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Check Your SPAM Folder For Conservative Values

About a month ago we noticed a curious phenomenon: Our daily e-newsletter was going straight to our SPAM folder. Obviously, we hadn’t marked it as SPAM and just as obviously it didn’t have any dangerous links or other SPAM markers – in fact it passed our email platform’s SPAM check with flying colors.

But there was one identifiable factor in our e-newsletter that had changed: We started attacking Virginia’s Democrat candidate for Governor, Terry McAuliffe, for his pro-CRT, anti-parent positions.

Going back and looking at the numbers, almost to the minute we started attacking McAuliffe and giving favorable coverage to the parents and their Loudoun County Schoolboard recall effort, Comcast and/or Gmail started sending the newsletter to SPAM.

And so did AOL and Yahoo.

And no intervention on our part could change that outcome.

Marking the email as “not SPAM” and re-adding the address to our contacts didn’t help.

Our conclusion was that this was not some curiosity triggered by a change in the malevolent algorithm that seems to rule the internet – it had to be human intervention.

And we were not alone in that conclusion.

As our friend J. Christian Adams wrote in a must-read piece for PJ Media:

We are all familiar with the big stories of cancel culture. Something more insidious is emerging, where ideas and people are canceled on the margins. Twitter is placing obstacles in front of the spread of conservative ideas.

Want to post an idea about election vulnerabilities on Twitter?

Be careful or be suspended.

I learned this most recently after the organization I run sued the top election official in Fairfax County, Va., just before the election on behalf of a local nonprofit. The official ignored Virginia law and accepted absentee ballot applications without the statutorily required last four digits of the voter’s social security number. This step is designed to prevent mistakes at the election office and the disenfranchisement of voters. Once a ballot goes to the wrong person by mistake, the original registrant will not be allowed to vote.

Postings about this lawsuit were flagged as controversial or questionable by Twitter. Here’s the problem: The Fairfax County election official admitted he wasn’t requiring the numbers. The facts were not in dispute, at least in written stipulations both parties filed in court.

On Twitter, the undisputed becomes controversial and gets flagged.

All of this is to emphasize that cancel culture is creating new variants, and these variants are more insidious and harder to detect. There are Silicon Valley pinheads responsible for developing and policing these canceling software codes. They are the modern-day political street gangsters of another age.

And Mr. Adams went on to explain one way this system works:

In the 2020 election, documents obtained by Judicial Watch reveal that the California Secretary of State – a government agency for those of you at RStreet – was partnering with Facebook to stomp out speech about election vulnerabilities.

It worked like this: Whenever a government official in Sacramento saw an article they disagreed with about voter fraud or the election, they alerted a unit inside Facebook.

Remember, it is not merely a “unit inside Facebook.” It is employees with names, salaries, ideologies, diplomas, and mortgage payments. I mention this because it is important to stop camouflaging these wrongdoers, these enemies of free speech, with institutional titles.

It isn’t Facebook or the Department of Justice. It’s individual employees making choices about how to use their power.

One of them was Pam Karlan, current principal deputy assistant attorney general in the Justice Department Civil Rights Division. While a tenured law professor, Karlan served on a Facebook goon squad during the 2020 election working on a censorship committee to help divide her fact from her fiction.

Once those on Facebook’s goon squad decided they didn’t like a narrative, it vanished from Facebook or was throttled.

Now, similar “ministries of truth” exist in state election offices across the country, funded by private dollars, and sometimes tax dollars.

And it turns out Mr. Adams has experienced the same thing we discovered with regard to our email going straight to SPAM:

And what of Microsoft? Pay attention to what Microsoft mail servers are sending to your spam folders. One of my email providers recently switched to a Microsoft platform and suddenly my mail from Ted Cruz, Richard Viguerie, and other overtly conservative senders started being herded into an email ghetto.

When I tell Microsoft – “Not Spam” – that only seems to ensure more emails from conservatives are sent to the ghetto.

Am I imagining things? Possibly. But it’s not like I don’t have cause.

I have written scores of articles about election fraud and vulnerabilities over the last decade here at PJ Media. Sometimes I even include the exact headline in a search to find an article. Yet in Google search results, these articles are vanished, like Stalin’s airbrushed companion. Our modern Ministry of Truth has decided to bury them beyond reach.

But the search result I can always count on when I search for a precise headline in quotes and my name in quotes is a piece by Jane C. Timm at NBC News called “Vote Fraud Crusader J. Christian Adams Sparks Outrage.”

Who needs the real article I am looking for when you can have NBC outrage instead?

The Silicon Valley war on conservatives isn’t being run by some malevolent Artificial Intelligence (at least not yet), there are real people behind it and, as J. Christian Adams has suggested, they need to be identified, named and held to account for their actions.

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I recently had to replace my router and got a new Netgear system. It comes with "Netgear Armor" that helps protect you from various attacks. I got a lot of messages about how many phishing or spam messages were blocked. I also noticed that many of those were conservative messages. The free trial run is now over, so maybe I won't be protected from those subversive conservative messages anymore. But I also worry that they might purposely allow other types of attacks in just so you have to use their service. I really have no idea. But that's the point; it isn't possible for you to know what is going on in that black box and, well, here we are.

Me gusta

I have been reading your daily columns for about four or five years. About two thirds or so of them have gone to my "bulk mail" file under where I had to move them to my inbox. Now I think I have a better picture of what is happening. Thank you for addressing this.

Me gusta
15 nov 2021
Contestando a

Thanks for being a loyal reader!

Me gusta

This is by no means a new practice, as I have a Yahoo account and this has been the case for years, most especially with any email containing the name "Trump" in the title, likewise with any Republican member of the Congress, Judicial Watch and even Breitbart News.

I have sent emails stating such to everyone that has ended up in my Spam folder, after I have marked them each as "Not Spam" and yet the issue has been addressed by none, until this article.

Apparently, none are concerned with this covert, underhanded attempt at election interference, as it increases dramatically during campaigning just prior to elections.

I suppose we are all obligated to check our Spam folder every day,…

Me gusta
Contestando a

No, thank you for providing quality articles, in a clean, uncluttered format, not swamped by click bait and pop ups! Not to mention the comment section, very easy to navigate and follow.

Me gusta
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