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Conservatives Must Stop LGBT Weaponization of School Lunches

The national school lunch program, instituted in 1946 by President Harry Truman, is an important element of America’s efforts to help ensure that children from low-income families

do not go hungry. While the program has undergone changes from time to time – such as expanding eligibility and ensuring that meals are more nutritious – it has never been used as a weapon to advance the agenda of a narrow special interest group.

Until now.

Our friends at the National Organization for Marriage (NOM) have alerted us that the administration of President Joe Biden, with the full support and at the urging of LGBT groups, is implementing a new policy to withhold federal funding for school lunches from schools that supposedly "discriminate" based on “sexual orientation” and “gender identity.”

Of course, any school might be accused of this simply for upholding traditional sexual norms or even merely for recognizing the reality of biological sex, said Brian S. Brown, President of the National Organization for Marriage. Given that some 30 million poor children benefit from the school lunch program. Their health is now being risked so that schools feel forced to adopt key elements of the LGBT agenda, including the embrace of transgenderism.

This is an outrageous imposition of the LGBT agenda on America, but it is a perfect example of what NOM has been warning against. A major element of the misnamed Equality Act that is the top priority of LGBT groups is the imposition of transgenderism on society by changing the definition of human sex to mean “sexual orientation” and “gender identity.”

By changing the school lunch program to include this provision, schools will be forced to adopt policies that open bathrooms, showers, locker rooms and other facilities to biological males who claim a female gender identity. Males will be able to compete against, and dominate, girls in sports. Students will be forced to use the preferred pronouns demanded of transgender students, including the mind-blowingly incorrect “they” when referring to a single individual. Any student who expresses a contrary viewpoint – such as the Christian view that God created people male and female, two genders only, or that marriage is the union of a man and a woman – will be punished as discriminating against the LGBT community.

NOM intends to push back against this imposition of the LGBT agenda and the outrageous denial of food to poor children to do so.

Thankfully, NOM will not be alone in this fight against the Biden administration and the LGBT lobby that is pushing this outrageous weaponization of the national school lunch program.

Over two-dozen state Attorneys General have sent a letter to President Biden objecting to his move as unlawful in several respects. The Department of Agriculture, which administers the school lunch program, claimed they were merely “updating” its rules to comply with the Supreme Court’s horrible and wrongly-decided ruling in the Bostock case which found that a funeral home engaged in sex discrimination when it fired a male employee who insisted on presenting himself as a woman, including while interacting with bereaved customers. However, the Bostock case dealt with a different area of federal anti-discrimination law (Title IX) than what covers our schools (Title VII) and the Supreme Court specifically stated that its Bostock ruling has no impact on Title VII.

In addition to unlawful actions of the Biden administration to impose elements of the LGBT agenda, NOM says conservatives must also remain focused on the Equality Act itself, which is still pending on the floor of the US Senate. The next few months are thus critical to upholding traditional values. Beyond fending off various legislative and regulatory policy incursions by the LGBT lobby, the coming Dobbs abortion decision, and its implications for conservative efforts to overturn the imposition of gay ‘marriage’, will be a major focus, as will be the upcoming 2022 midterm elections and their potential for rolling back Biden’s questionable attempts to bypass Congress and impose transgenderism and other elements of the LGBT agenda through executive fiat.

To stay updated on this and other important cultural battles go to to sign-up for NOM’s email alerts and support them in their battle to maintain traditional values in marriage and the Judeo-Christian view that God created people male and female, two genders only, and that marriage is the union of a man and a woman.

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Jun 23, 2022

The rainbow bullies are starving poor children...For shame!!!!!

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