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Critical race theory can be stopped. Here’s how

The obsession with class in Marxism has been adapted for America with an obsession with race. Critical race theory has managed to sneak its way into the U.S. federal government, our

nation’s schools and corporate training programs. Americans are beginning to realize the insidious nature of this Marxist ideology that views racism as the primary force at work in our society.

Marxism, of course, relies on a theory of class struggles, but critical race theory seeks to achieve its Marxist objectives through race struggles instead. Class struggles have always been difficult for Marxists to manufacture here in the United States because of our economic mobility and historical lack of an aristocracy.

Karl Marx advocated for “class consciousness,” the awareness of one’s own class position and broader struggle within the class hierarchy. In the same way, critical race theory strives for “race consciousness,” allowing one to see not only race struggles, but also achieve “race attitude awareness.” An obsession with class in Marxism has been adapted for America with an obsession with race.

Critical race theory has explicitly Marxist objectives, including abolishing the free market. Advocates of critical race theory advance the idea that capitalism is inherently racist, and true programs to eradicate racism will also be anti-capitalist by their very nature.

Clever language is an important part of critical race theory, and its advocates are careful to use code words and a softer-sounding vocabulary than Karl Marx was fond of using. Critical race theory, therefore, speaks frequently about “equity.” Linguistically, equity is close to equality, but in real-world application, the pursuit of equity turns equality upside-down on its head, as it is fixated on equal outcomes, even as it makes situations and opportunities less fair to achieve such outcomes.

As classes switched to virtual sessions over the past year, parents saw critical race theory being taught in their living rooms on computer screens, and they began to realize that this dangerous ideology is far-reaching and seeps into every academic subject for many children in public schools across the nation.

At Tea Party Patriots Action, we have heard from concerned parents, community leaders, and even some students about how pervasive this indoctrination program is, and we continue to hear questions about how to reverse course in the schools.

There is good news for Americans here — we are equipped to win this fight. Education is a local matter, and our founders rightly saw fit with the 10th Amendment of the Constitution to leave much of the day-to-day governance of our lives to the states and local governments. We can engage at the local level exactly the way our founders envisioned.

Our organization is now launching a new program, the United We Stand Center, to help provide resources to families and local communities to fight back against this race-based curriculum. Our center will train Americans on how to recognize critical race theory, how to speak to local school board officials and educators, and even how to talk to state legislators about introducing legislation to combat this curriculum.

At the federal level, Rep. Chip Roy, Texas Republican, is helping to stop the flow of American taxpayer dollars to schools that are promoting critical race theory. His new bill, which 26 other members of the House of Representatives have joined as co-sponsors, is named the Combatting Racist Teaching in Schools Act, and prohibits the use of federal funds from going to any elementary or secondary school, or institution of higher education if it promotes this race-based ideology.

Mr. Roy correctly notes that critical race theory is anathema to our very founding.

“As Americans, we believe that all are created equal by God Almighty, regardless of their skin color. That self-evident truth, and the American promise that comes with it, are worth fighting for,” he said upon introducing the bill.

We are thankful Mr. Roy is fighting against this race-obsessed indoctrination program, and we are looking forward to providing the tools and resources parents need in the coming months to ensure our nation’s children receive an accurate and honest assessment of our history and our nation’s commitment to equality.

As millions of families prepare to head back to school in person in the fall, we have an opportunity this summer to ensure that our nation’s classrooms will provide students with a rigorous education that acknowledges our nation was founded on the principles of individual liberty.

Critical race theory is an ugly ideology that sows hatred toward not only our country but also the free market economic system that goes hand in hand with individual liberty. Fortunately, we have the tools — and the resolve — to stop this Marxist ideology in its tracks.

Our friend Jenny Beth Martin is the co-founder of Tea Party Patriots, this article originally appeared in the Washington Times and appears here with the kind permission of the author.

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Alexander Gofen
Alexander Gofen
Jun 16, 2021

Yes, "critical race theory" can be stopped. Here's how: spread the truth and criticism of this farcical theory:

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