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Defund The Left In Pelosi’s $3.5 Trillion Reconciliation Bill

After their bills to federalize elections and institutionalize all the abuses of the fraudulent 2020 presidential election were defeated, hidden inside the massive $3.5 trillion

reconciliation bill is another Democrat attempt to change America into a one-party state.

As Betsy McCaughey explained in a must-read article for the New York Post, buried in the 2,465 pages are numerous billion-dollar grants to unnamed community organizations for vague purposes like promoting “community engagement,” providing “support and advice,” and “creating equitable civic infrastructure.”

Translation: Your taxpayer dollars will fund the payrolls of left-wing advocacy groups between elections. In return, they become the campaign army staffing phone banks, harvesting ballots, and escorting people to the polls on Election Day.

The Build Back Better bill is pouring tens of billions of dollars — an unprecedented amount — into community organizations. That’s because congressional Democrats failed to ram through the two voting bills — HR 1 and HR 4 — that would change election rules to favor their party. Build Back Better is the party’s best shot at gaining an electoral advantage.

The bill not only bankrolls nonprofit community organizations, it enhances their clout by allowing them to hand out billions of dollars in seed money for local business startups.

In a new twist, said Ms. McCaughey, the Small Business Administration is distributing huge sums to nonprofits that will serve as “incubators,” disbursing funding to startup businesses in “underserved” areas. Curiously, the SBA already has regional offices across the US to help startups, and could distribute the funds itself. But instead, it is empowering nonprofits by making them the middlemen.

Historically, noted Ms. McCaughey, political machines that doled out benefits in exchange for votes were local, as in 19th-century Boston, New York and Kansas City. “All there is to it,” explained Kansas City boss James Pendergast, is “doing things for people, then later on they’ll do things for you.”

The community organizer who became president, Barack Obama, was a master at machine politics McCaughey observed. The Affordable Care Act — ObamaCare — outsourced the important job of health plan enrollment to community organizations, handsomely funding them and entrusting them to register people to vote at the same time. ObamaCare turned community organizations into a fifth estate with government funding but without government rules.

Betsy McCaughey is absolutely right about the windfall for Leftwing organizations Democrats have dumped into the reconciliation bill – but this is not a new problem.

As far back as the Reagan presidency it was recognized that government funding of Leftwing advocacy and community organizing organizations was a problem, not just for Republicans, but for the whole concept of constitutional government.

Back on August 11, 1982, CHQ Chairman Richard A. Viguerie wrote an op-ed for the New York Times in which he said:

Is it fair to require taxpayers to finance the political activities of groups whose views they do not share? Most people would say no. Yet it has been estimated that, since the 1970's, hundreds of millions of dollars - maybe more than $1 billion - in taxpayers' money has been used each year to support and spread political views that the American people have consistently and overwhelmingly rejected.
For example, many Americans do not support tax-financed abortion on demand, compulsory unionism, forced busing of schoolchildren, Federal control of education, racial quotas in hiring, radical feminism and major cutbacks in defense spending. Yet millions of dollars are given to these causes, not through tax exemptions or deductions but through direct grants by the Government.
In 1980, more than $70 million in taxpayers' money was given by the Department of Health and Human Service to Planned Parenthood, which lobbies for Federal funding of abortions. That year, $110 million was handed over by the Department of Housing and Urban Development and several other agencies to the National Urban League, a politically powerful lobby. Tax money has also been given by Vista to the Youth Project, which finances anti-MX-missile activism in Nevada and antinuclear demonstrations in New York City.
But even most Americans supported these views, those in the minority should not be forced to finance political groups or causes with which they disagree.

Since 1982 when Mr. Viguerie wrote “Defund the Left” the federal funding of Leftwing political activism has grown exponentially – even when alleged Republicans like former Speakers of the House Paul Ryan and John Boehner held the purse strings.

This year’s $3.5 trillion reconciliation bill is the logical conclusion of 50-years of Republicans failing to defund the Left, a failure that has left us very close to losing our constitutional republic to organizations that use our tax dollars to undermine the very government that funds them.

If Republicans couldn’t find another reason to use every legislative and parliamentary tactic to defeat the Biden-Pelosi-Schumer reconciliation bill, Betsy McCaughey’s warning about the vast sums the bill dedicates to Leftwing political activism tells us this may be our last chance to do what Republicans should have done when Ronald Reagan was President.

The toll-free Capitol Switchboard (1-866-220-0044), call your Republican Senators and Representatives and demand that they vote NO on funding Leftwing political activism in the reconciliation bill.

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