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Even Democrats Oppose McAuliffe Anti-Parent Stance

"If parents don't have a say-so in terms of their kid's education, then who does?" said Virginia’s former Democrat Governor Doug Wilder when asked about Terry McAuliffe saying,

"I don't think parents should be telling schools what they should teach."

Governor Wilder, Virginia’s first African American Governor, indeed the first African American to be elected Governor in any state, followed-up in the interview by saying, “And I don’t think anyone is waiting for that answer to come forth. You know what that answer is.”

Yes, we do know what the answer is: Unelected Far Left education bureaucrats and teachers’ union bosses are who McAuliffe would put in charge of your child’s education, and if you don’t like his fellow Democrat Merrick Garland will sic the FBI on you.

It’s worth noting McAuliffe’s opposition to parents’ rights also contradicts Virginia law, which states, “A parent has a fundamental right to make decisions concerning the upbringing, education, and care of the parent's child.” (§ 1-240.1)

Although he hasn’t been bashful about criticizing Terry McAuliffe’s gaff prone campaign, he accused McAuliffe of flip-flopping on the matter of racist scandals that consumed Virginia politics in 2019, we think Governor Wilder’s comments come from a deeper place.

At age 90, Wilder has regularly admonished candidates to talk about issues that connect with voters, particularly minority voters. And there’s nothing that connects with voters, especially African American voters, more deeply than the education of their children.

And who has been forever in charge of Virginia’s failing minority neighborhood schools? The same unelected Far Left education bureaucrats and teachers’ union bosses that created these intellectual wastelands of hopelessness in the first place.

McAuliffe has a long-established reputation for doing the bidding of the big labor special interest unions that fund and support his political campaigns. In our article “Republican Youngkin Scorches Democrat McAuliffe In Parents' Rights Ad” we explained how in his previous term as Governor, McAuliffe was a veritable do-boy for the teachers’ unions, regularly vetoing bills at their behest.

“Governor McAuliffe vetoed all of the bills we asked him to veto!” crowed the Virginia Education Association (VEA) back in 2016-2017, referring to McAuliffe as “our goalie in the mansion.” The VEA bragged that its “Government Relations staff was in continuous communication with the Governor’s staff on our position on these bad bills.”

Earlier this year, McAuliffe smeared parents concerned about critical race theory in schools as conspiracy theorists. But in 2015, McAuliffe’s Department of Education held a training for Virginia teachers that instructed them to “incorporate critical race theory (CRT) lens,” “embrace critical race theory” and “engage in race-conscious teaching and learning.”

Watch Glenn Youngkin ad highlighting McAuliffe’s anti-parent extremism: “No Say” and be sure to vote Glenn Youngkin for Governor in Virginia’s Tuesday, November 2, 2021 General Election.

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Oct 07, 2021

This effing government is a runaway train. If We The People can't get a hand on the brakes, we're !#$%^&.

Replying to

It's been like that since at least the Clinton presidency, in my opinion. Not sure if the brakes will even work now.


But will voters oppose McAuliffe's anti-parent stance? That's the big question. Seeing how blue General Lee's beloved state has become, I'm not so sure.

Replying to

That is for sure, Rosie!


Terry McAuliffe, like all true Marxists, believes that the law "is what we say it is." They feel the same way about the Constitution of the United States. Nothing is written in concrete, not in their world.


Oops! He said the quiet part out loud!

As such is the actual goal of the Leftard, Socialist, Marxist, Communist, Fascist morons!

They do not want the parents to have any input in the educational process, your children are the charge of the state and you will not interfer with the indoctrination process!

As bad as that seems, what is much worse is the fact that we have generations now producing off spring who were raised with no accountability for their actions, the Dr. Spock mentality of never spanking and rewarding for expected behavior. They were not expected to achieve, growing up with scoreless sports and participation trophies. As such, they have no concept of what it is to be…

Replying to

If parents had been acting responsibly, they would not have needed a stay-at-home pandemic to know what kind of crap their kids were being taught in school. I blame the parents for this as well as the liberals running our public education system.

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