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FBI Passes On Biden Nominee Kristen Clarke Domestic Violence Investigation

The American Accountability Foundation (AAF)—an independent, non-partisan government watchdog—has discovered that the FBI disregarded routine protocols in its background

investigation of Biden Justice Department nominee, Kristen Clarke. Specifically, the federal law enforcement agency failed to interview Clarke’s ex-husband, Reginald Avery.

In response to this revelation AAF Founder Tom Jones issued the following statement:

“Because the FBI passed over this essential step, this means it could still be missing a lot more. Alas, this is a massive failure by America’s federal law enforcement agency to determine the suitability and fitness of individuals for service in the U.S. government. Spouses and ex-spouses are perhaps the most important sources for information regarding a nominee. For the sake of national security, the Senate must postpone Clarke’s confirmation until the glaring flaws in the nominee’s background investigation have been corrected. Unfortunately, this entire incident also creates the impression of a partisan double standard at the FBI—and with the federal government writ large—after, for example, what can only be termed the ruthless investigation of Brett Kavanaugh for his position on the Supreme Court.”

In its own independent investigation of Clarke, AAF learned that police reported to Clarke’s Maryland home on six occasions for domestic violence calls. To gain further clarity into the matter, AAF contacted Clarke’s ex-husband, Reginald Avery. As part of ensuring conversations, Avery stated that he had never once been interviewed by the FBI. This fact was confirmed to AAF by Congressional staff.

Background checks are required for all senior government appointees because they are often entrusted with sensitive and confidential information. By looking for and examining potential character vulnerabilities, background checks exist to simultaneously protect the information as well as individuals from blackmail.

The failure of the FBI to interview Ms. Clarke’s former husband, especially in the knowledge that there were not one, but six domestic violence calls to their residence, again raises the specter of a double standard of justice in America.

While Republican nominees, such as Brett Kavanaugh and Michael Pack, had their lives gone over in excruciating detail – including the chasing down of claims of all sorts of vile crimes that were totally spurious on their face.

Kristen Clarke is just the latest questionable Biden nominee to get a pass from the FBI and the Senate’s committee of jurisdiction. We urge CHQ readers and friends to call the toll-free Capitol Switchboard (1-866-220-0044), tell Senators it is time to end the two-tiered system of justice and that Kristen Clarke and every other Biden nominee should receive the same scrutiny from the committee and the FBI that Trump’s nominees received.

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Todd Bradshaw
Todd Bradshaw
May 28, 2021

Who made the calls to the police...Mr. or Mrs.?

Replying to

Its Public , pull the police records and court dockets.


"Unfortunately, this entire incident also creates the impression of a partisan double standard at the FBI—and with the federal government writ large—..."

Creates? Impression? The fact that this statement is even written is proof that these things not only exist but have been true for some time.

Replying to

Exactly ! what's with the wordsmithing? Creates? Impression? Is and Does can be used in the same sentence and make the truthful point. Creating and Impression is nothing more than the definition of what? Let's see if you took critical thinking.

"unfortunately, the FBI has zero credibility with the majority of citizens" In fact Hollywood needs to stop with all the goofy t.v. series FBI this, FBI that...They will try any means necessary to boost their shitshow image.


May 20, 2021

Don't you get it? The FBI is an arm of the DNC...There will be no investigations of leftist nominees, no matter how sensitive the position they fill. Fundamental transformation, not the safety and security of the Republic, is their end game. The marxists own the whole ball of -rat party wax, and it's full speed ahead, damn the Constitutional torpedoes.

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