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Craig Shirley: Reaganomics versus Bidenomics. Are you kidding?

Joe Biden recently tried to compare his so-call economic policies favorably with Ronald Reagan’s, which is laughable when one thinks about it for fifteen seconds. Bidenomics is actually much worse. It is anti-intellectual, flaccid, feeble.

What temerity.

Reagan’s economic policies were rational and, most importantly, wildly successful. Biden’s economic policies have been an abject failure, just like his entire presidency. Who can forget the thousands of Americans he abandoned in Afghanistan? Given his many delusions, maybe it is he who lost that bag of cocaine in the While House.

Reagan inherited an awful economy from Jimmy Carter. Unemployment was high, interest rates were high, and inflation was high. It was a mess that economic texts books said could not exist.

And yet, Reagan wrought a miracle, by cutting taxes, spending and regulations. He created millions of jobs and not just flipping hamburgers either. They were high paying, white and blue collars jobs. When he came to office, America had approximately 4,000 millionaires. When he left office, the country had 40,000 millionaires. There were quarters when growth was actually seven percent!

Biden inherited a superb economy courtesy of Donald Trump. So far, Biden has ratcheted up inflation, increased the deficit and destroyed people’s futures. Just look at your 401K to see. I know people who have lost as much as 40 percent of their portfolios since Biden was elected. Unemployment by the way is miserable.

Biden is like an Old Testament pestilence. Whenever he goes, whatever he touches is worse off. And we are worse off. Much. He’s actually much worse that King Tantalus of Greek mythology. Everything Tantalus reached for eluded his grasp.

Reagan liked to help people, often by standing aside and letting them help themselves. Biden likes to hurt people, just for the jollies. He like a sadistic kid with a magnifying glass, burning and torturing ants. Unfortunately, we’re the ants. Control is more important to him than anything. Else, why would he propose looking into our private checking accounts? Did it ever occur to this simpleton that our lives are none of his business, just as he stupidly argues that abortion is a private act which it is not?

Marty Anderson, an old aide to Reagan who has since passed away, told me once that he estimated Reagan’s IQ to be 175. Genius level. Anderson would know, he was draped with all sorts of advanced collage degrees.

Let’s face it. Biden isn’t all that bright, else why would he lie his whole life? He’s lied about his ranking in college, he’s lied about his grades in college. He’s lied about his law school ranking and his grades in law school. He lies like he is eating breakfast. He lied about playing football. More likely, he was the waterboy.

His policies are unimaginative and disastrous. Tax and tax, spend and spend. The same old policies did not work for FDR or Carter. BTW, gas is through the roof, groceries are up, milk is up, hamburger is up taxes are up, baby formula is non-existent and a general depression, dare we say malaise has settled in across the land. Everyone is embarrassed that Joe Biden is their president. No one is proud of him, save maybe his wife. And sorry, she doesn’t count.

Reagan left office with a seventy three percent approval rating, having made our world and out country a better, a freer and a safer place to live. His presidential library it still the most visited of all the presidential libraries. He’s gone down in the history books as one of our four greatest presidents.

Biden will not earn a library but maybe a book mobile. He will go down in history as our worst president, ever. Also, the most corrupt. And the dumbest.

As Abraham Lincoln once said, “you can’t fool all the people all the time” as Biden is finding out.

Historian and Reagan biographer Craig Shirley is the author of Reagan's Revolution: The Untold Story of the Campaign That Started It All; Rendezvous with Destiny: Ronald Reagan and the Campaign That Changed America; December 1941: 31 Days That Changed America and Saved the World; Last Act: The Final Years and Emerging Legacy of Ronald Reagan; Reagan Rising: The Decisive Years, 1976-1980; Citizen Newt: The Making of a Reagan Conservative; Mary Ball Washington: The Untold Story of George Washington's Mother; April 1945: The Hinge of History, as well as many articles and essays on politics and the conservative movement.

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Comparing Uncle Ronnie and Biden is akin to comparing filet mignon and bologna. Which would you prefer for dinner tonight, folks . . . ?


I'm sorry I have to point this out. Craig Shirley is a great biographer, but he needs a copy editor. This article is loaded with typos and misspellings among other things. Why bother comparing Biden to the great Ronald Reagan. That's like comparing a dark cave with brilliant sunshine. They are as opposite as can be.


As a matter of fact, I once worked with an English major who did not know how to correctly use a semi-colon. I was stunned!

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