening. They have accomplished a transfer of power and the elimination of the Constitution.

The National Performance Review (NPR). is, as I said earlier, just reminding you that this is the Reinventing of government. According to Donald Kettl, of the National Performance Review, two ideas were central; first, the unconditional need to transfer power from Congress to the executive branch. Second, that government employees need to be empowered. “This approach implies a transfer of power from Congress to the bureaucracy.[vii]” Kettle, page 32 Congress is, and has been, being bypassed for some time, through the transfer of power to the executive branch. “In other words, the balance of power has shifted, destroying the checks and balances in the constitution at the local level and, therefore, destroying representative government. This power shift is a philosophical shift to a completely new form of government. It is a merger between government, corporations, and non governmental organizations.”[viii]

To show this in a diagram you would have the Sustainable Development symbol of the three circles overlapping at the center; that small, curved diamond at the center is the PPP. The main circles would show Government, which includes “we the people”; Non governmental organizations (empowered by the UN) and working for the third circle, the corporations and foundations – which includes Multinational corporations /transnational corporations and foundations like Rockefeller Carnegie Ford Mellon. But when they start out, their circles are of equal size. But since the object is to take power from the government (and “we the people”) and turn it over to the corporations and foundations), the momentum starts slowly enlarging their circle. With time, the progression is faster.

Overtime with the reinventing of government, the government circle is just token-sized and the nongovernmental organization’s circle, who were there to do the dirty work for the corporations and foundations, is double the size of government. But soon, those NGOs also will no longer be needed, so there will be one circle representing reinvented government, which also will be the one world government that we’ve been promised.

But the attack on property rights began long before Kelo. In 1969, the United States was divided into ten regions by Richard Nixon. On the Day of Partitioning (wording at the White House press conference on March 27, 1968), a White House spokesperson bragged, “The curious fact of the American National Government is that there is only one ‘single man’ and he is called the President,” letting us know that the other two branches were on their way to the trash heap. But who listened?

Over 40 years ago, in 1977, Jo Hindman, in her book The Metrocrats, told us, “The reorganization powers to subordinate the American people under bondage have existed in the hands of U.S. Presidents for more than twenty years reportedly. ‘No President has ever been willing to bite the bullet, now we have done so,’ according to the Assistant to the President for Urban Affairs”. This virtually brings every facet of the lives of American citizens under the hands of the President. And, at the same time, ten cities were named regional capitals with field forces of five federal agencies, — HUD, HEW (now HHS ) DoE, OEO, SBA, and Labor. Obviously, the others are being added as they are formed.

There are more, many more. The Departments – Justice, Education, Health and Human Services, Environment Protection Agency, Homeland Security, Agriculture. Bureaus — Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms, Advisory Council on Historic Preservation, Bureau of Land Management, and almost a gazillion more. To check them out, go to:

Then there are the political officials who are appointed by the states. Take Tennessee, or example. It has at least 30 including: game and fish, alcohol beverage control, and even the Institute of African and Caribbean Affairs. And there are the county boards – unelected, chosen by the County Commission, and the city boards chosen by the Council, some include Council on Transportation, Urban Development, Sustainability, Quality Growth, Transportation. In aggregate, in any area, we are deluged by boards that, in some places, oversee the braiding of hair.

The federal regional structure transfers administrative governance (UN global ruling power) from the President to ten federal directors in the 10-region national field, according to Hindman.

This was followed by numerous land-use control edicts. The Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) was the first river-system regional authority; the design, placement, and building of highways, another. At the second National Conference on Highways and Urban Development, in 1965, aided by the National Association of Counties, “land use control was stressed, but something new – regional councils of governments (COG) were introduced as land-use control devices.” The report advocated, “1. Withholding of federal funds from independent local governments pending their merging into Metro regions, 2. Government ownership of land held for future long-range development plans, 3. Developmental timing – when to use what devices to stimulate or slow up urban development, 4. Stiffened zoning, building, and housing codes, and use of the police power with no payment of compensation.” [ix] So, for 60 years this has been the law of the land and we knew nothing about it. But our mayors and governors must have. Is this why we are able to get few of them to stand up with us? All this time we have been ignorantly thinking we live in a constitutional republic. Silly us.

In 1972, the Rockefeller Brothers Fund sponsored a taskforce, which published the report: A Citizen’s Policy Guide to Urban Growth, the thrust of which was that development rights of private property should be at the discretion of the government for the good of society. And environmental protection areas would be protected “not by purchase but through the police power of the federal government”.[x]

The reinventing began long before 1993; why did they wait so long to inform us about it? I suspect that it was to be assured that they had brainwashed and programmed enough of the public that there would be little, if any, outcry over hearing this. Even by 1993, there wasn’t a lot – other than from property rights groups. A big question I have is, do people understand that without the right to property, we are slaves? Yes, the Constitution only protects our rights; we have them whatever the government does. But how do we protect them? With arms? No. But there should have been a million-person march on D.C. back when we had a supposedly functioning government there; maybe we could have put the sabot in the machinery then. Moving on.

Let me go way back a minute here for some background. Forgive me if I mention Sustainable Development as if everyone knows what it is. It is defined thus: “Sustainable development can be defined as an approach to the economic development of a country without compromising with the quality of the environment for future generations. In the name of economic development, the price of environmental damage is paid in the form of land degradation, soil erosion, air and water pollution, deforestation, etc. This damage may surpass the advantages of having more quality output of goods and services. Thus, the definition: to integrate economic, social, and environmental policies in order to achieve reduced consumption, social equity, and the preservation and restoration of biodiversity”.

Where did this come from? Perhaps the 1977 USSR Constitution, chapter 2, article 18:

Article 18. In the interests of the present and future generations, the necessary steps are taken in the U.S.S.R. to protect and make scientific, rational use of the land and its mineral and water resources, and the plant and animal kingdoms, to preserve the purity of the air and water, ensure reproduction of natural wealth, and improve the human environment.

They sound awfully similar to me.

Earlier, another name that keeps popping up in my articles, is someone very influential in reinventing our government. That is Mary Parker Follett. In fact, she was called the “Mother of Reinventing Government Theory.” But she was way more than that. In her book, The New State, Group Organization, the Solution of Popular Government”, she writes: “It is usual to say that the framers of our constitution were individualists and gave to our government an individualistic turn. We must examine this. They did safeguard and protect the individual in his life and property, they did make the bills of rights an authoritative part of our constitutions, they did make it possible for individuals to aggrandize themselves at the expense of society, their ideal of justice was indeed of individual not of social justice. . .. The law of the land was embodied in written documents with great difficulty of amendment just because the people were not trusted. As we look at the crudities of the Declaration of Independence, as we examine our aristocratic state constitutions, as we study our restricted federal constitution, as we read the borrowed philosophy of our early statesmen, we see very little indication of modern democracy with its splendid faith in man,… To be sure it was at the same time true that the government was given no positive power.”[xi]

Yes, she is one of the prime figures in designing the state we are in today, so don’t wonder how they got these ideas.

I would offer another, but short, quote of hers to give you the full force of where she stands vis a vis liberty:

As we no longer think that every individual has a final purpose of his own independent of any community, so we no longer think that each nation has a ‘destiny’ independent of the ‘destiny’ of other nations.”[xii]

For Follett and her ilk, “The state was now not to be subordinated to the individual, but it was to be the fulfillment of the individual. Man was to get his rights and his liberty from membership in society” (emphasis mine).[xiii] Think about that. Liberty from membership. The National Partnership to Reinvent Government used a lot of her work and is enrolling many of us in their evil projects to destroy America.

Merriam Webster Dictionary, “the quality or state of being free: Individual freedom does not require being a member of anything beyond the human race.” If otherwise, then that word “liberty” is spoken in NewSpeak. But Follett’s definition of freedom is the one now promulgated by the Left — so that we should begin to forget its true meaning and let ourselves become slaves to the state? That is one of the early steps in becoming a “global citizen”, brought about by reinventing government.

What might those radical goals be? Let’s look at what they (the globalists) have told us they intend to do; what tools they will use to reinvent government — headed by the United Nations, of course. Achieve what? Curing . . . “poverty, hunger, ill health and illiteracy, and the continuing deterioration of the ecosystems on which we depend for our well-being.” No wonder we must reinvent government; this is one mighty big job.

In the past few years, we have been hearing about unelected bodies with more power than our elected officials hold — without the oversight, with open-ended terms (the holder of the office often decides when to retire or move on). And, often, they name their own salaries, for instance, Dr. Anthony Fauci of the National Institutes for Health (NIH), is the highest paid employee of the federal government, an unelected position. And while we are with the federal government and health boards, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) new head, Rochelle Walensky, just nationalized America’s rental properties by declaring that tenants are no longer required to pay their rent. A health official taking private property! So, we see there are no boundaries on their power. They have just gotten into full swing.

These unelected boards and agencies are tools of Regionalism, of which the UN Commission on Global Governance said: “Regionalism must precede globalism. We foresee a seamless system of governance from local communities, individual states, regional unions and up through the United Nations itself.”

While the ten regional unions in the U.S. were ‘designated’ by Nixon, even then, the real decisions were made by globalists, including the Council on Foreign Relations, World Bankers, Foundations, and the mega-rich. Big business wasn’t big enough then. It took Microsoft, Yahoo, Yahoo, Big Pharma, to tip the balance on the scales — oh, and let’s not forget, a federal government willingly accepting the role of useful idiots, in on the plan to destroy America.

LBJ told America that our check and balance government was on the way out while his interpretation of government was on the way in (his interpretation is the same as Reinventing Government, given to us along with the President’s Council on Sustainable Development). Johnson said, “The first step is to break old patterns – to begin to think work and plan for the development of entire metropolitan (regional) areas. New and existing programs will be open to those cities which work together to develop long-range policies for metropolitan areas.”[xiv] In other words, you sabotage your constituents’ protection of property rights and we will fill your pockets with geld.

And earlier, FDR and his “controllers” had a huge hand in taking us from a constitutional republic when he set up the Executive Office of the President. Here is the online description:

To provide the President with the support that he or she needs to govern effectively, the Executive Office of the President (EOP) was created in 1939 by President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Every day, the President of the United States is faced with scores of decisions, each with important consequences for America’s future. To provide the President with the support that he or she needs to govern effectively, the Executive Office of the President (EOP) was created in 1939 by President Franklin D. Roosevelt. The EOP has responsibility for tasks ranging from communicating the President’s message to the American people to promoting our trade interests abroad.

As noted above by Joan Veon, these are overseen by the White House Chief of Staff, the EOP has traditionally been home to many of the President’s closest advisors.

* Plus a dozen other offices. And the Departments all answer to the President. None answering to we the people.

Presidential leadership would provide the unity of direction — the vision — needed for true progressive government. “All that progressives ask or desire,” wrote Woodrow Wilson, “is permission — in an era when development, evolution, is a scientific word — to interpret the Constitution according to the Darwinian principle; all they ask is recognition of the fact that a nation is a living thing and not a machine.”[xv]

On top of the executive powers, when we elect officials (yes, we still have elections, even if they are corrupted), we send them off to indoctrination centers, often before they even take office. Of course, they aren’t officially called that. Here are some examples from our Workbook. U.S. Conference of Mayors: Elect a new mayor and send him/her o! to this national meeting where he/she can meet with other mayors and share and gain ideas for the community. “That’s a good idea, right? After all, this is an official government organization where our mayor should be.

The U.S. Conference of Mayors actually is a 501(c)(3) private organization whose member cities are those with populations over 30,000. In 1996 they made the UN’s Kyoto Global Warming Treaty a centerpiece of the Conference’s agenda – calling on all cities to use the provisions of the treaty to reduce their carbon footprint. In addition, the Conference of Mayors has accepted the UN’s Earth Charter as a guideline for policy decisions.

National Association of Counties: A private, 501(c)(3) organization, County Commissioners are sent here where 50 state affiliates represent more than half of the counties in America. Together with the U.S. Conference of Mayors, the Association of Counties established the Joint Center for Sustainable Communities and then provided the framework for Bill Clinton’s Presidential Council on Sustainable Development.

National League of Cities: a private 501(c)(3) organization, the League of Cities represents more than 1,400 dues-paying communities. The League supports gun control and opposes any kind of restrictions on state governments’ takings of private land.

National Conference of State Legislatures: A 501(c)(3) private organization which works to ensure that federal programs operate hand-in-hand with state programs, making sure that federal programs are implemented into state policy in a seamless or harmonized manner – making it easier to argue that such polices are state rather than federal – it’s all local!

Council of State Governments: a private 501(c)(3) organization. “The Council promotes worldwide “sustainable” zoning and such uniform state codes and regulatory systems, providing model statues for legislatures.

National Governors Association: A private 501(c)(3) organization that advocates Smart Growth, more government benefits for illegals, worked to block workfare requirements for welfare benefits and supports taxing the Internet. ”

These are the organizations to which we send our newly elected officials to learn about the proper role of government. As they listen to speaker after speaker, we find that these are most likely the NGOs and planners, sharing program ideas and building the dream, all leading to Sustainable Development. The officials are even given sample legislation to take home. When they arrive home, the officials are met with representatives from the same NGO groups ready to help them put the policies in place. And, of course, they are armed with the grants to fund them all. Eventually, your elected representatives begin to believe this is all the proper role of government. So, when local activists come in to oppose such plans, their immediate reaction (supported by the NGOs) is that you are fringe nuts to be ignored.

Speaking In 1963, a lecturer on regional planning, Mel Scott of the University of California, said “Let us assume that one of these days there will be brought into being in this metropolitan region an Urban Resettlement Agency empowered to build new low-rent housing anywhere in the entire region, to buy existing housing and rent or sell it to minority families, to rehabilitate run-down units, to offer rent subsidies to families. It would be broader in its operations than any of our public housing authorities and renewal agencies. It would perform some functions that social agencies now perform and it would do some things than only private organizations now do. It should be the most unorthodox agency ever conceived and should be free to experiment with a great variety of services, projects, methods and legal powers.”[xvi] Hubris, anyone? This is also showing us the seeds of Public Private Partnerships.

In the 1960s, we were given Urban Renewal and Workable Programs for Community Development. Under Urban Renewal there were two types: redevelopment and rehabilitation. In redevelopment, the land and its title move from the owner to the local public urban renewal agency (LPA). Formerly taxed, the property becomes tax-exempt and ceases to bear a share of the city expenses. The owner is out. The Local Public Agency (LPA)[xvii] may: (a) sell the land to a redeveloper, (b) retain the land for parks, streets, and other public uses or lease it out.

Under urban renewal rehabilitation, “the land title remains with the owner (theoretically). Actually, due to urban renewal punishment, most property owners are forced out, losing their land and title. The “fix up” idea is put in motion under urban renewal conservation. Forced to comply, homeowners may either choose to knuckle under to years of debt and interest, or they may sell cut-rate and move out.”[xviii]

Yet, many people don’t seem to understand that when zoning is applied to land, land use rights are literally stolen.

But as Jo Hindman pointed out in her book, “planning assistance from the Federal government has been readily available to local communities which subscribe to urban renewal’s . . . city razing-rebuilding” since the National Housing Act of 1949 was passed. That was over 70 years ago. And too many people do not understand that “planning assistance from the federal government” means allowing the feds to get “into our private business”, to not only snoop on us but to start telling us what we can do with our once-private property.

In 1962, HUD Administer Robert C. Weaver said, “Neighborhoods today are both the symbol and embodiment of social distance between classes and ethnic groups. Destruction of this symbol is fundament to changing class and racial attitudes.”[xix] So, even though we pick where we want to live, we must be selecting where we will live because of racism?

Another tool to bring about Regionalism is to rewrite state constitutions and charters. We should be, according to the Left, updating the U.S. Constitution, bringing it into modern times. But, because that went over like a lead balloon, many courts (including SCOTUS) use a “living” constitution – that is, reading into the Constitution whatever feels good to them at the time – to mutate both state and federal government from an instrument of limited government to a tool of unlimited Regional governance. And, thus, giving more and more powers to the governors, who appoint all of the office holders below them, and sidestepping Constitutional procedures and freedoms. Little do these governors know that they, too, will soon be gone; unelected bodies, are our future if we don’t stop it now.

“The Progressives did not intend to abolish democracy, to be sure. They wanted the people’s will to be more efficiently translated into government policy. But what democracy meant for the Progressives is that the people would take power out of the hands of locally elected officials and political parties and place it instead into the hands of the central government, which would in turn establish administrative agencies run by neutral experts, scientifically trained, to translate the people’s inchoate will into concrete policies. Local politicians would be replaced by neutral city managers presiding over technically trained staffs. Politics in the sense of favoritism and self-interest would disappear and be replaced by the universal rule of enlightened bureaucracy.”[xx]

One thing this should tell you is that the enemy started at the local level and began the corruption of our founding documents there. Thus, we must begin at the local level. (Another reason to start there is that we no longer have a federal government that responds to “We the People”. It is 99.9% controlled by the Globalists and Deep State. The .1% are the die-hard constitutionalists trying to win back some leverage.)

Many, if not most, Republican parties across the nation are, at best, in bed with the Left. Once tainted, can it ever be cleansed?

Reinventing government is the major tool of Sustainable Development; both invade every aspect of our lives. They have the same goal: one world government through the reduction of the human population, the redistribution of wealth, and elimination of private property; as good tacticians, they are attacking from many angles. Reinventing government eliminates the Constitution and its protections of rights; Sustainable Development eliminates most humans on earth and makes slaves of the remaining few.

Don’t be discouraged. We can do it. If our Founding Fathers did it, we can. We just have to know what we are up against. This article certainly isn’t the be-all and end-all of Reinventing Government, but it should give you enough to start fighting in your town or city, and county. A big part of the fight is knowing you are not in it alone. Mr. Smith may have gone to Washington alone, but we are not in the movies. People across the nation, and in Canada, are putting together Freedom Pods and already seeing successes. Join us.

Now I’d like to address Senators and Representatives (this also includes our governors and mayors). For years you’ve been standing up there, telling us you’re fighting to protect our rights, fighting to protect the constitution. To keep America safe. Yeah? All I’ve seen for years is you “doing the Trey Gowdy”. You stand up there, in the House and Senate, and as you as you put it, “demolish”, “wipe the floor with”, destroy” so and so on the opposition. Or you are doing it for your five minutes of fame? Nothing comes of it, just like Gowdy – a distraction for the peanut gallery, the Circus in Bread and…” Too many America and Constitution loving patriots fall for it, but it is “All sound and fury, signifying nothing”.

For the past 20 years, you have known what is going on? You sat there watching your jobs being taken away. And yet you sat there silent. You saw your responsibilities turned over to bureaucrats. But you kept getting raises. So, you said nothing. Why?

You take money from the Deep State. Yes, it is our hard-earned money, but the enemy of the State, those who stole the election and staged the January coup, give you your paycheck for being a traitor.

You have disgraced your office, all of you. You have committed treason! You swore to protect the Constitution, then, by your silence, you helped destroy it. Many of you claim to be Christians. Those who are, need to be down on your knees praying that God will forgive you. Many Americans never will.

If you had done as you swore on the Bible, to protect the Constitution, you would have been standing up there, for however many years you have been lying by omission and telling us, day by day, what was going on. You were part of it. You watched every minute of it and said nothing. Why are you still there?

If you aren’t going to stand up for us nationally, go home and start working on saving your local area. Because you of all people should know what’s coming. Or are you expecting to be useful idiots in the new world order?

And, my fellow patriots, think back on all those hard-charging pols, especially those running for President. They knew, yet the remained silent. Ask yourself, what caused every one of them to be yellow-bellied cowards who were willing to do the will of evil men and women who have, in their turn, embedded Cultural Marxism into every institution of America? Blackmail? Bribery? Brainwashing? A combination?

Keep in mind, the new world order goal is to destroy America by destroying the Constitution and Christianity. They are traitors.

There are a few, whom I would never have believed would do this. Woe is me.

As Tom Wood says, Semper fi

Kathleen Marquardt, Vice President of American Policy Center, has been an advocate for property rights and freedom for decades. While not intending to be an activist, she has become a leader and an avid supporter of constitutional rights, featured in national publications including Fortune, People, the Washington Post, and Field and Stream, as well as television news programs such as Hard Copy, The McLaughlin Group, Geraldo, and many others.


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Enlightening. Unfortunately, it's a difficult read and many who need to know won't make it through the entire article. One point she made about government/private redevelopment was on the front page of the Fort Worth Startelgram today. The local council on governments has allocated some millions of dollars to build a new luxury apartment complex in a blighted area and some 280 of the units will be rented at below market rates. What a waste! Where are they going to find renters who care about the property? It'll just become another typical Section 8 slum. It will not revitalize the neighborhood. It'll look nice for a few months, but time will take its toll. This is the kind of…


In short, we are now in the fascist period of our journy from freedom to communism.


Wow! I mean what else can one say about this article? Very well written, clear, concise and most of all, correct! We are looking at a cabal of generations, the older generations bringing in and indoctrinating the new, apparently under the guise of convincing them that they are the elite, destined to rule under the "New World Order" and instructed to assume their role and carry out their portion of the global plan, tat has been in place since at least 1910!

Suffice to say, this article should be shared world wide, as none are exempt from the end result, we are all targets of the self proclaimed "elites", who feel that we are here only to serve them!

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