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Search Launches To Expose And Fight Election Fraud

Millions of honest Americans voted in 2020's elections. But their voice is in danger of being

denied by criminals committing election fraud. Go to to see where evidence of vote fraud has put the vote count in dispute.

Just as troubling, this anti-democratic crisis is being ignored by mainstream and social media. As a result, the American people are losing faith in our election system - and our future.

This is wrong but, together, we can make it stop!

America's elections should always be free, fair, and faithful to the Constitution. But this year, some are trying to prevent that!

Evidence is piling up of rampant fraud: Newly 'found' Biden votes. Votes by deceased individuals. Forged postal mailing dates. Counties with more registered voters than eligible voting-age citizens. Military ballots thrown away. And lawful observers being blocked. has just been launched to help secure free, fair, and honest elections. It empowers us to expose, investigate, and eliminate election fraud. And it provides heat maps, news stories, videos, and testimonials so we can fight fraud like never before.

Fortunately, President Trump is fighting to preserve America's free and fair elections. He is challenging every instance of fraud. And he won't stop until all LEGAL votes are counted.

But he is being savagely attacked by Leftists, liberal news, and social media. That's why we need to stand up to support and join his fight for an honest election!

Please join us! Click this Take Action Now link to help make every legal vote count. And please visit us at to learn more. Thank you!

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