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Constitutional Liberty Dies In Democrat-Created Chaos

A very smart friend of ours was recently musing about where the debt ceiling “negotiations” were headed and wondered aloud why is it that Democrats seem to love, and indeed seem to thrive upon, chaos, division, and brinksmanship.

It may be that it only looks like Democrats love chaos, brinkmanship, and division because conservatives, by nature, prefer to be left alone in peace, with harmonious relationships between themselves and the rest of the world. This makes a black and white contrast between Democrats, who are in constant search for problems to solve and people to reform, and conservatives, who desire nothing more than for government and others to simply leave them alone.

Another reason that is purely tactical for the moment we find ourselves in today is that Democrats believe the Leftwing media will help them convince American voters that Republicans are to blame for the chaos resulting from a government shutdown or a merely technical default on some of the federal government’s obligations and that out of the mess Democrats will take back control of the House of Representatives and cement Joe Biden’s reelection in 2024.

However, there’s a third reason we believe offers a more universal explanation of why Democrats, and the Left in general, love chaos, division, and brinkmanship – these are all tools revolutionaries have used to undermine constitutional liberty with the goal of creating demand for a post-constitutional state that will maintain the Left in power permanently.

Playing both the arsonist and the fireman allows Democrats (and their Leftist allies) to create a problem-solution-new problem cycle that places them permanently in power and gives them what they so desperately desire – control over the lives of others.

For example: A problem was created when Democrats stoked fears about creating a “superspreader event” on Election Day 2020 during the “pandemic.” The Democrats’ solution was universal mail in ballots for the 2020 election, which Democrats used to at least appear to win. Although chaos in tracking and counting the mail-in ballots was created, the Democrat-managed solution is not to return to a less chaotic system, such as one-day paper ballots, it is to institutionalize the chaotic system Democrats used to win.

We’ve seen this play out before in previous revolutions, such as the Russian Revolution of 1917.

In the Russian Revolution the Bolshevik Party switched back and forth between supporting the Provisional Government of Alexander Kerensky, and opposing it – supporting the overthrow of the Tsar, but opposing Kerensky’s plans for economic reform, the conduct of Russian forces in World War I and almost every other action required to govern the vast country, which led to what?

Chaos on a massive scale.

And who better to bring order out of that chaos than the Bolsheviks who stood out clearly as the one serious political party with a plan to meet the basic demands that motivated the February Revolution that originally deposed the Tsar -- Land, Bread and Peace.

This created a chaos – solution – chaos cycle that led to the ultimate solution that Vladimir Lenin saw as the path to power for the Bolsheviks. As World War I dragged on disastrously for Russia, the economy deteriorated and the crisis in the countryside escalated, overthrowing the ruling class, which was responsible for the mess, became for the first time a plausible solution.

Admittedly, for the United States today the analogy to the Russian Revolution doesn’t hold up in every detail. Indeed, one could fairly argue that in the present increasingly chaotic American political environment it is the Republicans who should benefit.

Unfortunately, Republicans don’t appear to have a revolutionary figure like Vladimir Lenin to lead them to create and manage the problem – solution – problem (or chaos – solution – chaos) cycles that would lead them to power. Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy is playing the Alexander Kerensky role and trying to negotiate solutions to problems instead of using them to create chaos to gain power.

The result of this lack of leadership is that Democrats are allowed to be the arsonist and the fireman to create and manage problem – solution cycles that will place them in power, perhaps permanently.

And in the debt ceiling “crisis” we see another Democrat-inspired chaos – solution cycle being created.

Democrats have created a problem by demanding an unsustainable level of spending, if Republicans don’t accede to their demands for more spending it is alleged there will be chaos. One solution to the chaos is to suspend the Constitution, as Far Left media commentator Michael Meeropol suggested, “If the Republicans refuse to raise the debt ceiling, Biden should say the debt ceiling is unconstitutional and refuse to abide by it.” He can then order the Treasury to borrow money over and above the debt ceiling.

Let the Republicans sue said Meeropol – “by the time the suit gets to the Supreme Court, the Democrats will have swept the extremist Republicans out of power in the 2024 elections.”

Could there be a more successful result for Democrats out of the debt ceiling chaos – solution -- chaos cycle than to suspend the Constitution, get unlimited spending power and sweep Republicans out of power permanently?

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May 22, 2023

The -rats always do this. They always want to play Santa to the Repubes Scrooge. This debt ceiling nonsense is just the -rats doing what -rats do. It's time for the Repubes to show that they are the adults.


How much better should we expect Republicans to be? If their support of President Trump is any indication, we should not expect much.


Mike M
Mike M
May 22, 2023

All liberals are Communists at heart regardless of what the political affiliation is at the moment. So it's no great surprise to see them acting like Communists because that's naturally what they are.

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