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CHQ Chairman Richard A Viguerie’s GO RIGHT-GO BIG Blog Is Live!

Richard A. Viguerie, the pioneer of political direct marketing, Chairman of, chairman of American Target Advertising™, and author of GO BIG, The Marketing Secrets of Richard A. Viguerie, announced that his inaugural blog to grow the

conservative movement, by helping leaders and organizations significantly boost their reach, is live. (Please click here to sign-up to receive future editions.)

“Those who oppose liberty are winning, not by the superiority or success of their ideas,

policies or programs,” says Viguerie, “but by the weakness of Republican politicians and

the inactions of conservative leaders.”

Viguerie’s goal is to inspire and equip new, young, conservative leaders to launch thousands of new organizations with millions of new donors and supporters. The effort will also support conservative candidates who must brand themselves and raise money in order to win big.

The “GO RIGHT - GO BIG” blog is an extension of Viguerie’s 2022 book “GO BIG

that provides his marketing and fundraising “secrets” for how conservatives can and must

defeat the progressive, liberal Democrats who are quickly shuttling America towards the

darkness of Marxism and communism with the aid of their superior marketing skills and


The stakes could not be bigger. “Most national, state and local conservative leaders are

AWOL in the spiritual civil war raging in America,” writes Viguerie in GO BIG.

According to Viguerie, conservatives lack the leaders, organizations, donors, and money that the Left has, chiefly because liberals are eons ahead of conservatives in both messaging and strategy.

* Liberals have more than 20,000 single issue nonprofits—conservatives have about 1,500.

* Liberal nonprofits raise 700% more money than conservative nonprofits.

* Liberals raise more than $20 billion—conservatives about $3.5 billion.

* Liberals have about 700% more donors than conservatives do.

* Liberals have more than 20 million unique donors—conservatives have about 3.5


* Democrat candidates in the 2022 Election Cycle out-raised Republican candidates by about 250%.

Beginning in the 1960s, Viguerie, alongside Bill Buckley, Phyllis Schlafly, Frank Meyer, Brent Bozell and others, helped launch the Conservative Movement. Today he remains one of its most active, energetic leaders. His new blog GO RIGHT – GO BIG features weekly posts that deliver his expertise to subscribers at no cost.

“If there is one secret behind Republican success, it is how grassroots conservative activists have managed to bypass elite media filters by using alternative media—postal mail, talk radio, cable TV, email, and various digital platforms—to get their message directly to the American people. But we need more,” says Viguerie, “more organizations, more money, and more leaders with new ideas and new energy to take back this country.”

“In my more than-sixty years of involvement in conservative politics at the national level

I have seen many great, large movements come in waves. We need to GO RIGHT - GO

BIG to ignite the next one!”

About Richard A. Viguerie: Called the “Funding Father” of the conservative movement, Mr. Viguerie transformed American politics in the 1960s and 70s by pioneering the use of direct mail as a means for conservatives to bypass the mainstream media and take the conservative message right into people’s homes. At age 89, Viguerie works 12-13 hours a day, 5 ½ days a week, in addition to serving as chairman of his 90-person marketing agency, he serves as the chairman of and , and editor of the blog GO RIGHT – GO BIG.

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The problem is we have no "Go Right--Go Big" elected politicians and candidates for office. We need "Go Right--Go Big" American voters, as well.

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