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Fighting 2020 Electoral Corruption and Preventing A 2024 Insurrection

Many conservatives believe the only insurrection in the 2020 Election occurred long before January 6, 2021, and certainly not based on the faux claims being used by Democrat operatives with titles to keep Donald Trump off the ballot in 2024 for raising legitimate constitutional and parliamentary objections in 2020 and 2021.

On a daily basis, for example, @lsferguson posts on the social media platform X, “Who gave the order to stop counting votes in the swing states on the night of November 3/4, 2020?”


His daily post is a sentiment of frustration that tens of millions of Americans share. We witnessed what we all know was a cabal that fateful night -- and in the preceding months when ballots were mailed, submitted, and corruptly counted in violation of multiple laws. There was an election steal and insurrection that the forces of American justice seem too powerless, too unwilling, or too corrupted to remedy.


Weekly if not almost every day now we see social media posts that confirm three-year old suspicions of illegalities, legal irregularities, unconstitutional acts, and even outright fraud during the 2020 election.


For example, we recently learned the disturbing revelation from a Heartland/Rasmussen poll that one-in-five mail-in voters admit to voter fraud in 2020 Election.


While the corrupt Democrat corporate media prefer that these issues just go away -- and attack those who expose them -- efforts to get to the truth remain ongoing, especially on the platform where free speech is still allowed -- X -- with the likes of people like @Rach_IC (a must-follow account), @jeffmfulgham and others who are able to discuss evidence of fake net gains for Biden, duplicated ballots, and ballot manipulation.


The disappointing former U.S. Attorney General Bill Barr should have retained Rasmussen before he claimed there was “no evidence of widespread voter fraud that could change the outcome of the 2020 election.”


Except to perhaps only never-Trumpers, which include prior Democrat complainers of voter fraud (“'You can have the election stolen from you,' Hillary Clinton warns 2020 Democrats.”) and the lapdog media, Barr’s assessment always smacked of being vacuous if not intellectually lazy coming from the former top lawyer in the land.


To overturn the election, proving widespread fraud wasn’t necessary, as explained in a November 2020 “Petition to Remedy Voter Disenfranchisement Caused by Electoral Corruption in 2020” that ConservativeHQ sponsored. The Petition referenced the cabal and conspiracy that could have enabled state legislators and the courts to act.


The Petition, signed by more than 26,000 citizens across many states was sent to Republican legislators in Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin to foster a proper remedy for appointment of electors when the presidential vote seemed to have been stolen. It urged state legislators “to invoke their unique constitutional authority [under Article II, Section 1 of the Constitution] to remedy electoral corruption in the 2020 Presidential election.”


That 2020 Petition formed a bedrock for my recent article at American Thinker, 2020 Election Fraud and the Courts, which references Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton’s challenging certification of electors in Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, citing the 1983 Supreme Court decision in Anderson v. Celebrezze. The court in Celebrezze said, “the impact of the votes cast in each State is affected by the votes cast for the various candidates in other States.”


The article also references the shameful case of the California Bar against constitutional scholar John Eastman, whose Post-Hearing Brief filed on December 1, 2023 identifies the types of evidence of the “small” things that occurred in Arizona, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin which added up to the big steal. He identifies:


(1) use of unauthorized drop boxes, (2) avoidance of voter ID requirements through abuse of statutory “indefinite confinement” requirements, (3) illegal ballot curing, (4) violations of Wisconsin’s election law involving residential care facilities, (5) ultra vires extensions of the deadlines for mail-in ballots, (6) chain-of-custody issues involving absentee ballots, (7) weakening of signature verification requirements, (8) counterfeit ballots, (9) unavailable ballot images, (10) evidence of Vote Flipping, (11) double-counted ballots, (12) duplicate reported ballots in the Fulton County post-election recount, (13) ineligible voters casting votes, and (14) evidence of security vulnerabilities involving voting equipment.


If the actions leading up to the 2020 Election steal -- i.e., the real insurrection -- seem appalling, Democrats are now saying “hold my beer” in preparation of the 2024 Election.


Using the most outwardly brazen of all tactics – not employed since 1860 – Democrats are actually attempting to keep a likely Republican Party nominee off the ballot in various states.


With his typical brilliance, Victor Davis Hanson in a December 20 X post (@VDHanson) highlights the “cabal” and “conspiracy” against the 2020 Trump vote, referencing combination of flagrantly suspicious and unlawful events leading up to that moment, which was the real insurrection, while mocking the Confederacy-like move of attempting to keep Trump off the ballot in 2024, as happened to Abraham Lincoln in 1860.


Now, some conservatives are properly suggesting fighting fire with fire, such as keeping Joe Biden off the ballot in red states, and charging him with creating an insurrection in the form of an invasion of terrorists, criminals, and outright enemy combatants-in-waiting passing through our borders.


The 2020 CHQ Petition referenced above discussed potential criminal sanctions for the conspiracy of an election steal, and those may yet be used for the newest cabal.


U.S. Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall writing in Anderson v. United States said that the federal criminal statute 18 U.S.C. § 241 applied in voter fraud cases. The civil rights “injury” under § 241 is the dilution of votes. Justice Marshall wrote:


It has long been settled that § 241 embraces a conspiracy to stuff the ballot box at an election for federal officers, and thereby to dilute the value of votes of qualified voters ….


Since lawbreaking Democrats never paid the price for their 2020 election lawlessness, they are not only emboldened, they are attempting to take their election shenanigans to new levels. Their undemocratic, Confederacy-like threats to our constitutional republic must be put down in legally responsible ways.

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Did this "Obama judge" spend any time with Clinton & Friends on Epstein Island . . . ?


The victory of True The Vote in Georgia over Stacy Abrams's campaign should redound to Trump's benefit. That decision, by an Obama judge who really had no choice, agreed that it was legal for True The Vote to challenge 364,000 ballots that bad been cast by people who bad moved out of the jurisdiction of their county or out of the state. Unfortunately, too late by more than three years.

Replying to

Makes me wonder if the Obama judge delayed this ruling for as long as possible . . .


If this was happening in a professional way; as if it were being run by private industry: I would not only get a confirmation that my state received my vote(s), but I would get a RECORD of HOW I voted, as well. That would allow me to see how my vote was counted. I know that's way too much to ask for any of our state of Federal government(s) at the moment, but that's the bar I'd want to raise, to get this right someday. For now, it seems we have to wait. Wait for what? Ummm....wait for one of these to happen, or maybe some combination of them: 1. People to see just how bad it has gott…


Americans are reaping the results of what they sewed. President Trump lost the 2020 election because of the Deep State's alleged pandemic and their policies (masks, lockdowns, etc.). There was little opposition to those policies by either political party. Both parties--yes, that includes you, GOP--wanted Biden to win . . . and "We the Sheeple" went along for the ride.


Jan 03

I'm still waiting for the US Postal Inspector's report on those 258,000 +/- completed paper ballots that were mailed from Bethpage , Long Island , New York to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania on Nov. 3, 2020 . I believe those ballots were printed in Long Island in early November and were printed up because the DEMOCRATs could see that Trump was winning Pennsylvania . In almost ALL jurisdictions, Trump was ahead at the close of polls , and again at midnight of Election Day . But the DEMOCRATs continued "finding" ballots all over the place . And they did this throughout t…

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