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Eye Witness: Biden puts thousands of illegal aliens on midnight flights out of San Antonio

Yesterday, we told CHQ readers about the “invasion disaster” declaration issued by the County Judges of Kinney, Goliad, Terrell, and Uvalde counties in Texas.

Among other requests for action, the declaration requested, “…the Governor of Texas to act under the constitutional authority granted unto him under Article 4, Section 7 of the Texas Constitution and Article 1, Section 10, Clause 3 of the U.S. Constitution and immediately prevent and/or remove all persons invading the sovereignty of Texas and that of the United States…” and to exercise complimentary authorities granted by the Texas and United States Constitutions.

In response to our article an alert CHQ reader sent us this eyewitness account of what the Biden administration is doing with the over 3.2 million illegal aliens have been apprehended after unlawfully entering the United States:

Here's a photo I quick snapped last night in the San Antonio Airport as I was going to pick up my suitcase. I asked my "helper" why are all these guys here? He said they are "from the border..." "ICE brings them here in the mornings to places at the airport people don't see. And drops them off."

He said sometimes there are so many lying across the floors he has to tell them to move. I asked what they do with them... he said ICE puts them on planes early in the mornings and takes them away. He was explaining this to me while there was a small family on our elevator. The woman asked, so they send them back to their home countries? And I said, No, they are sending them to Los Angeles, Miami and New Jersey... they were as shocked as I was. Hundreds of people crowded in on benches and floors.

This was the second roomful I saw. 90% youngish men, no belongings, a few women and even a few children. Gov. Abbott must know this is going on, but can't stop it...?? Must be happening in other close in border states. THIS is actual HUMAN TRAFFICKING and this government is the ones doing it!! So sick.

Of course, our alert reader was correct, it is the United States government of Joe Biden that is doing the human trafficking and acting as the “last mile delivery service” for the drug cartels and human traffickers who bring this invading army to the Texas border.

And rather than sending the invaders back, as our informant’s naïve companion in the elevator assumed, the invaders are being delivered to your community to wreak the same kind of havoc they have been wreaking on Kinney, Goliad, Terrell, and Uvalde counties in Texas.

And it gets worse.

In early 2021—and then again in late 2021—Biden’s Department of Homeland Security (DHS) issued a rule purporting to give immigration law enforcement officials discretion over detaining certain classes of criminal illegal aliens, meaning the Biden administration was simply turning them loose to end up in your community.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton sued to halt the rule change, arguing that the Administration was violating federal law when it refused to take custody of dangerous criminal illegal aliens. Paxton’s lawsuit also challenged the Administration’s refusal to issue “detainers” to local law enforcement. Detainers afford federal law enforcement an opportunity to take locally apprehended aliens into their custody and, without them, aliens are free to roam American soil. In sum, Paxton argued that the Biden rule was contrary to law, arbitrary and capricious, failed to go through certain requisite procedures, and should therefore be set aside by the court.

After over a year of litigation, Texas secured a final judgment, slapping down DHS’s detention-discretion rule. Federal District Court Judge Drew Tipton agreed with Texas that the rule is “an implausible construction of federal law that flies in the face of the limitations imposed by Congress.” “Whatever the outer limits of its authority, the Executive Branch does not have the authority to change the law,” Judge Tipton added.

It will surprise no one that Biden has filed a notice of appeal with the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit and the administration intends to keep shipping criminal aliens through airports, such as San Antonio, and on to your community.

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Charles Wilkins
Charles Wilkins
Jul 11, 2022

China gets our oil reserves? What does Biden owe China? What are the bidens on the hook for? big guy iies, Americans owe China nothing. Last thing we received was poison pet food, lead painted toys, fxxxed up dry and the virus that they have yet to admit too.Our emergency reserves being paid for by slave labor profits.Why does Biden want to increase oil production from America? so the biden family can sell it off to China for personal gain? Congress should be asking the biden tcrime family for those answers and more. What does China have on the Bidens?Time for Congress and America to start to get those answers.


Charles Wilkins
Charles Wilkins
Jul 09, 2022

The US is being paid for oil sales by China with slave labor profits, are the bidens being paid from the same? So… the president's reprobate crackhead son is invested in a company that is buying our strategic reserves, while we're paying more than $5 a gallon at the pump.Turner charged, "This is disturbing on multiple levels. To start with, the president told us he was releasing these reserves to lower the price of gas nationally,Treason or corruption or both? Reply


Jul 09, 2022

The demoscum are trying to pass legislation that says no IDs required to vote. And Biden is flooding the states with illegals. Anyone else see this connection.


As of today, Friday, 7/8/22, Abbott is refusing to entertain any notion of declaring an emergency. He will win reelection in November against the hapless "Beto" O'Rouke. It looks like we're stuck with Abbott for another four years. Ugh!


Charles Wilkins
Charles Wilkins
Jul 08, 2022

Where the fxxx are the airline plane cancellations there? More taxpayer monies being pissed away,Why does Biden want to increase oil production from America? so the biden family can sell it off to China for personal gain?Congress should be asking the biden crime family for those answers and more.What does China have ob the Bidens? Time for Congress and Amrtoca to start to get those answers.

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