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Craig Shirley: The Ten Plagues of American Liberalism

We live, it seems, in an age of plagues.

We’re more than a year into coronavirus, but if that’s not enough we expect billions of cicadas to hatch any day now --at least here in Virginia---and apparently there’s also clawed frogs from Africa invading Florida Yes, you read that correctly.

What a time to be alive. We also have the plague of the Bidens, BLM and Antifa. What a world.

But all this gets me thinking about another plague, or series of them rather, that are making the lives of decent, hardworking people even more difficult. I of course refer to the pestilence of liberalism, and all these reminders of plague has me feeling nostalgic for the tales of Armageddon from my Sunday school days.

So, to mark the ongoing pandemic, the onslaught of frogs, the specter of cicadas, and the rottenness of the Left, here is a list that would give Moses a run for his money. I present, in no particular order, The Ten Plagues of American Liberalism.

Plague One: The Border Crisis: Law? What law?

It’s definitely a crisis, but you won't hear it from Joe Biden or his press secretary. There’s thousands of illegals along with their anchor babies trying to get into the country right and left while illegal children languish in holding facilities. The problem started under Bill Clinton, and George W. Bush, Barack Obama, and Donald Trump tried to fix it. Don’t expect Biden to either, since the liberal base wants to let all of Central America into the country with no plan. But they do expect taxpayers to cover it, somehow.

Plague Two: Keeping Kids Out of School: Ignorance is good.

It’s a wonder so many folks want to bring their kids into the country when life inside seems to be getting steadily worse for those kids already here. It’s not like Left-leaning teachers unions are keeping those kids out of school during their formative years even after three vaccines have become widely available. If I were newly arrived here I certainly wouldn’t want my child in a school where teachers show children and parents so much contempt while insisting on being paid. But I guess keeping the lights on is important, even if children are lonely and will lag academically for years to come.

Plague Three: Rewriting History: Revisionism

When said teachers do bother to do their jobs that end at 2pm, they seem fixated on shoving garbage down our children's throats instead of teaching them anything useful. This is because liberals now engage in an all-out war to rewrite the past by insisting every aspect of American history is motivated solely by racism. Through endeavors like “The 1619 Project” (which ludicrously insists slavery was a leading cause of the American Revolution) and Critical Race Theory, children are fed propaganda by the same people who oppose school choice. Come to think of it, maybe being out of school isn’t all bad.

Plague Four: Shutting Businesses & Wrecking the Economy: Sameness is achievable

Moving onto the adult world, liberals have also wreaked havoc on our economy thanks to their determination to kill business over the last year. In the name of a skewed idea of “safety,” thousands of small businesses and restaurants closed indefinitely because of liberal insistence that this would keep us safe from COVID-19. It may not have flattened the curve, but it certainly flattened the hard work many Americans put into building businesses that will never rise again. Everything that is supposed to be going down is going down, like the stock market and employment. On the other hand, inflation is going up as in the national debt. These should be carved on Biden’s tombstone.

Plague Five: Enabling Rioters & Defunding Police: Deconstructionism

Not to be satisfied with simply shutting down businesses, liberals have ensured many stores and shops were wrecked, literally, by mob violence. Rioters swept across many Democrat-controlled cities unchallenged last year. Rather than keep the peace, elected leaders caved to mob demands and defunded police in several metropolitan areas. Because that makes perfect sense. And people are shocked there’s still rioting in Portland.

Plague Six: Identity Politics: He’s a patriot! Kill him!

Hand in hand with mob violence came an unprecedented surge in identity politics. Far from judging people by the content of character, the Left has become even more obsessed (if that’s possible) with categorizing people based on race. Despite the fact that thousands marched and died for racial equality and to end segregation, suddenly the Left thinks it’s appealing to move back to a segregated society for convoluted social justice reasons. My oh my.

Plague Seven: Suppressing Free Speech

If you have a problem or disagree with any of the aforementioned issues, don’t count on getting a fair shake in the public discourse. Big Tech and most of the media is controlled by, you guessed it, Left-leaning CEOs. Want to read an article or op-ed critical of critical race theory? Get it before it’s gone, because Twitter might take it down or Google might change algorithms that make it impossible to find! It doesn’t matter if your messaging is reasonable, if it “violates terms of service” then it may as well be dead on arrival.

Plague Eight: Bad COVID Messaging

Speaking of messaging, why can’t the Left get it right when it comes to incentivizing people to get the vaccines that are the key to a return to normalcy. Over half of America’s adults have gotten at least one vaccine shot, but that’s not enough for his Highness Anthony Fauci. Get a vaccine, but wear two masks! And don’t go out to eat. Or leave the house. Because that kind of talk will definitely encourage more people to get vaccinated.

Plague Nine: Changing Long-Established Definitions: Newspeak

Not to be outdone with simple messaging problems, the Left can’t even get it straight when it comes to the actual meanings of words. Remember when for 70 years or so “court packing” meant adding seats to the Supreme Court? Apparently now it just means appointing conservatives if you ask Jerry Nadler. Also, everything, including this column, is infrastructure now. I love being able to change the meaning of something to suit my needs. Works for the liberals.

Plague Ten: They Genuinely Hate America: The Five Minute Hate.

Need I say more? Why else would the Left be hell-bent on doing everything else on this list if they didn’t hate the country? Because like the plagues of the Exodus, all this seems to be about punishing America for its lack of wokeness.

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