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Dan Bongino And Chicago Police Union Defy Vaxx Mandate

Conservative talk radio star and Fox News commentator Dan Bongino told Cumulus Media, which carries his radio show on hundreds of stations, that he is opposed to forced vaccination against the COVID virus.

In a defiant broadcast during his regular Monday program, Bongino said, "I'm not letting this go,” and called out the company for issuing its corporate forced vaccination policy.

Dan Bongino later in the show gave an ultimatum to Cumulus Radio over vaccine mandate:

"You can have me, or you can have the mandate. But you can't have both of us."

Bongino said he got vaccinated on the advice from his doctor while he was battling cancer. He is not resisting the vaccine mandate for himself but for other employees who don't have a platform to fight back as they risk unemployment if they don't comply.

Call Mary Berner, President and Chief Executive Officer of Cumulus Media Inc., at (404) 949-0700 tell her if Bongino leaves Cumulus so do you.

We applaud Bongino for not letting it go, because Cumulus Media has apparently lost its mind over COVID.

In something that sounds like it could be straight out of Scott Adams’ comic strip “Dilbert,” social media reports as vaccinated staffers return to the office this week at Cumulus station WLS 890-AM in Chicago they are being offered color-coded bracelets to indicate their willingness to engage with colleagues.

According to a memo posted on Twitter, by someone from the Cumulus Media news/talk station, red means "Please stay 6 feet away." Yellow means "Some contact is acceptable," and green means "Comfortable with appropriate office greetings." Added WLS program director Stephanie Tichenor, "Please respect everyone's levels of comfort as we transition back into the office space."

And others are following Bongino’s lead.

Indeed, Chicago outside of Cumulus Media appears to be turning into something of a forced vaxx defiance hot spot.

Chicago Fraternal Order of Police President John Catanzara has been outspoken against the mandate and has encouraged officers not to comply. Mayor Lori Lightfoot has threatened to put Chicago police officers who don’t comply with a vaccine or testing mandate on “no pay” status.

Catanzara has predicted as many as half the department’s sworn officers may not comply with the city’s vaccine mandate. City workers had until midnight on Friday to submit their vaccination status.

On YouTube Thursday night, the FOP president told members the union’s pressure is working.

Catanzara said the mandate is illegal. “It’s the same as the mayor saying you have to do it,” Catanzara said. “Refuse that order. Get it on bodycam.”

According to WGN, Lightfoot on Friday filed a complaint against the police union as the deadline for city workers to submit their vaccination status approached.

On Friday morning, Catanzara appeared on Fox and Friends and said he believes he holds the power in this high stakes public safety showdown.

“We have a profession no one wants to do right now,” Catanzara said according to WGN. “They cannot get anyone to go into academy. Here she [Mayor Lightfoot] is vilifying police once again.”

In the court hearing Friday evening, Judge Cecilia Horan said Catanzara is barred from making public statements on the issue until the next court hearing — which is scheduled for Oct. 25.

“My ruling is going to be that he should not make public statements that encourage his members to reject or refuse to comply with the city’s vaccination policy,” she said.

FOP President Catanzara seemed to be about as inclined to comply with the judge’s prima facia unconstitutional gag order as his officers are to comply with Mayor Lightfoot’s unconstitutional vaxx order.

We applaud Dan Bongino and Chicago Fraternal Order of Police President John Catanzara for standing up for the rights of those who, as Bongino put it, don't have a platform to fight back as they risk unemployment if they don't comply with arbitrary, capricious and unscientific forced vaccination orders.

FLASH UPDATE: The deadline for mandatory COVID-19 vaccinations in the Massachusetts executive branch passed Sunday, The state hasn’t received the required form or exemption requests from 1,571 employees.

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As with flu shots, coronavirus vaccines should be a matter of individual choice. Americans should not face job loss if they are not willing to get vaccinated. As we can all see, these vaccines are not very effective anyway. Colin Powell's death really highlights that.


Oct 19, 2021

Vaccine mandates equal to crime orgs threatening to burn down businesses if owners don't pay them. If we don't get an unapproved experimental vaccine that is killing people (even those who are vaccinated) he is forcing us to lose our jobs. Religious exemptions are disregarded, nurses, doctors, police, military are being fired every day because of Biden. Biden has no interest in "ending the pandemic" - if he did he'd require everyone in the country to be vaccinated - but surprisingly, he has exempted ALL 160k illegals he has brought in across the border, many who have tested positive for Covid-19. You can't "end the pandemic" when you've got hundreds and thousands of unvaccinated people, many Covid-positive, strewn throughout eve…


Charles Wilkins
Charles Wilkins
Oct 19, 2021

Biden shortages, has he done anything right since being in office? Biden has fxxx up everything in our Country and it's getting worse. COMING TO YOUR BACKYARD, YOUR SCHOOL,YOUR COMMUNITY,Coming to a school near you, to raise your taxes, remember school lunch shortages, teachers who won't get the virus shot? protected teachers union, overloaded class rooms, illegals with no virus shots? Who is going to pay for all this BS? Biden Admin Caught Relocating Migrant Children Across Country with Secret FlightsThe Biden administration was caught organizing secret flights to relocate migrant children from Texas to New York. According to recent reports, chartered flights filled with migrants have been arriving in New York since August, typically arriving after dark to prevent…


Hoorah for Dan and Catanzara. We can't let dictators control "The PEOPLE" in the USA.


good for you Dan.

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