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COVID-19 Vaccination Mandates Unconstitutional

In another sign of the spreading grassroots rebellion against the oppressive government

mandates creeping into our society under the cover of COVID-19, students and families of Indiana University have come together to fight the University’s vaccine mandate.

On Thursday, during the IU Board of Trustees many gathered to hold a protest called "Rally for Medical Freedom". NBC Fort Wayne reported Indiana University students, parents and staff gathered at the Sample Gates on campus to have the university immediately retract the mandate and drop all mask requirements and mitigation testing for Covid-19.

In a letter to The IU Family for Choice, not Mandates, read at the rally at Indiana University’s Bloomington, Indiana campus, The Bopp Law Firm advised students that the IU COVID-19 vaccination mandate is unconstitutional and that the law firm is considering litigation on their behalf.

The letter, signed by conservative tiger lawyer James Bopp, Jr., reads as follows:

To Leadership of The IU Family for Choice, not Mandates,

You have retained The Bopp Law Firm to determine whether the IU COVID vaccination mandate violates the rights of students attending Indiana University this fall.

We have completed our preliminary research and believe that the constitutional rights of IU students are violated by this draconian and unwarranted policy.

Indiana University is a public university. As a government institution, it is subject to the restraints of the Bill of Rights and the Fourteenth Amendments which together protect the freedom and liberty of students against unwarranted restrictions on that freedom.

Of course, a key part of a person's freedom and liberty is one's bodily integrity. As a result, the government cannot force a person to take a drug, which the person does not consent to, absent compelling justifications.

It is now obvious that there is no compelling need to require college students to be forced to be vaccinated for COVID-19. First, medical experts have found that students in this age group have a very low risk of adverse effects from a COVID-19 infection. Those potential adverse effects are very rare and, in fact, are dwarfed by the risk of injury, and even death, from many, much more common, causes, such as alcohol and drug use, automobiles use and suicide. And the risks associated with COVID-19 are rapidly decreasing.

Second, the COVID vaccination has its own risks that are increasingly becoming known.

Thus, it is perfectly rational for students to decide for themselves if the benefits of a COVID-19 vaccination is worth the risks.

And finally, any student who feels the need to be protected against a COVID-19 infection just needs to get vaccinated, which is readily available.

Furthermore, the two exceptions to the vaccination mandate are themselves totally inadequate and unconstitutional. First, for those students who obtain a religious exemption, they are still subject to draconian restrictions and limitations including twice weekly testing, for which there is no corresponding religious exemption. This violates the First Amendment.

Second, the medical exemption is not available at all for those students who have already been infected with COVID-19 and are now immune. And medical studies are now showing that the immunity obtained by having been infected with COVID-19 is just as effective as a vaccination.

As a result, we believe that the constitutional rights of the following students are violated by the IU COVID-19 mandate and they have a constitutional law suit against IU that we are considering bringing:

(1) any current IU student who objects to the vaccination mandate but does not qualify for, or declines to seek, either of the exemptions.

(2) any current IU student who has filed for a religious exemption but has been denied.

(3) any current IU student who has been granted a religious exemption but has a religious objection to either the mask or frequent testing required for those with a religious exemption, and

(4) any current IU student who has had a COVID-19 infection and objects to being required to also be vaccinated.

Any student, who thinks their rights are violated and fall within any of these four categories, can contact The Bopp Law Firm through the link on the website of The IU Family for Choice, not Mandates., or can email me at

James Bopp, Jr.


The Bopp Law Firm, PC |

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Steve Schwam
Steve Schwam
Jun 11, 2021

see if this link works jmmfulk and all..

Steve Schwam
Steve Schwam
Jun 15, 2021
Replying to

See my response above from your comments to me ..Again jmmfulk WE AGREE.!!!!!!!!


Jun 11, 2021

This is all about big gubment letting business do its dirty work. While the hacks in DC were exempting all kinds of entities from responsibility regarding the Wuflu, they should have insisted that the rights of Americans be enforced by exempting citizens from mask and vaccine bullies...and made it stick with fines or jail time for intimidation of individuals.


All vaccines are unconstitutional to mandate. Nobody needs the governments permission to refuse any medical treatment. All medications are experimental. There are hundreds of thousands of people who die from properly prescribed drugs every year, and thousands of people who die from supposedly 'safe and effective' vaccines. The medical establishment can't order anyone to do anything either. Recently a vaccine company was taken to court regarding the Gardasil vaccine. The court ordered them to show all their legal studies that show it is safe and effective. They didn't have any, they were lying. Vaccines are about making billions of dollars. I'm 67 and have only had one flu vaccine in my life, I never get the flu, but …

Steve Schwam
Steve Schwam
Jun 11, 2021
Replying to

jmmfulk, spot on . I am a recently retired ( just before COVID hit) dentist. won't bother anyone with what I know and don't , but one thing is for sure, prior to this pandemic, Vaccine development took between 7-10 years , the flu shots ( never had one are a guess on what they think it might be. I Am not Anti-vaccine but very anti these ones. .. go to the CDC site type in vaccine development and time line.. I would put the link here but my post might look like spam


Absolutely Unconstitutional, there is no doubt but is also a very clear violation of the Nuremberg Code, which I suggest all read!

BMJ_No_7070_Volume_313_The_Nuremberg_Code.pdf (

Replying to

Fear and hate are the two strongest emotions, as such they are also the easiest to rouse, stoke and direct, making both excellent tools to control the masses, a fact long known. Ideally, one uses one to stoke the other, you fear what you hate, you hate what you fear, which is THE tactic they are now employing to further division with their so called, "White Supremist" claims and many will buy into the ploy.

Conversely, we will react to a perceived threat, how could one do otherwise, as the threat is very real? Any statement or act in our defense will be used to further their agenda, to reinforce the false narrative, to escalate distrust, angst and division.


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