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Conservative Journalist Michael Patrick Leahy Headed For Jail Over Reporting On Transgender Killer?

Our friend Star News CEO Michael Patrick Leahy has filed an emergency motion to set aside a show cause hearing order with the potential to send him to jail over the Star News Network’s extraordinary reporting on the Covenant killer documents case.

Tom Pappert, lead reporter for The Tennessee Star, reports an emergency motion filed on Wednesday requests Tennessee Chancery Court Judge I’Ashea L. Myles set aside her June 10 court order which established a Show Cause hearing on Monday, June 17, 2024. Myles issued the order after dozens of articles that reported writings from a journal recovered from Covenant School transgender killer Audrey Elizabeth Hale were published by The Tennessee Star.


Michael Patrick Leahy, who is the CEO of Star News Digital Media, Inc. and the editor-in-chief of The Star, was ordered by Myles to appear in court on Monday after WSMV 4 reporter Stacey Cameron claimed he called the court to ask Myles “if she was considering holding the Star or anyone else in contempt” due to its reporting.


A show cause hearing is generally a court order or demand from a judge for a party in a court case to explain why the court should not issue a motion ruling against them based on available evidence.


Myles is overseeing the Tennessee lawsuit in which both Leahy and Star News Digital Media, Inc. are plaintiffs seeking to compel the full release of Hale’s writings, including those that have been called a manifesto, by the Metro Nashville Police Department. Leahy and Star News Digital Media, Inc. are also plaintiffs in the federal lawsuit against the FBI for the same purpose.

In her June 10 order, Myles said Leahy must explain why the extensive reporting by The Star “does not violate the Orders of this Court.” If reporting by The Star is deemed to have violated any orders, which Myles did not enumerate, both Star News Digital Media, Inc. and Leahy could be subjected “to contempt proceedings and sanctions.”


Leahy’s emergency filing, submitted by nationally recognized First Amendment attorney Daniel A. Horwitz, argues that Myles should set aside her June 10 order because it did not enumerate which previous Orders of the Court were allegedly violated by Leahy or Star News Digital Media, Inc., steps outside the bounds of existing Tennessee law, fails to offer Leahy due process, and does not adhere to protections afforded to journalists.


“The Show Cause Order does not specify or otherwise identify ‘the Orders of this Court’ that it implies may have been violated.” The filing notes, “The Show Cause Order does make clear, however, that it is concerned with the acts – specifically, ‘the publication of certain purported documents and information’ – that transpired outside the presence of the Court.”


Additionally, the filing notes Myles’ order setting the show cause hearing references the publication of materials “outside the judicial record.”


The distinction is significant, according to the filing, “because the only two previous orders that appear even plausibly to be implicated here” do not “impose nor import to impose any restrictions on such external publication” by Leahy.


Myles’ order establishing the show cause hearing is additionally alleged to have violated Tennessee’s “shield law” which the filing notes “protects reporters from being compelled to reveal any information – or the source of any information – procured for publication and broadcast.”


Tennessee Code 24-1-208(a) is referenced specifically, as it mandates:


A person engaged in gathering information for publication or broadcast connected with or employed by the news media or press, or who is independently engaged in gathering information for publication or broadcast, shall not be required by a court, a grand jury, the general assembly, or any administrative body, to disclose before the general assembly or any Tennessee court, grand jury, agency, department, or commission any information or the source of any information procured for publication or broadcast.


The filing warns, “Such forbidden disclosure appears to be exactly what is contemplated by this Court’s Show Cause Order,” and additionally that Leahy “cannot lawfully be compelled to participate in a show cause hearing” that requires him to disclose such information.


According to the filing, Myles’ order “is out of step with other components of Tennessee’s contempt law, too.”


Citing legal precedent, the filing notes any contemplation of contempt against Leahy would likely be considered indirect criminal contempt, but warned that Myles’ order did not appear to follow the appropriate procedure for this charge, as Leahy was given just seven days to prepare his defense and does not know what court orders he is alleged to have violated.


“Given these circumstances, Mr. Leahy is left to guess what he is accused of doing that this Court believes may subject him ‘to contempt proceedings and sanctions,'” the order explains, adding that the “uncertainty deprives Mr. Leahy of the fair notice” required in Tennessee.


The filing also argues Leahy “cannot safely participate” in the Monday hearing, and “[b]ecause he does not know the orders he is being accused of violating, anything he says risks incriminating him with respect to future-but-as-yet-unknown contempt charges based on unidentified provisions of unidentified orders.”


As a result, the filing explains Horwitz will advise Leahy “to exercise his right not to Testify at the Court’s show cause hearing,” and argues, “the Court cannot legally compel him to do so.” The filing argues:


Simply put: Mr. Leahy cannot risk responding to this Court’s inquiries when he has not received pre-hearing notice of the specific provisions of the specific orders that the Court suspects he may have violated. Under these circumstances, Mr. Leahy respectfully objects to the Court’s order compelling him to appear and show cause why he should not be subject to contempt proceedings. Accordingly, Mr. Leahy moves this Court to set aside its Show Cause Order on the basis that it contravenes minimum due process guarantees.


Regardless of which previous court orders Myles claims Leahy violated, the filing notes her order setting the show cause hearing implies, “the Court believes an earlier order entered in this case restricted Mr. Leahy—a reporter—from publishing lawfully obtained documents to his readership.”


The filing notes that none of Myles’ previous court orders appear “to contemplate such a drastic action,” but warns that such an interpretation of a previous order would be “a prior restraint that suffers from serious constitutional infirmities and is presumptively unconstitutional.”


According to the filing, “if this Court believes that Mr. Leahy has violated an earlier prior restraint order, then Mr. Leahy is entitled to challenge the constitutionality of the order before being subject to contempt.”


The filing requested Myles announce her decision about whether to set aside her court order establishing the show cause hearing by Thursday at noon. A similar filing on behalf of Star News may be forthcoming.

Read the full emergency filing submitted on Wednesday through this link.

This latest contretemps, ginned up by WSMV 4 reporter Stacey Cameron, is only the most recent chapter in the efforts of the establishment in Nashville to suppress the writings of transgender terrorist Audrey Hale. Regularly scooped by the Tennessee Star, the Nashville establishment media, such as Cameron, has been singularly uninterested in Hale’s motivation for killing three children and three staff members at Covenant Presbyterian Church’s school.


Without the fearless reporting of Michael Patrick Leahy and the Tennessee Star team it is likely that the FBI and Metro Nashville Police Department would have succeeded in covering up the connection between Hale’s transgender “health treatment” and the political and religious motivation behind the March 27, 2023, transgender terrorist attack on the Covenant School in Nashville, Tennessee.

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I have yet to see a clear explanation as to why the manifesto cannot be published in full. The writer is dead and the case needs to be resolved unless there is some indication that the shooter was only part of a much larger conspiracy and that others are being looked at. Anybody have any ideas?


14 de jun.

So the public isn't allowed to be alerted to and familiar with the ravings, especially on social media, of a serial killer? Maybe if people on social media are made aware of the type of posts crazy people post BEFORE a murderous rampage, someone could have alerted authorities. That is, of course, assuming that authorities would actually DO SOMETHING about it. The tran$ medical $upport $y$tem is a big bu$ine$$. That being said, we also have to assume that the tentacles of the trans agenda doesn't extend so far as to stop the authorities from taking action against a trans perp BEFORE a murderous rampage. While I'm at it, I'm going to question the wokeness of this particular jud…

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