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Conservatives Flee Fox News – Move To NewsMax

Fox News is beginning to see a massive conservative backlash following the formerly

conservative network’s biased anti-Donald Trump election coverage.

The consensus among conservatives is that Fox News is “dead” and has lost the credibility it achieved through its much-vaunted “fair and balanced” slogan.

As our friends at Law Enforcement Today reported, viewers are saying “Fox News is dead. It should be taken off the air permanently. It’s no longer Fair and Balanced like they claim now. We need to get new news networks available to all citizens that isn’t the mainstream news media: Newsmax, One America News, The First to name a few examples.”

Fox News election coverage led the ratings on Tuesday, Nov. 3, with 14.1 million viewers over CNN and MSNBC, but only four days later on Saturday, Nov. 7, the same anchors, and the same show had only 1.7 million viewers, according to The Gateway Pundit.

This drastic drop in its ratings does not seem to be an isolated event. According to a report by John Nolte of Breitbart, Fox News anchor Bret Baier tweeted this Saturday before his show inviting his followers to watch the show but had a reaction that he may not have expected.

And it looks like the conservative flight is starting to bite: for the week of November 2nd through November 8th, CNN finished first with an average prime time audience of 6.124 million viewers, followed by Fox News (5.943 million viewers) and MSNBC (4.757 million viewers), according to ratings data compiled by Nielsen.

According to The Wrap, on Wednesday, CNN topped primetime (8 p.m. to 11 p.m.) with an average of 7.1 million total viewers, besting Tuesday’s top channel Fox News by about 800,000 people. MSNBC finished a semi-distant third with 4.8 million viewers.

CNN topped Thursday night’s election coverage with an average of 6.3 million primetime viewers, beating Fox News for the second night in a row in networks’ ongoing competition to track the presidential race. Fox News had 5.6 million viewers Thursday night, MSNBC got 4.9 million.

The rankings for Thursday in the key news demographic, adults ages 25-54, for the cable news channels were the same. Among that group, CNN took 2.9 million viewers, Fox News drew 1.5 million and MSNBC had 1.3 million.

On Saturday, when major decision desks were calling the 2020 election for Joe Biden, Fox News joined them. For much of the day, the allegedly conservative news outlet was splashed with chyrons about Biden’s victory as its correspondents covered the story as if there was no question about who won the election. Over at Newsmax, meanwhile, readers could find stories about how the “mainstream media” called it for Biden, but Newsmax itself had not.

According to progressive business news site Fast Company, lines were drawn in the sand, and for Newsmax Media, those lines seem to be paying off. The conservative outlet’s mobile app is definitely enjoying a moment since the election. According to data tracking firm Sensor Tower, Newsmax’s rank among free apps in Apple’s App Store climbed from No. 1,061 on Election Day to No. 8 on November 8, the day after the election was called for Biden. As of yesterday, it hit its highest rank ever, Sensor Tower says. The app is seeing a similar bump on Google Play.

Fast Company identified similar splintering of audiences is taking place on social media networks as conservative users—angry about what they see as anti-conservative bias from Big Tech companies like Facebook and Twitter—flock to alternative platforms like Parler, which similarly shot to the top of app store charts in the days following for establishment media’s call for Biden.

As Marisa Herman, media reporter for NewsMax, wrote, on Election Night, celebrities, political pundits in the White House, and staunch Fox fans tuned into Newsmax TV to get their election news, more proof of the meteoric rise in popularity of Newsmax TV.

Many began flipping the channel after Fox News called Arizona for Democrat Joe Biden. According to Newsweek, Fox was the only network at the time to show the state going to Biden. Newsmax was the first major news network to project Florida for Trump.

Newsmax TV was even playing in the White House on election night. "We've got [Newsmax] on every single TV right there," special assistant to the president Andrew Giuliani told Newsmax TV Tuesday night from the White House lawn. He pointed out that Fox News had yet to give the state of Florida to Trump, something Newsmax had already done.

Grammy-award winning country singer Travis Tritt was one Fox News viewer who made the switch to Newsmax – and he let his huge fan base know and they agreed. As the results were unfolding, he tweeted to his army of followers: “No matter what the final results are tonight, one thing is extremely clear @FoxNews can no longer claim to be the fair and balanced network they once were. There are a lot of biased hacks there now and a ton of folks are noticing. It's now @newsmax for me for election results.

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