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Demand Your Candidates Sign Pledge to Protect Children from Biden’s Gender Bending Title IX Plan

The U.S. Department of Education is proposing to redefine the meaning of sex to include “gender identity” as part of the Title IX law (1). This change would have transformative

effects on schools, children, families, and American society at large (2).

In response, our friends at SAVE are inviting candidates for federal, state, or local office to sign a “Candidate Pledge to Protect Schools, Children, and Families from the Federal Title IX Plan.”

The Pledge states:

When elected to office, I pledge to work to assure that:

1. Schools and other organizations shall utilize the traditional binary definition of “sex.”

2. Schools shall obtain prior consent from parents for any use of gender pronouns, or gender-dysphoria counseling or treatments.

3. Parents shall have the right to examine and opt their children out of any school curricula dealing with sexuality and gender identity.

4. Schools shall only allow biological females to participate in women’s sports, enter women's locker rooms, and use women's bathrooms.

5. Schools shall adhere to Constitutional due process procedures to protect falsely accused males from Title IX complaints.

6. Schools and other institutions shall fully uphold Constitutional free speech guarantees.

The Candidate Pledge can be viewed online (3). Candidates can indicate their support for the Pledge by sending a confirmatory email to:

Even though the Pledge was not publicly announced until October 5, lawmakers in Alabama, Idaho, Iowa, Vermont, Virginia, and West Virginia already have signed on to the statement (4).

The Biden Title IX proposal has faced stiff criticism from numerous federal and state lawmakers and attorneys general (5). In addition, five Republican presidential candidates are now calling for the abolition of the Department of Education (6).

Candidates for school boards also are invited to sign the Pledge. At last count, 1,045 school districts around the country have implemented policies stating that school personnel can or should keep a student’s transgender status hidden from parents (7).

Candidates are welcome to display the signed Pledge on their campaign websites and at campaign events.


  • Department of Education Office for Civil Rights

  • Catherine Lhamon

  • Title IX regulation

  • Assistant Education Secretary Catherine Lhamon

  • Gender identity

  • definition of sex

  • definition of sexual harrassment

  • 14th Amendment due process

  • Independent and impartial investigations

  • Unrestricted access to evidence

  • Right to a live hearing and cross-examination

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Oct 06, 2023

Wow, the Republican party is finally noticing the slippery slope of sexual perversion. As I recall, the Republican party leadership has been rather complacent every step of the way that led up to the abomination within our schools. The Republican progressives have been the go along to get along "opposition" as the -rat party soiled out culture by encouraging and enabling the rainbow agenda, because they wanted to be the cool kids...and they really don't like being called names like homophobic. So here we are. Well, better late than ever, I guess. But for a lot of is too late.

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