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Democrat Joe Manchin – Judas Goat Or Hero?

Our take on West Virginia’s Democrat Senator Joe Manchin is that his job in the Democratic Party is to be the Judas Goat that leads principle-free Republicans like Mitt Romney and Lisa

Murkowski into phony “compromises” that lead to more spending, less liberty and the growth of government.

But some of our Republican friends have sent us anguished emails saying, “On no, Joe Manchin is a hero for standing up for the filibuster” and against all sorts of other bad stuff Democrats who are further to the Left than he is keep pushing.

So, let’s do a quick review and let CHQ readers have the final say.

In the matter of taxes and spending in our recent article “When $3 Trillion Isn’t Enough” we reviewed what we considered the phony disagreement between Socialist Democrat Bernie Sanders of Vermont and Senator Manchin – Bernie wanted to spend more like $6 trillion, Manchin was allegedly contending that $3 trillion was too much, unless it was “paid for” by new taxes.

The “compromise” they appear to have worked out is $3.5 trillion, the planned pay-fors may include raising income tax rates for the wealthiest Americans and raising the minimum corporate tax rate, no one knows for sure because the bill hasn’t been written or made public yet.

But this $3.5 trillion reconciliation bill doesn’t include the $1 trillion infrastructure and Green New Deal bill that a few Republicans have already been suckered into supporting – so that brings the total spending to over $4 trillion.

And Joe Manchin’s answer is again, more taxes to “pay for” the spending. According to CBS News, Manchin told reporters on Tuesday he thinks the legislation should be fully financed. "Everything should be paid for," Manchin said. "How much debt can y'all handle?"

Of course, the other way to not go into debt is not to spend, but that is too simple for our elite masters in Washington.

On another matter of concern – illegal immigration – Manchin has been no hero.

According to reporting by Breitbart’s John Binder, Manchin is throwing his support behind a Democrat budget that includes providing amnesty to millions of illegal aliens living in the United States. Legislating amnesty in a reconciliation bill is likely against the Senate rules, and certainly against the interests of West Virginia’s many unemployed citizens.

And West Virginians won’t see Joe Manchin as a hero if he votes for a reconciliation bill with amnesty in it. A new poll finds that West Virginia voters overwhelmingly blame President Biden for the border crisis and oppose efforts to include a massive amnesty for illegal aliens in a spending bill.

According to reporting by the, by large margins, 52% to 34%, West Virginia voters object to the use of this legislative tactic "to enact major immigration legislation." Opposition to including amnesty for millions of illegal aliens cut across all demographic and party lines.

Further, voters clearly reject the idea of large-scale amnesty in the midst of unprecedented numbers of new illegal migrants crossing our borders: 55% said they would be less likely to support Senator Joe Manchin if he were to support efforts to short-circuit normal Senate rules in order to gain amnesty for illegal aliens. Only 24% said it would make them more likely to support him.

And Manchin is no hero on another issue that is arguably the most serious threat to the American Republic since the Whiskey Rebellion (yes, we are having a little fun with Democrats and their penchant for hyperbole here), that being the federal takeover of elections that would be legislated through HR1/S1 and their various spawn.

When Joe Manchin came out against S1 he circulated a three-page memo outlining what he was for – and as the Wall Street Journal editorialized:

It’s a curious document. The preamble insists that any voting bill “must be the result of both Democrats and Republicans coming together.” But then it suggests an H.R.1 “compromise” that is no bipartisan kumbaya. As Republican leader Mitch McConnell said last week in ruling out Mr. Manchin’s wish list, it still involves “an assault on the fundamental idea that states, not the federal government, should decide how to run their own elections.”

Once again, in our eyes Joe Manchin is no hero. He is, on the federal takeover of elections, once more acting the part of the Judas Goat trying to lure enough dumb Republicans into voting for a bill that will result in less liberty and more likely make 2016 the last free and fair election in America.

The toll-free Capitol Switchboard is (1-866-220-0044) and his DC office is (202-224-3954) we urge CHQ readers and friends to call Senator Joe Manchin’s office to ask him if he is going to be a hero and oppose trillions of dollars in new spending and taxes, amnesty for illegal aliens, and the federal takeover of elections and its attendant limits on free speech, or is he going to act the part of the Judas Goat and help the things he says he opposes pass.

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Jul 17, 2021

Manchin's holding out for a better offer than re-election of a blue senator from a red state. Perhaps he and the Mrs. can accumulate to themselves some impressive seats on boards and such before he finally "caves" to Schumuck...and says bye bye to his Senatorial career.


Jul 16, 2021

Sen. Manchin is fully aware that West Virginians voted overwhelmingly for Trump AND , that they remember when Hillary Clinton told them straight up that a Democrat administration would put the coal industry right out of business . At least she was honest . If Manchin signs on to the Democrat spending bill , which includes massive "green" energy development and massive coal decline , the people of West Virginia might punish the Democrats . It's not just his own butt that he has to pay attention to but the entire State of West Virginia . West Virginians do not trust the Democrats a…

Replying to

"Manchin might want to consider changing his party affiliation."

In that case, half a loaf might be better than no loaf. He would simply swell the ranks of the RINO's. The half loaf is that the majority would switch to the Republicans, but it might be a devils compromise. He'd likely continue to vote with the Romney's, Murkowski's, and other RINO's.

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