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Friday is D-Day For The Border And The WHOs Assault On American Sovereignty

Tomorrow a little known and little watched bill will redefine American constitutional liberty as we know it. The rush is on to meet a March 22 deadline to get the final, $1.2 trillion-plus final spending bill through both houses of Congress, and as usual, few will know what is

actually in – or out – of the bill.

As our friend Frank Gaffney explained, two things that conservatives demand must remain in the bill; one is H.R. 2 border security, the second is the prohibition against funding the World Health Organization and its power-grab over American sovereignty.


As Mr. Gaffney explained:

…the House of Representatives will cast votes on appropriations measures that will literally define our country’s future. Two demand the American people’s particular attention – and urgent action.

The first would enable the Department of Homeland Security to continue underwriting Joe Biden’s open borders policy and the non-governmental organizations facilitating illegal immigration here and, thereby, endangering communities from coast to coast.

The second would, allow federal funding of World Health Organization operations – including finalizing two accords that, incredibly in just 10 weeks, would surrender our sovereignty and medical freedoms to the WHO’s incompetent and malfeasant Director-General.

The House Republican majority has previously voted to secure the border with a serious immigration bill known as H.R.2 and to defund the World Health Organization.

Let your representative know: Congress must reject appropriations that would do the opposite.

The World Health Organization (WHO), led by its Director-General Dr. Tedros Ghebreyesus, who owes his rise to the Chinese Communist Party, is finalizing documents that would allow the WHO to dictate global public health policy. The result will be a crushing of national sovereignty and individual medical freedoms in the United States and the world.

The WHO would accomplish this via a Pandemic Treaty and by amending International Health Regulations that would oblige the U.S. and 195 other nations to submit to whatever its Director-General deems to be an actual or potential “Public Health Emergency of International Concern” (PHEIC). All Member Countries must also carry out whatever the Director-General determines is the appropriate response. Such PHEICs can include perceived “health” emergencies other than pandemics, including for example: climate change, reproductive health, immigration, gun violence or even potential emergencies involving plants, animals or ecosystems.


After Tedros and the World Health Organization’s catastrophic mishandling of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is utterly unacceptable to give the WHO still more, let alone binding, control over our public health to impose the same measures—based on the China model—that failed so spectacularly last time. Considering the enormity of the stakes, preventing our country from being subjected to such medical tyranny masquerading as “global health and pandemic preparedness” has taken on critical urgency.

Neither instrument can be fixed, as they violate our Constitution and trample our rights as citizens of our federal democratic republic.


Consequently, if the United States is to be spared such an unacceptable surrender of its national sovereignty – with all that portends for its people, their freedoms, and well-being, Congress must insist that the United States exit the World Health Organization, defund its operations, and not be bound by any WHO treaties or regulations.


Thankfully, the House Appropriations Committee included two provisions in the State/Foreign Operations bill to defund the WHO and prevent any funds from going to the WHO to implement any international agreement, convention, protocol, or legal instrument until such document is ratified by a 2/3 vote of the United States Senate.


That provision MUST stay in the appropriations bill to be voted on tomorrow.


We need to act now to alert key leadership that we are watching the vote on March 22, which will determine whether the final State Department and Foreign Operations appropriations package retains the House-passed language to defund the World Health Organization and to require that the Pandemic Treaty be subject to a Senate Vote.


Please click this link and take two minutes to tell your federal representative, senators and Senate, House, and Appropriations leaders to defund the WHO and subject the pandemic treaty to a Senate review and vote.

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Yes, the W.H.O has to be ended, but they are but ONE head of the Hydra than needs to be slain, and that is the United Nations, we need to get the US out of the UN and get the UN out of the US!

I think we have seen enough to know, cut one head off and two will grow back on the stump, such is the very nature of government!

Replying to

“Deep state” is just a politically charged word for government workers who believe in the Constitution of the United States.

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