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DeSantis Is Right About ‘Let’s Go Brandon’

Because conservatives are not humorless sourpusses like our Far Left Democrat opponents we tend to be happy and have a lot of fun, even in the serious business of politics and saving our country.

And nothing expresses that more than the exuberance with which conservatives have adopted the phrase “Let’s Go Brandon” as a substitute for F*ck Joe Biden.

Florida Congressman Bill Posey – a favorite of ours – ended a speech in the U.S. House of Representatives with “Let’s Go Brandon.”

South Carolina Rep. Jeff Duncan proudly donned a red mask with “LET’S GO BRANDON” in white letters while attending the Floor of the House to vote.

Marine veteran James Kilcer, who disarmed a robber, wore a MAGA hat, and a “Let’s Go Brandon” shirt to the award ceremony where Yuma County Sheriff Leon Wilmot presented him with the Citizen’s Valor Award for his display of “extraordinary heroism and exceptional courage.” Mr. Kilcer earned the award for his heroic conduct during an Oct. 20 encounter with a masked armed robber at a Chevron gas station.

Vermont’s recently elected GOP chair, Paul Dame, is holding a “Let’s Go Brandon” rally in his hometown of Brandon, VT. The rally includes the epic graphic pictured below and Chairman Dame says he’s ordered a few shirts to distribute at the rally. It is too bad the shirts will be in limited supply because we’re guessing the VTGOP could make a lot of money selling them on the internet.

But it was Florida’s principled, limited government constitutional conservative Republican Governor Ron DeSantis who best explained the “Let’s Go Brandon” phenomenon.

Speaking last week to cheers and laughter, DeSantis referred to the president’s team as the “Brandon administration.”

While complaining about "woke corporations," DeSantis said: "If you look at what's going on with the big corporations, with their woke agenda, the Biden — the 'Brandon administration,'" he said, to a round of laughter from the audience.

The governor then laughed as the crowd began chanting, "Let's go, Brandon."

Naturally, this produced all kinds of winging and handwringing from the media.

But Governor DeSantis was having none of it.

“Let me ask you how he’s [President Biden] treated us,” Governor DeSantis said. “Look, I think it’s a joke. But honestly one of the reasons that has taken on is because a lot of your folks in the national media, they get very sensitive to it.”

He added, “I think the reason it’s caught on because it needles the national media a little bit. Look, they’ve become very partisan. They were very much against Trump, they’re very much a head of Biden. So, I think we view it as fun.”


There are at least 20 towns or cities named Brandon in America, and most of them look to be in MAGA country. We think there should be a “Let’s Go Brandon” rally in each one of them. Call your state Republican headquarters today and let them know you’re not only ready to attend a “Let’s Go Brandon” rally, but you’re willing to donate to buy a t-shirt too.

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