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Did Biden’s Thugs Subpoena Your Social Media Accounts?

The Department of Justice recently released a redacted subpoena for former President Donald Trump's account on Twitter (now named X) amid Special Counsel Jack Smith's

investigation of Trump’s challenge to results of the 2020 presidential election.

According to reporting by Matthew Impelli of Newsweek, the redacted warrant sparked outrage among many social media users, as it requested "lists of Twitter users who have favorited or retweeted tweets posted" by Trump, "as well as all tweets that include the username associated with the account (i.e. 'mentions' or 'replies')."

The warrant requested an array of other data from Twitter related to Trump's account, such as personal information, devices used to log into the account, direct-message content sent by the account and information on whom the account followed, unfollowed, blocked and muted, reported Mr. Impelli.

"All other content, records, and other information relating to all other interactions between the SUBJECT ACCOUNT and other Twitter users from October 2020 to January 2021," the warrant said according to Matthew Impelli’s report.

One thing is certain, the subpoena did not sit well with Trump supporters who may or may not have been swept up in this latest Democrat surveillance state outrage.

The search warrant was among several documents released by the Justice Department on Monday as part of a lawsuit brought by media organizations calling to make aspects of Smith's investigation public for transparency reasons after it was revealed in August that Smith had sought the warrant in January, reported Impelli’s Newsweek colleague Kate Plummer.

X initially objected to the search warrant, citing the nondisclosure order which kept it secret, according to unsealed records. The company complied but was fined $350,000 for contempt of court after it missed a court-ordered deadline by three days. It appealed the fine, but the case was rejected by a U.S. appeals court last month.

Given the Biden administration’s war on Elon Musk it is an open question whether the intended victim of this outrageous government overreach was former President Trump, Musk or the millions of conservative Twitter users who may have been swept up in Smith’s fishing expedition.

Our friend Tom Fitton, president of Judicial Watch, was quick and harsh in his criticism of the warrant, saying that it "lends further urgency to Congress DEFUNDING NOW this rogue operation. Call your members of Congress now to share your views."

Tom Fitton is right. The Capitol Switchboard is (202-224-3121), call today and tell your Senators and Representative you demand that this outrageous intrusion into the First Amendment rights of Americans who might have interacted with former President Trump via Twitter be immediately defunded.

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Here we go again with more vaccine mandates. Criminal. A friend just sent me an article saying that some Pfizer batches of these vaccines had mortality rates as high as 20 or even 25 percent. And our politicians don't seem to give a damn, do they . . . ?


Dec 01, 2023

Now Laura has a problem with what's being done to Trump? As I recall, she had nothing to say when his election was stolen. Wouldn't let any guests even talk about it. Faux sucks! That goes double for the Senator and all his colleagues. When is Congress going to DO SOMETHING about legal lawlessness? They do have oversite, according to the Constitution....unless we're going un-Constitutional now....Useless, the lot of them.

Replying to

And these politicians are liars and they hate us (with the exception of President Trump). And I have bailed on Faux News. Roger Ailes is rolling over in his grave.


This is a rerun of 2020, folks. Vaccine and mask mandates. Trying to obfuscate the pertinent facts from an American electorate that isn't too bright to begin with. In short, the steal is on . . .

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