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Election Undecided Democrats Deploy Chaos Strategy To Oust Trump

If you spent last night watching Fox News election results and “calls” of various states and

races you probably went to bed utterly confused about who was winning or even just ahead in America’s most important election of the modern era.

This was intentional, because Fox is at best the controlled opposition to the globalist establishment or as has been revealed over the past six months or so, an active participant in the forces arrayed against Donald Trump.

For example, with 73 percent of the votes in, but over a million ballots from strongly Republican in-person voting still outstanding, Fox called Arizona for Joe Biden.

The key state of Pennsylvania was in a virtual news blackout imposed by Democrat election officials, leaving the state of the election in flux, even as the path to 270 electoral votes for Joe Biden got more convoluted.

Meanwhile, as Midnight approached and Democrat local election officials were contemplating shutting down their counting operations until Wednesday morning, with Trump leading in Michigan, Wisconsin, North Carolina, Georgia and Texas, Fox and the other networks refused to make a call for those states.

Where does this leave the country?

Ripe for the Far Left to marshal their troops in Washington, DC and other urban centers for what amounts to a street-level revolution.

As we explained in our article Unconventional Warfare – The Democrat Plan To Oust Trump once the polls close and the counting begins President Trump will look like he is ahead, but Democrat election officials across the country will announce unspecified problems counting the ballots.

Now here are some of the next steps Democrats and their Far Left allies will implement while the presidential election remains undecided:

While Democrat election officials are holding the count open, Far Left organizations and activists will sue to count thousands, perhaps millions, of ballots that are on their face defective or have been suddenly “found” outside the normal chain of custody.
While the count is being held open, huge, and often violent “count every vote” riots will be well-coordinated across the country. County court houses, election offices and the federal court houses where election-related lawsuits are being argued will be targeted.
Massive and violent demonstrations and riots will be set-off in Washington, DC to intimidate the Supreme Court.
Social media platforms will ban President Trump, claiming his posts criticizing the Democrats' plan to "lawyer their way to the White House" are fanning civil unrest.

In order for the revolution to move forward, Democrats will draw the counting out as long as possible to allow them to assemble thousands, perhaps millions, of rioters in urban centers around the country to use the ensuing unrest to make it difficult, if not impossible to follow normal constitutional procedures to decide the election.

Could the Left really pull this anti-constitutional “color revolution” off? Democrats seem to think they can because they have been preparing the information warfare battlefield to justify it. The question is, will Republicans and the Trump campaign be prepared to fight back?

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Republicans out flanked again by the media and the democrats. It never ends. No end to Dems treachery with their cohorts in the media and anarchists. How can this be fought? What is the winning strategy when the media is complicit and corrupt?

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