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Democrats Are The Party Of Public Deviance And Depravity

CHQ Chairman Richard A Viguerie regularly tells readers and Republican leaders that we Americans are in the midst of a great spiritual civil war.

It’s hard to put a finger on exactly when it started, our view is that it began when the Democrats adopted the depravity of abortion on demand up to the moment of birth as central tenet of their agenda, but that’s just an opinion.

What is not an opinion is that defending sexual perversion and fielding and supporting open and acknowledged sexual deviants has become another central tenet of today’s Democratic Party. The Democratic Party’s slide into depravity has been one of the more astonishing, yet underrecognized developments in American politics and the great spiritual civil war in which we are engaged.

It is no longer enough for Democrats to defend spending public money on the sexually explicit work of deviant artists, such as Robert Maplethorpe, or the grooming of children at public libraries and schools through “Drag Queen Story Hour,” Democrat candidates and elected officials are now active public participants in deviant behavior as part of their campaigns.

Burbank Mayor Konstantine Anthony was filmed bending over a table and laughing while being struck with a paddle wielded by the drag performer Foxxy Roxywood at the Santa Clarita Valley Democrats’ Drag Queen Bingo event.

Yes, you read that right – the Democratic Party hosts “Drag Queen bingo” events to raise money, and as a bonus Burbank Mayor Konstantine Anthony participated in a little lighthearted masochism, with a side order of domination thrown in.

Mayor Anthony tried to justify his participation in the event by claiming it was a private 21-years and older party.

However, a poster promoting the fundraiser for Democratic California state senate hopeful Kipp Mueller stated that the drag queen bingo was for attendees 15 years old and up, but that it was “not suitable for children.”

“So why does the advertisement say 15+?” Libs of TikTok asked, and who thinks a 15-year old isn’t a child?

California parents expressed their outrage over the incident.

Nicole Pearson, a mom of three and a member of the newly-formed “Protect Kids California” group, said, “This is the steady assault on family and children that we’ve been seeing this legislative session and throughout the past couple of years in California.”

“People need to be paying attention to what’s happening here in California,” she continued.

Unfortunately, this overt Democrat deviance is not limited to the famously deviant Left Coast.

Virginia is where Democrats fielded one of their first transgender candidates, Danica Roem, who became the first openly transgender person elected to a seat in a U.S. statehouse. Delegate Roem is now running for the Virginia State Senate, District 30.

But he’s not the only deviant Democrat running for a desk in the Virginia State House. On September 11, no less, the New York Post headlined an article, “Democratic Virginia House candidate performed sex acts with husband on webcam for ‘tips’.”

Josh Christenson reported:

Susanna Gibson, a mother of two young children who is running in a competitive race to represent District 57 in Richmond, showed quite a bit more than skin on the adult streaming website Chaturbate, according to screenshots of archived material reviewed by The Post.

The 40-year-old nurse practitioner hosted more than a dozen of the live romps with her husband on the platform, which was then posted to a publicly accessible archive on the website Recurbate in September 2022 after she declared her candidacy, the Washington Post first reported.

Gibson also apparently maintained her Chaturbate profile after having announced her campaign in July 2022, uploading at least one picture of herself on the sex streaming site the following month, according to a screenshot obtained by The Post.

The unconventional candidate had more than 5,770 Chaturbate followers, whom she repeatedly pressed for more “tokens” in exchange for certain acts in “private” showings — adding that she was “raising money for a good cause.”

In other videos, Democrat candidate Susanna Gibson suggested that she and her husband have “tried swapping” with different partners as she is “ethically non-monogamous,” but that he “doesn’t like sharing.”

Gibson is going up against incumbent Republican David Owen, a former home builder, for the Nov. 7 election, as Democrats are seeking to regain their majority in the 100-member Virginia House.

Republicans currently control Virginia’s lower chamber by three delegates, 49 to 46. Democrats lead the state Senate by 22 to 18.

Democrat Gibson launched her campaign in July 2022 and has since raised $376,895 during her campaign, compared with $339,621 raised by the Owen campaign, according to the campaign finance website the Virginia Public Access Project.

However, Democrat Gibson maintains just $77,435 cash on hand after going head-to-head in the June 20 Democratic primary with opponent Bob Shippee.

Republican Delegate David Owen has retained $166,179 cash on hand after facing no primary challenger, reported Josh Christenson.

We suppose that some will take solace in the fact that Mrs. Gibson and her husband are performing heterosexual acts* online for money, but that only moves the marker from perversion to depravity.

Since the story of Democrat Susanna Gibson’s online sexcapades hit the New York Post we started looking for any signs that Virginia’s Democratic Party leaders were as appalled as we are, but as of post time we haven’t seen so much as a tut-tut.

And so far, there’s also been crickets from the Left-leaning interest groups supporting her, such as the pro-abortion Committee to Protect Health Care.

Indeed, a top-ranking Virginia Democrat immediately came to Gibson's defense after the videos were reported by the Post. "Now we are going to make this the biggest fundraising day of her campaign," Senator L. Louise Lucas wrote on social media.

Virginia Democrat state Senator L. Louise Lucas’s promise came even after in one clip obtained by the UK’s, Gibson tells her husband: “I'll let you f*** me in the a** doggy style in a private room if someone wants to pay. That's the deal.”

At another point she says: “Y'all can watch me pee if you tip me and some tokens - again, I'm raising money for a good cause.” (emphasis ours)

At another, Gibson explains she is in an open relationship with her husband even though he “doesn't like sharing.”

“Yeah I f*** random strangers if you're hot,” she says.

In many of the videos the Daily Mail reported, Gibson urges viewers to provide her tips in the form of “tokens” and promises to take viewers into a private online room for the right price.

“Y'all I need more tips ... They want anal and missionary but I'm only doing it if they're in a private room.”

She adds: “Racking up one token left and right, any more? I'm raising money for a really good cause.”

It's unclear if she meant she was raising money for her campaign observed the Daily Mail, so we leave it to you, gentle reader, to figure that one out.

It is said that through universal suffrage voters get a government that reflects the electorate, but we wonder if voters in California and Virginia really want to continue to get spanked and screwed by Democrats and have the depravity and deviance of Democrat candidates and elected officials forced upon their children.

*We will have to take Mr. Christianson’s word on the substance of Mr. and Mrs. Gibson’s performances since we passed on the opportunity to view them in person.

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Sep 13, 2023

I feel so dirty...I've been click-baited.


ia and other liberal states keep electing these loons--so this is what the people living there actually want. What else can we assume . . . ?


If they are so bad, the layman's question would be why (and how) do they keep getting elected? Isn't this a stern indictment of the American voter?


And yet the Left continues to try and claim the moral high ground, its beyond comprehension!

She deflects and projects, claiming victimhood, as is SOP for the Left, as they have NOTHING else, they create the problem, then a solution that worsens the problem, then blame others for their continual failures, when their intent was failure all along, to create a need for even more government imposition, greater intrusion, more restrictions!


Charles Aronowitz
Charles Aronowitz
Sep 13, 2023

"California parents expressed their outrage over the incident."

Wait a minute. This is what California voted for.

Replying to

My point exactly. If the electorate is so upset, why do they keep voting these guys in?

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