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Conservative Rep. Bob Good: Kevin McCarthy Hasn’t Earned My Vote

Our good friend principled limited government constitutional conservative Republican Representative Bob Good (VA-5) recently circulated a letter to supporters and constituents

that well sums-up why the current House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy of California is having so much trouble closing the deal to be Speaker of the House when the new House Republican majority is seated on January 3, 2023.

Here’s what Bob sent around, and we think it bears passing on to all your conservative contacts and to Republican Members of the U.S. House of Representatives:

As you may know, I was one of the first to announce that Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy had not earned my vote to be the next Speaker of the House. Now, I am proudly standing with conservatives in the House Freedom Caucus to support Congressman Andy Biggs in his run.

Leader McCarthy had two years to audition for the job. He had two years to fight the progressive agenda. Instead of standing with us when it would cost him nothing politically:

❌ He didn’t support our efforts to Vacate the Chair, a parliamentary move that could have halted Speaker Pelosi in her weakest moments.

❌ He didn’t support our efforts to fight against the National Defense Authorization Act items that made our military more WOKE, instead of battle ready, spent billions of dollars on climate change including a plan to electrify military vehicles, and kicked heroes out for refusing to get the vaccine.

❌ He wouldn't even support our efforts to force Democrats to simply take more recorded votes on their radical agenda.

When the Freedom Caucus asked for changes to the House rules that would empower regular members to be a voice for their constituents and would better allow us to keep our leadership in check, McCarthy said no.

As you’ve seen these last few years during the reign of Speaker Nancy Pelosi, this position is powerful. As we prepare to go into battle with the Biden-Pelosi-Schumer agenda, we need to be confident that our leader will use the power of the Speaker's office to fight for our conservative values.

If you remember, I was one of the first to come against Liz Cheney as our party conference chair. While Leader McCarthy initially backed Cheney, we eventually won the battle to remove her from leadership. And, I’m hoping to win this one for the American people as well.

Bob Good said his campaign team has been overwhelmed with messages of support for his efforts in this effort to find a conservative replacement for Kevin McCarthy. However, this is an uphill battle and Bob and the rest of the conservative Members of the House who are opposing Kevin McCarthy for Speaker need the continued support of the conservative grassroots and most of all your prayers to help them persevere to victory.

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