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Coca-Cola, Led By A Foreigner, Is Interfering In American Elections

By Tommy Sears and George Rasley

Democrats and their Far Left media allies have spent the past five years claiming Russians

and other foreign governments interfered in our elections to help Donald Trump – but the real foreign interference in our elections doesn’t come from a few Russian Facebook ads. The really massive foreign interference in American elections comes from the millions of dollars spent by globalist “woke” corporations and their foreign executives lobbying to make it easier for Democrats to steal elections by abolishing voter ID laws, leave dead people and those who have moved on the voter rolls, allow 16-year-old kids to register to vote and extend ballot counting past Election Day, so Democrats can count votes until they win. For example, Coca-Cola’s CEO James Quincey – a citizen of the United Kingdom and subject of the British monarch – has unapologetically become the corporate wokeness leader, attacking Georgia’s recently passed election integrity laws as racist and undemocratic.

In a CNBC interview, Quincey said the law did “not promote principles we have stood for in Georgia around broad access to voting, around voter convenience, about ensuring election integrity.” As CHQ pointed out in our article “America’s Corporate Enemy #1,” what Quincey conveniently glossed over was that it is now easier to vote in Georgia’s next presidential election than it is to vote in Coke’s next election for its board of directors!

And James Quincey’s home country – the United Kingdom – has much more stringent election integrity requirements than the ones he so cavalierly criticized when the Georgia legislature passed the new law.

In the UK there’s Election Day, not Election Month – you have one day to vote in person. You must be registered to vote in advance and if you live in Northern Ireland, you must show ID. You vote by paper ballot. And while any voter is allowed to request a mail-in ballot, the ballot must arrive by the close of the polls on Election Day, otherwise it will not be counted – there’s no keeping the count open so Democrats can count them until they win in James Quincey’s home country, so why does he think that’s a good idea for America?

And what of Coke’s other globalist Directors who felt they should oppose Georgia’s new election integrity legislation?

Coke Director Marc Bolland is not an American, but a citizen of the Netherlands. In the Netherlands there is no early voting -there’s Election Day, not Election Month. You must present your polling card to vote – voting is by electronic voting machine and results are usually known within minutes of the polls closing. Results in national elections are usually in from all areas by midnight with the official results announced the following morning. The extended recounts and “count them until you win” antics of Democrats like Stacey Abrams would never be allowed in the Netherlands, and when questions were raised about the security of the Netherlands’ electronic voting machines some jurisdictions quickly returned to paper ballots as a precaution against fraud.

Coca-Cola Director Ana Botín is not an American, but a citizen of Spain. Ms. Botin, Executive Chair, of the scandal plagued Banco Santander, S.A., should know that in her country registering to vote isn’t enough – you have to register and then declare, "yo quiero estar censado," literally "I would like to be in the census," therefore indicating the desire to be included on the electoral roll. You must show ID when registering and when handing in your ballot and there’s no early voting, so no Election Month, just Election Day when those who have declared their desire to vote cast their ballots. And there’s no same day registration or provisional ballots – those wishing to vote are advised to allow three months for processing to be officially registered to vote.

It is also worth noting that one of the authors of Coke’s interference in American elections was recently retired Coca-Cola Company General Counsel Bernhard Goepelt, a German who served in Coke’s legal department for some three decades. Goepelt succeeded an Australian, Geoffrey Kelly, meaning Coke had foreigners at the helm of its legal department for several decades.

Bloomberg Law reported under Goepelt’s leadership, Coca-Cola’s law department sought to become an “inclusion leader,” bestowing its “Living the Values” award to outside counsel that demonstrated a strong commitment to “diversity.” Coca-Cola has paused its controversial diversity plan after intense backlash. The plan, implemented by Goepelt’s successor, Bradley Gayton, included penalties on outside law firms if they failed to meet racial diversity quotas. Gayton, an outspoken advocate of corporate “woke-ism,” has now resigned amid the backlash.

Whatever the calculations, the foregoing certainly doesn’t indicate an abiding interest in American election security. That same election security that Quincey’s woke corporate peers insisted in 2016 was irreparably compromised by “Russian collusion.” But again, as outlined by CHQ, Quincey’s objectives have less to do with Coke stock performance than they do pursuing a globalist agenda that seeks progressive objectives and social justice, by driving “change through their suppliers.” To decode: forcing them to adopt Coke’s political agenda if they want to remain in business. By his own admission at the Davos World Economic Forum in January, Quincey means to employ “action and investments” on “societal and sustainability issues” that otherwise “won’t come accordingly.” Some more deciphering: he means to bring the multinational corporate power of Coke to bear to advance this “new social contract,” which apparently includes making it easier to steal American elections for Democrats.

There’s your real foreign political interference – straight from the top of a multibillion-dollar multinational corporation. These globalist corporations, like Coke, that are led by foreigners, are the real danger to election integrity in the United States.

It’s time to hold Coke to account for undermining American elections, threatening economic hardship on states unless they implement lax standards that make it easier for Democrats to steal elections and for advocating election laws that would never be allowed in their home countries, but apparently make sense for America because they help Democrats.

With its long-standing reputation as the more business-friendly of the two major American political parties, it’s time for the GOP to stop being the Party of Stupid and to punish companies led by foreigners for interference in our elections; as our friend Scott McKay of the American Spectator said, “it’s time to choke woke Coke.” Coming soon a personal look at the Far Left leadership of the Coca-Cola Company.

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Charles Wilkins
Charles Wilkins
May 19, 2021

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Charles Wilkins
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Replying to

I am not familiar with Venmo. I do not use Paypal either. So the point you are trying to make here eludes me. I looked up Venmo online. Why would people want others to know their payment history? I guess I'm too old fashioned!


Silver Fox
Silver Fox
May 18, 2021

Time for American patriots to fight back and retake the American republic. Start with not buying coke products. Coke used to be American. Sold out to foreign buyers.


We would stop using coke products if it wasn't for the fact that we stopped drinking any kind of sodas several years ago because they are unhealthy. Everybody thinks of CocaCola as being as American as apple pie. Apparently, that isn't the case. It's past time to abandon the notion that corporations are citizens that are entitled to have a voice in government affairs. We need a clear distinction between government and business, a form of a "wall of separation," if you will.

Replying to

Believe it or not, when my younger brother and I were quite ill with diarrhea as young kids in the early '60's, the doctor prescribed Coca-Cola syrup. It worked. My dad tasted it, and was hooked on Coke the rest of his life.


This shows you how screwed up our politics and Washington, D.C., are: foreigners calling the shots for us. What's next? Queen Elizabeth charging us with voter suppression? Unbelievable. Patton, MacArthur, Uncle Ronnie, and Senator McCarthy must be rolling over in their graves. Talk about asleep at the switch: the American voter.

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