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Conservatives Must Protect Pro-Life Centers From Democrats’ ‘Night of Rage’

Last week we told you about the Leftwing terrorist group known as “Jane’s Revenge,” which has taken credit for attacks on pro-life pregnancy centers across the nation since the leak of the draft of the Supreme Court’s Dobbs decision, issuing a statement declaring “open season” on pro-life organizations.

According to research by our friends at Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America there have been more than 40 incidents of violence, vandalism and intimidation directed toward pro-life individuals and organizations, including pregnancy centers and houses of worship, since the leak of a draft opinion in the Dobbs case.

Attorney General Merrick Garland made a half-hearted statement claiming the FBI would look into the terrorist attacks on pro-lifers, but as with the January 6 “pipe bomb” and the Seth Rich murder investigations nothing has happened even though the perpetrators have bragged about their exploits on social media.

Now, the Jane’s Revenge terrorist cell has doubled down and called for a “day of rage” when the decision on Dobbs is released.

The Wall Street Journal reports a friend last week sent a photo of a flyer popping up around Washington. “DC CALL TO ACTION NIGHT OF RAGE,” it declares. “THE NIGHT SCOTUS OVERTURNS ROE V. WADE HIT THE STREETS YOU SAID YOU’D RIOT.”


As the Wall Street Journal’s editorial board observed, that’s an incitement to more than peaceful protest against the Court. The threat of violence has to be taken seriously because Jane’s Revenge has already taken credit for acts of destruction against pregnancy-crisis centers around the country.

The WSJ’s Nicole Ault reported on this ominous trend against pro-life groups that counsel pregnant women considering abortion.

In one example cited by Ms. Ault, A CompassCare pregnancy center in Buffalo, N.Y., was firebombed on June 7. Photos CompassCare posted on Facebook show shattered windows and charred interiors. CEO Jim Harden says the damage will cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to repair. Also at the scene: “Jane was here,” scrawled in cursive on the side of the building. On June 14, a communiqué signed “Jane’s Revenge” and posted to Abolition Media appeared to take credit for many of the pregnancy-center attacks.

“We are not one group but many,” said the missive, adding that “you have seen us” in Buffalo, Gresham, Portland and 13 other cities where pregnancy centers have been attacked in recent weeks.

The Jane’s Revenge threats have received little attention in the rest of the press, so we hope the close-knit pro-life movement is getting the word out to crisis pregnancy centers, churches and other pro-life organizations that “Janes Revenge” is a clear and present danger to their lives and property.

We could hope for the best and expect the Washington, D.C., and Capitol police to be much better prepared than they were for the riots of 2020 and 2021, however, as the Supreme Court and Capitol Hill take on the look of an armed camp this is not a DC-centric threat – it is everywhere conservatives have gathered and organized to prevent the industrial-scale murder of babies.

Ms. Ault reported that however organized Jane’s Revenge may be, the threats and attacks in its name are real. “For the allies of ours who doubt the authenticity of the communiqués and actions: there is a way you can get irrefutable proof that these actions are real. Go do one of your own,” says the June 14 message. “Everyone with the urge to paint, to burn, to cut, to jam: now is the time.”

Indeed, communities outside the security conscious Beltway are easy “soft targets” for the Leftwing terrorists of “Jane’s Revenge” because they are less likely to have the security resources or be able to quickly call upon them from smaller communities’ local law enforcement.

That situation suggests that conservative supporters of pro-life organizations and churches should step into the breach and volunteer to protect them.

Like the Ku Klux Klan, BLM and ANTIFA, the other military arms of the Democratic Party, Jane’s Revenge strikes at night. Much as it might appeal to some, we are not suggesting conservatives form an armed cordon around their local pregnancy counseling center. Rather, a simple all night gathering for prayer and thanksgiving for the end of the Supreme Court-sanctioned murder of babies is likely enough to deter the terrorists or provide loads of witnesses if passive deterrence is challenged.

The Supreme Court is rapidly approaching the end of this term when the Dobbs decision will finally become public. We urge our friends in the pro-life movement to organize and heighten their security in anticipation that the threats of the Democrats of Jane’s Revenge are serious and real, and help is not coming from the Biden administration because they are firmly on the other side.

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I hope pro-choice people fight every bit as hard and violently for the right to govern their own bodies as all gun nuts are threatening to do.


I would not expect much here. What did "conservatives" do to stop the left's "peaceful protests" that resulted in massive destruction in the summer of 2020? In the words of the immortal Stan Lee, "'Nuff said!"


James Bryson
James Bryson
Jun 22, 2022

Can we get our money back... for the DoJ, their stooge, the FBI and hundreds of others federal, state and local law enforcement organizations that are fecklessly STANDING ASIDE.

Taxpayer funded you really want mob on mob?


Charles Wilkins
Charles Wilkins
Jun 22, 2022

Piss poor decisions, lousy judgements, compromised bought and paid for policy positions,they could not have elected more of an anti American leader then if you put in some Chinese communist war lord, maybe you have, listeningto Hunter Biden brag about his influence over his fellow corrupt big guy father. Why do we have open borders for illegal's, drugs, disease? the war on our energy industry? inflation shortages? all stemming from a corrupt leadership, making decisions against our American way of life, it's values. His America last policy is killing our Country.The mid terms are coming closer, vote out these democrats, keep them out of impeach every ass hole who broke his oath to our Country to protect and serve, replace…

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