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Conservative Leaders Oppose McConnell Debt Ceiling ‘Machinations’

In a “Memo to the Movement” released yesterday, the conservative leaders participating in the Conservative Action Project, whose membership includes millions of conservative voters,

decried the machinations in which Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell engaged to facilitate a bill to increase the debt ceiling.

Don’t let McConnell and other RINO Senators off the hook on the debt ceiling vote. The toll-free Capitol Switchboard (1-866-220-0044), call your Republican Senators and demand that they vote NO on any Democrat bill to raise the debt ceiling.

December 9, 2021

Washington, DC

Conservatives oppose the deal constructed by Senator Mitch McConnell and Senator Chuck Schumer to raise the debt ceiling. It is a needlessly complicated procedural maneuver designed to make it look like Republicans are opposed to raising the debt ceiling when they’re actually setting up a vote to enable it.

By supplying the votes for cloture on the underlying bill, Republicans will help Democrats set up a 51-vote, privileged process for raising the debt ceiling. While Democrats will be the ones who vote for the privileged resolution, Republicans will have helped make the vote possible.

These machinations are designed to do little more than layer procedure on procedure to avoid providing a clear accounting to the voters of where members stand on controversial issues. If Senate Republicans support raising the debt ceiling, they should just vote to do so instead of hiding behind procedural ruses.

Moreover, we are also opposed to creating a special, one-time 51 vote filibuster exemption for single policy issues, which is what is being done here. This type of process begins taking the Senate down the proverbial slippery slope toward eroding the legislative filibuster, in the same slow way that heralded the eventual death of the judicial filibuster.

Especially at a time when Democrats have been demanding filibuster exemptions for “worthy” causes like their election meddling legislation, it is unconscionable for Republicans to give their arguments credibility by agreeing with the premise that the legislative filibuster can be subject to single issue carve outs.

It is exactly these type of processes – which engage in procedural trickery designed to avoid accountability and hide actions from voters – which make voters hate Washington. We oppose raising the debt ceiling, the proposed convoluted process intended to remove accountability from Senate Republicans, and the willingness of those Republicans to threaten the legislative filibuster.

We urge Senate Republicans to oppose the legislation which makes the debt ceiling resolution possible.

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Talk is cheap. Will these "conservative leaders" do anything about this? I wouldn't hold your breath waiting, folks.

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