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Craig Shirley: Biden And Pontius Pilate--Both Weak Politicians

Morality and courage come in many forms. As Americans, we’ve seen it often. From the morality and courage of Ronald Reagan to the spineless behavior of Joe Biden. May we learn from both examples as we learn about the courage and perfection of Jesus Christ.

And as the Bible says, “Be strong and take heart, all you who hope in the Lord.”

We were sitting in church on Maundy Thursday when I had a sudden revelation---in a manner of speaking; Joe Biden is the Pontius Pilate of the 21st century. Like Pontius Pilate, Biden sold his soul for the sake of the crowd and has forsaken his principles much like Judas sold out Christ for thirty pieces of silver. Ethics were foreign to Pilate.

Biden has sold out Israel, placating the left wing antisemites on the college campuses. He certainly sold out millions of unborn babies as an abortionist, trading human lives for a few measly votes.

We all remember Pilate's role in history. He's the weakling politician who bowed to the angry crowd and allowed Christ to be crucified, even as Pilate knew Christ was innocent, earning him a large place in history as a cowardly career bureaucrat. Biden demonstrates his weakness every day.

Christ spent years preaching and proselytizing, harming no one, but was an anti-establishment threat to the twin power structures of the Roman Empire and the business interests in Jerusalem. His message of "love thy neighbor" and "do unto others" was winning converts and he developed his own following of disciples and acolytes.

Pilate, the career politician was, unlike Christ, born to wealth and was an elitist. He was the Chief Defender of the status quo. Clearly, Christ was a threat to that status quo.

In symbolically "washing his hands" of how to deal with Christ, the gutless politician would neither save Christ--earning him the enmity of history---nor take on the responsibility of killing him, much like the cowardly Biden.

Cowards, Shakespeare said. die many times before they actually die. Pilate died ignobly. His grave long forgotten. His only claim to fame was the notice which comes when a politician takes the spineless way out when confronted with the life of an innocent man. In due course Biden will also die, notable for being a coward, of lacking even the semblance of a soul. Biden will shortly shuffle of this mortal coil, towards that undiscovered country, unloved, with few mourners, a miserable figure of history.

Even in the face of Biden’s eventual unremarkable passing, Ghandi said, “In in the midst of darkness, light persists.”


Author Craig Shirley is author of authoritative works on the life and presidency of Ronald Reagan, his latest book, The Search for Reagan: The Appealing Intellectual Conservatism of Ronald Reagan, was released February 13, 2024.

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Apr 01

I'm wondering if the author has even read the story of the Christ's trial. If anything, Biden is the Judas, having sold his country out for years. Then again, Biden has always been an "apostle" of the deep state centralized government, which nobody is putting on trial. The corrupt-o-crat, Biden, is betraying something, i.e., the Republic of the Founders, which he never believed in, except to make himself wealthy. If anything, the Constitution is on trial, and the deep state is the Sanhedrin which wants the Republic crucified and dead. That of course puts the hacks in black in the position of Pilate, i.e., John Pontius Roberts...the gutless politician "justice".

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