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Conservatives To Don Jr: This Bud's Not For Us

In our three articles opposing Budweiser’s use of transgender political activist and online “influencer” Dylan Mulvaney as the face of its flagship brand Bud Light we’ve made the case that conservatives shouldn’t support companies that undermine traditional Judeo-Christian values by normalizing transgender ideology.

Apparently, Donald Trump Jr. missed his CHQ newsletter on those days because he spent a recent podcast trying to defend Budweiser’s indefensible choice.

According to the Fox News transcript of the podcast Don Jr. called for an end to the grassroots-driven boycotts of Budweiser citing the company’s "iconic" status and that it has a history of donations to Republican candidates.

"The company itself doesn’t participate in the same leftist nonsense as the other big conglomerates," Don Jr. claimed. "Frankly, they don’t participate in the same woke garbage that other people in the beer industry actually do, who are significantly worse offenders when I looked into it. But if they do this again, then it’s on them. Then, screw them."

We would be happy to learn of other beer companies participating in “woke garbage” so we can boycott them as well, but let’s first unpack Don Jr’s comments from the conservative perspective.

The most obvious point of difference is that Anheuser-Busch should get a pass because it is a big donor to the Republican Party – in other words, Don Jr. is suggesting that Republicans can be bribed into abandoning their principles. As far as the Republican National Committee is concerned it looks like he is right, because the RNC quietly took down a fundraising page that criticized Bud Light for using Mulvaney.

That form of bribery may work at the RNC, which is a mostly a principle-free fundraising and political consulting business, not a real political party, but that’s not how the conservative movement operates.

Conservatism is a fully formed worldview, real people – voters – are conservatives because they share that worldview, and its elements are not something that can be auctioned off to the highest bidder.

Secondly, politics is downstream from culture and modern American “culture” such as it is, is made by giant corporations through their entertainment products and advertising. What has happened, particularly in the past two decades, is that these giant corporations, and the Far Left liberals who run them, have increasingly used their economic power to undermine traditional values and push the culture – and politics – further and further to the Left.

So, we get self-appointed elite Leftwing liberals, such as Bud Light Brand Vice President Alissa Heinerscheid deciding that we are going to see Dylan Mulvaney plastered all over our computer screens and TVs and we are going to like it.

In normalizing the abnormal corporate Lefties like Heinerscheid know exactly what they are doing – they are using the resources of their shareholders, to whom they have a fiduciary duty to maximize value and profit, to pursue their own political objectives.

Conservatives shouldn’t let Anheuser-Busch get away with using their vast economic power to undermine our values, if we do then we are done as a country and a culture.

What’s more, Astroturf boycotts and fake consumer pressure campaigns are old tactics of the Left – and corporations have regularly caved to them. Chick-fil-A’s abandonment of the pro-life and pro-marriage movements after pressure from the Left comes most immediately to mind, but there are plenty of others – the formerly Christian-oriented dating app eHarmony now prominently advertises homosexual “matches” after it was targeted by the radical homosexual political movement, to name just one.

Conservatives need to learn to play by the new rules that the Left has imposed on our politics over the past several decades. The Bud Light boycott is a bottom-up grassroots movement, and conservative celebrities and political figures embrace it because they share the values of the individual consumers who have decided they don’t want to buy a product whose profits go to undermine their values and will encourage transgender lunacy in their children.

Finally, Don Jr. asks us to give Budweiser a break and only if they do it again should they be held accountable. However, that’s not how it works in the Judeo-Christian ethical system. To receive absolution and forgiveness one must first confess one’s sins and then promise not to sin again.

Budweiser has done just the opposite. Far from confessing their error and committing not to do it again, or offering penance of any kind, the company has tried to shrug it off and claimed their use of a radical transgender activist “influencer” to promote their flagship brand was no big deal and it was just a routine business decision made by some faceless low level corporate drone. That’s not confession and penance, that’s C-level corporate damage control for which Budweiser should demand a refund after the $6 billion drop in market cap the decision cost the company’s shareholders.

This is a teachable moment for corporate America, the Anheuser-Busch management and Donald Trump Jr. let’s hope they all get the message that the conservative movement isn’t up for sale and that conservatives aren’t going to support brands, candidates or political parties that don’t reflect our values.

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Leon sifuentez
Leon sifuentez

Bud Light took a page out of the anti-American Democrat Playbook do not let a tragedy go to waste. Sadly, right after the Tennessee shooting of three kids 👼👼👼Bud Light endorsed a transgender.


Don Jr is a dumb cluck! I CAN believe the true believers were touting him as presidential timber before the orange man dynasty went down in flames.


As disappointing as this may be, of even greater concern to me are Republican office holders like Nancy Mace purporting to be anti-abortion when they are. Anti-abortion does NOT include being okay with abortions at 11 or 12 weeks or any other arbitrary number. Mace opposes six-week bans on abortion. She needs to voted out of office ASAP.

Abortion is infanticide whether the unborn baby is one day old or nine months old. Conservative voters and others who hate abortion must do a better job ferreting out these pro-abortion candidates and elected officials at the voting booth.


Don Jr.'s comments are disappointing, and may damage Sr.'s presidential hopes. Political donations are not a reliable barometer of moral conscience. Wall Street is a prime example. Corporations and individuals curry favor by contributing to both sides of the aisle.


Mike M
Mike M

Satan's children aka the liberals understand only two things- money and power. In this case hitting them in the wallet is the only thing they're going to understand. Anything else is an exercise in futility. And it wouldn't matter to me in the least if Anheuser Busch donated 10 billion dollars a day to the Republican party or any other conservative party. If they're going to lie down with dogs then they shouldn't be surprised if they wake up with fleas.


How true. Thank you!

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